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  1. I was wondering why Chick Fil A was moving to the other side of Harris, that whole area is going to change with Office Depot and Michaels moving too
  2. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article207891454.html I believe it's a temporary solution, the city requested money for another widening of the already widened Independence from 277 to Albermarle in the STIP. The current ROW isn't wide enough for 2 express lanes with buffers and shoulders. Independence Boulevard: $76.8 million to build a new toll lane in the median of Independence Boulevard from I-277 to Albemarle Road.
  3. https://www.cityofgastonia.com/images/files/planning/documents/maps/gardenparkway.pdf There was supposed to be a connector road from where the Garden Parkway ended at 85 to 321, note the interchange at 85 would have allowed a future extension.
  4. The cancelled Garden Parkway was supposed to connect to 321 where the freeway section of 321 ends along with a new interchange west of the current I-85/321 interchange Now it will get this convoluted value engineered interchange
  5. Most backups on 485 at any location is because of capacity issues on the other main freeways drivers are trying to get off on to, or design/merging issues: 485 @ 85 W is because of a design merging issues, 485 @ 77 N is because 77 is backed up daily BC it currently has 3 lanes dropping to 2 within a few miles where they have merging traffic.
  6. It was changed to accommodate better merging areas for Graham, and 11th St exits and entrances. There will be two flyovers merging into the median of I-77 under the new Lasalle Street bridge,
  7. What's crazy is I saw wildlife just off of Siegle the other night, a doe was crossing the street. It amazes how deer, and other creatures roam in an area with all that development near by. I live near by in Optimist Park, and I saw 3 deer along Parkwood.
  8. US 321 originally was supposed to connect to the the defunct Garden Parkway to the west of the current 321/I-85 interchange, and the current redesign is basically value engineering. NCDOT likes to cheap out in the Charlotte area, i.e., Independence with RIRO instead of a real freeway. NC 16/Brookshire will never be a freeway or access limited highway, the interchange at I-85 will be transformed into a reversible diamond interchange, IMO a flyover to I-85 South would seem perfect. NCDOT has a rural mentality, when the last section of Independence was being widened, the NCDOT tried to convince Charlotte to make Indy a "superstreet design" and it seems like NC16 within Mecklenburg will be a superstreet design.
  9. Maybe the color scheme is similar to the regular LRV because the streetcar can be used on the Blue Line, CATS mentioned or something similar that the streetcar can be operated on the Blue Line if they have a capacity issue.
  10. I'm struggling to see how the HOT flyover from southbound 77 will enter Brookshire's median, NCDOT nor I-77 Mobility has updated the plans on their websites. Originally, the flyover was supposed to go over the ramp from Brookshire westbound to 77 southbound. Also there are changes to the I-85 interchange that are different from NCDOT's website.
  11. Parkwood Station seems very dangerous for riders, there are no functioning crosswalks yet for pedestrians to cross Parkwood. People are actually crossing Parkwood at 18th dodging cars
  12. I saw a 3 cars train today passing by the Parkwood station, too bad we won't actually get to see one when the BLE opens
  13. I've always thought that Greensboro's massive amount of interstates and wide roadways was because of the FedEx hub, or whatever became of it. I went to school in the Triad almost a decade ago, their congestion aren't nearly as bad as Charlotte or Raleigh's, and the political climate there don't seem to be in a rush for transit. I'd say Charlotte's congestion in the 90's were worse off than Greensboro and Winston-Salem now, and Winston-Salem's freeways seems more neglected than Charlotte's.
  14. It's better than an auto mall off IKEA exit if Top Golf decides to move there
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