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  1. NFKjeff

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Very good stuff. These dynamic young homegrown tech companies are leading the way. We need such companies to not only stay rooted in the area, but to create synergy, and attract similar companies from outside of the area. Great news, and good to see Norfolk so involved with this.
  2. NFKjeff

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Where is Dyer from? He pronounces Norfolk “Nerfeck”. It’s truly irritating, and he should know better.
  3. NFKjeff

    Scope Area Renovations and Redevelopment

    It is an Opera House and was designed specifically for hosting operas. There really is no comparable venue available.
  4. NFKjeff

    sports in norfolk

    I would not be against this league having a team based in ODU’s new S.B. Ballard Stadium, but I am not sure the school would go for it. I am sure the civic leagues of the adjoining neighborhoods would object to extending the “football season” in such a way. I am not sure what they could legally do to prevent it, but any money ODU would receive in consideration of it’s use would probably not be enough for ODU to risk starting a rift with them. I am not sure how Dick Price Stadium at NSU would be viewed by the prospective owner(s), nor how NSU would respond to such a request. There is also the Sportsplex option in VB., but as we know, any new idea proposed in VB comes with inherent political friction.
  5. NFKjeff

    Norfolk Gateway (Proposed)

    That sounds about right. I am really curious as to whom the chief tenant of the building will be. Hopefully the rumors are correct and it will be announced at the State of the City address.
  6. NFKjeff

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I doubt they will release anything before that. They have to have something big to throw out there.
  7. NFKjeff

    CHKD In-Patient Tower (Proposed)

    The new design for the CHKD Tower is SO much better than the old one. Much more contemporary looking. I am very pleasantly surprised.
  8. NFKjeff

    Portsmouth Casino (Proposed)

    Yeah, just like they shouldn’t have let the residents of Virginia Beach vote on whether to build light rail to the oceanfront because it affected the entire region. Sorry lady, you throwing your religious beliefs and morals into it does not make it correct.
  9. I really don’t think there is much reason for concern with this project. Unlike with the “leaning tower” project most of the work is not visible from the street. If it has been totally gutted already they are probably waiting for delivery of the custom designed elements. This is going to be a true luxury style boutique hotel experience and I think it is a perfect compliment to the Hilton on Main.
  10. NFKjeff

    Columbus Village at Town Center (Proposed)

    Hmmm, I assumed it had because they are currently in the hiring process on Craigslist.
  11. NFKjeff

    Columbus Village at Town Center (Proposed)

    I think the little peice of structure we see in the lower right corner of the third rendering is part of Shake Shack.
  12. NFKjeff

    IKEA to open in Norfolk!

    It will most assuredly be congested for the grand opening. Because it’s not like an arena, or amphitheater, with events to and from which everyone will be arriving and leaving at the same time, and the increased traffic infrastructure in the area, I believe it will be fine.
  13. NFKjeff

    River Tower (Approved)

    Yeah, I missed that. Thanks. Just a guess, but maybe they eliminated the 13th floor because the typical resident lived in the era when that superstition was more prevalent.
  14. NFKjeff

    River Tower (Approved)

    Looking at the rendering it seems that while technically 24 floors, it Witt have the height of 23. It looks like the “Fourth Floor” is really a deck atop the first three floors which adds little if any height. It’s still a pretty good looking project. I hope ground is broken soon.
  15. NFKjeff

    Casino in Norfolk (Proposed)

    The favorite legal pastime of politicians is kicking the can down the road.