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  1. NFKjeff

    Norfolk Pictures

    Not sure of the building on the right in the foreground, but the ones behind it are the Slover Library, and the will rightly be staying.
  2. I’m kind of surprised that the referendums in Norfolk and Portsmouth both passed by such large margins. I wonder if both developments get built?
  3. A very good analysis. Thank you.
  4. One more from downtown including the USS Wisconsin.
  5. Here are a couple of shots of the Fort Norfolk / Hospital area from the west die of Brambleton.
  6. It could be looked at as short sighted, but I don’t believe that is accurate. I believe there are several goals being worked toward with the St. Paul’s Quadrant project. As others have mentioned, one of these is flood mitigation, which is being addressed by the creation of a string of connected lakes. One of the other goals is the replacement of run down affordable housing with a mixture of modern housing at multiple income levels, and the creation of some amount of employment and retail in the area for its residents. We must also bear in mind that much of the clearing, and new infrastructure for this project is coming via the Federal Govt. which comes with numerous stipulations and criteria which must be met. Yes, this land is in a prime location, and I’m sure many for us would prefer multiple 30 floor towers, or other imposing structures to be built there, but I don’t think that was ever in the plan. I think this will be a very good project, which will indeed spur more development, especially in the Harbor Park area, by making it’s surroundings much more livable, and appealing.
  7. If you scroll down the tweet there is a short video. Looks like a great facility. I believe that the locker rooms not being featured in the video does not mean they do not exist. I seriously doubt that the designers of such facilities are going to miss adding such a rudimentary and essential element.
  8. A very eye-appealing building. Thanks for the pics.
  9. I believe you are correct. AH had a short-lived proposal to build a tower in the neighborhood of 32 floors. I believe this predated the current World Trade Center, and that was the name floated for the project, IIRC. This was also before Divaris had started to build in Town Center.
  10. IIRC the original plan also called for a rooftop restaurant. If they are not overly concerned with the covidicity, and have foresight, the restaurant may still be in play.
  11. The city is also in the process of redeveloping the surrounding wetlands, and extending the Elizabeth River Trail in that direction.
  12. I really like the look of the new EVMS Education Bldg. It is nearing completion.
  13. I understand the frustration. As with all things “newspaper” this is strictly a cost saving measure. Tribune gets to sell a valuable industrial property in VB, and at the same time divest itself from overhead and any of it’s inherent liabilities. I don’t like it either, yet from a purely cost savings view point I do understand it.
  14. Actually, most of what is in that photo, which is of Granby St., still exists.
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