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  1. NFKjeff

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I believe you’re correct. The journalism in this area (as well as most other similarly sized markets) has already taken a huge hit. I do not see this particular move further diminishing either the quality of journalism, or the coverage for those of us on the south side. The journalists will cover the stories which occur whether that be in Hampton, Norfolk, VB, or Williamsburg.
  2. NFKjeff

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I have lived in Norfolk for all but a couple of my 57 years, and those I spent in VB. When I was a kid I had a Ledger-Star evening route and a VP Sunday route. That was back when the paper was wide, and heavy, and actually had some currency in the world. At this point in time newspapers have been relegated to being almost meaningless. Since I don’t have cable TV I get most of my breaking news from twitter. Most people have no use for newspapers because they are slow to cover stories compared to other media, and the one advantage they hold, the ability to cover stories more in-depth is just no longer appreciated by our “TLDR” culture. Sad to say, but we have devolved to the point that newspapers are no longer valued or needed, therefore having a newspaper publisher actually physically located on the southside holds no particular status in my eyes.
  3. Look at the footprint of the proposed building. Now look at th footprint of the ICON building. The new building’s footprint is way bigger than that of th ICON building, and it is located between the ICON and the waterfront. The same developer who redeloped the B.O.A. building into the ICON is building the new project. He is not going to create a new building directly in front of his most high profile development which would totally obliterate the views he used to sell them. That move would be suicide for any developer. Not to mention that when the building was sold to Gadams, IIRC it was done so as a registered historical site, that includes the adjoining land in question. I believe the development of the land is restricted by it’s being thusly registered.
  4. Which available site are you referring to in VB? The former arena site is no longer available as it is being used for a sports competition complex which is almost complete.
  5. It’s definitely a nice looking rendering. With the Hilton on Laskin Rd. having only three fewer floors I doubt there is going to be enough incentive for luxury hotel and condo builders to shift such large investments from an oceanfront resort location to a bayfront location which lacks the amenities which are usually sought after for such projects.
  6. Here is the rendering. I hope posting this does not violate any rules, if so, sorry.
  7. NFKjeff

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Norfolk can not just tear down MacArthur Mall unilaterally. They would first have to plunk down a big chunk of money to purchase it.
  8. Nonsense. If the Pamunkey actually thought this they would not have bothered to sign a contract with Norfolk less than a week ago. Richmond and Hampton Roads are both large enough markets to each support a casino.
  9. This has become a mad dash of sorts to see which group can get their deal put together and be the first to officially announce a casino in Hampton Roads. I’m not sure the market can bear more than one, and the announcement of the first could throw cold water on the plans of any of the others. Norfolk and the Pamunkey Tribe wanted to have their agreement in place before the Legislature legalizes gaming.
  10. I liked some of their brews. Though the tasting room was nice I think it’s just a bad location. There is little visibility and the lack of parking was a big problem for the first three years as the then owner of the neighboring shopping center often had cars towed. By the time there was a new owner who stopped the towing there was a bad reputation regarding parking.
  11. It was my understanding that they had two weeks when they started (seems like at least a week and a half ago). Does anybody have the actual deadline date? Thank you.
  12. NFKjeff

    Norfolk Pictures

    Seems like maybe end of WW1, so maybe 1918.
  13. Yes, I understood what you meant as far as not seeing the borders of the land in question, but the difference between giving the land away and selling it is a big distinction.
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