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  1. Here you go. They extend quite a distance down the pier and provide good flood protection.
  2. A couple of updates on this project, and the NEON District in general. I was not aware, but the Atlantic Permanent building was beautifully renovated and is now the home of the d’Art center as well as 13 apartments. I toured d’Art on Sunday and was very impressed. This 30+ year old non-profit finally has a home which was designed for them and serves their functions within the community. The Duke and Grace building which previously housed d’Art now seems to be in a state of flux and I wonder if it will be purchased and torn down for new construction. The demolition continues of t
  3. Oh Grandma, such big cigarettes you have!
  4. According to a story I heard on WHRO this AM, Cordish is seeking $100M in damages from the city. Cordish is claiming that City Attorney Pishko had a personal stake in the negotiations with the Pamunkey Tribe. We shall see. If the city sees it as a lost cause I suppose they would rather seek a settlement than to get it caught up it litigation.
  5. The intersection of Atlantic and Waterside Dr. has been closed in order to install a new water main. I assume this is in preparation for the Gravity project.
  6. It looks like on floors 2-6 they alternated a level of parking and a level of suites (see the parking button instructions on left.) No 13th floor, so 22 stories, five of which are parking.
  7. The time element may have been a factor in ODU not putting in a bid to host a regional, but I believe a facility factor was already existing. The Bud is large enough, and nice enough to host a regional, but I don’t believe there are adequate facilities to accommodate television broadcast needs required by such an event.
  8. It is there only through August, when they get their permanent location. The NEON District will be just fine.
  9. I have no experience in pricing out such a job, but one must consider as part of the arrangement the Pamunkey are also paying for restoration of all of the waterfront area, extending the Elizabeth River Trail to the railroad tracks, including removal of any existing docks (etc.) Such projects probably are not cheap. Also, many have brought up fears of VE, but the hotel portion does look to be mostly glass. Again, not sure of the cost, but I believe the latest deal with the city does call for a $500M project, so I expect it is up to them and their lawyers to enforce the details.
  10. Once the Virginia Lottery Board issues licenses to the four casino groups, I believe they are all probably ready to put shovels in the dirt soon thereafter. My guess would be for licenses to be issued around mid May, and construction to begin sometime in June. Just my guess.
  11. I agree that there is a considerable added expense involved with creating a proper foundation to build taller structures given our geologic substrate. Also, the scope of this development was downsized as reported in the VP, due in part to the Va. Legislature passing laws allowing for legalized gaming referendums in three other communities. The referendums passed, considerably increasing the supply of gaming opportunities . The new proposal actually represents an increase of investment since then. At that time the City of Norfolk reworked its agreement with the Pamunkey Tribe. Th
  12. This is the fourth image which was originally posted along with the other three. I am fairly sure that having another proposed casino being located just across the River in Portsmouth could not have helped the scope of this project. I get the skepticism, but this project looks to have very nice, and in some cases unique amenities compared to the other VA. casinos proposed. The design, while not as tall as the original rendering, is actually nice, despite some of the more hyperbolic comparisons.
  13. Probably at the State of the City Address on Thursday.
  14. Yes, Church Street should have been preserved.
  15. The planning for Scope, and Chrysler Hall, yes, and “The Golden Triangle”, and a riverfront hotel “to be the Omni International” and the esplanade in front of it. For Waterside per se, probably not as much as it predated what Rouse did in Baltimore by some years. It definitely laid the groundwork for what would become Waterside and Town Point Park. We all bemoan the loss of many architecturally significant buildings from downtown, but many were lost due to a necessity to widen what were streets which had been designed for horse and buggy traffic. The new streets had to accommodate
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