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  1. Vertical portion of the crane is up. Awaiting the boom.
  2. Yes, I think, but the plan just calls it “development”. It was written before either the museum or the casino were ever on the radar.
  3. I love the concept, but a large portion of that garage should be reserved for people using the park. An area like that will attract huge crowds, like we see at Town Point Park, and they are going to need near by parking.
  4. Are there any details as to the scope of this which can be shared with those of us who are at the paywall?
  5. All the while they keep chipping away at their presence by moving ships to FL, and threatening us with BRAC that if we don’t do something to mitigate the effects of sea water rise they may pull up anchor all together.
  6. Why exactly should the city of Norfolk and it’s taxpayers be burdened by the poor management of Portsmouth. It is not our mess to clean up.
  7. With the busy holiday travel season in the last part of the second half the 4M mark seems possible.
  8. I think that pedestrian bridge is the one which was recently demolished by the city. It had connected the old Royster II building (now ADP) the the Waterside Sheraton. The triangular shaped piece of building is part of the ADP building.
  9. This looks like it has gone into construction phase. Breeden now has a project sign with rendering posted.
  10. I think the hotel will occupy the first 8 floors with the 9th floor being a restaurant which opens to a rooftop dining area. I really like the direction this project design has taken.
  11. Drove by today and I noticed a large site around the corner with huge trailers. People were hanging W.M. Jordan signage on the chain-link fence. I asked them and they confirmed that this is the construction office site for River Tower.
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