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  1. So for Pembroke Square Assoc. the lease was untenable, and now that AH controls the site it will be un-tennantable. I really am beginning to dislike AH.
  2. I think the VP has an outsized opinion of what relavance they continue to cling on to.
  3. Agreed. I am an ODU football fan as well. I have had season tickets all but one year when it was prohibited by my work schedule. There are some facts, and opinions to consider when looking at the attendance figures through ODU's transition to FBS football. The sellouts we're great through the early years. I believe they were aided both by the excitement of a new program, and by the talent of a star QB, in Taylor Heinicke. We cannot know how either of these factors factors benefited attendance. I have heard and read countless remarks that the conference ODU was in (C-USA) had few teams which drew much interest from the fans, the main exception being Marshall. I understand why ODU joined C-USA, although it was not a great fit, it was ODU's only opportunity at the time. ODU had already lost it's main basketball rivalries in both VCU and GMU, so there really wasn't much holding us back. I believe ODU's new conference, the Sun Belt, presents a huge opportunity on many levels. There is increased revenue from the ESPN media contract, from travel cost savings due to the tighter geographic footprint, and from increasing ticket sales. There are also both tangible an intangible benefits in being associated with other universities the fans can relate to, and easily travel to.
  4. Season ticket sales were over 10,000 with more than a month before kickoff.
  5. LOL. It's not a referendum.
  6. Your level of excitement does not change the fact that Scope is recognized throughout the world of architecture as a notable structure. Baobabs is correct in pointing out that many on this site are quick to denounce the use of the wrecking ball by Norfolk in years past. An old picture of downtown Norfolk cannot be posted without bringing comments about how sad it was that our past was simply torn down to make way for "revitalization." Many of the downtown structures which were destroyed in the past were very nice, and had their place in our history, but not one of them was as architecturally significant as Norfolk Scope.
  7. Not sure about zoning approval. I thought the gaming license would cover both the temporary (or satellite casino), as well as the resort as it is issued to the operator. I could be wrong about that though. The licensing news news should drop on July, 20.
  8. VB has decided to spend $750K to support the ECSC. Some of the money is earmarked for entertainment as The Offspring, and Ava Max are two acts which have been announced.
  9. True, but my reply of it might be land being held for future retail was in response to "acres of grassy land in front of buildings". It was a general response to what often happens, although I will say it is more often in front of new retail, such as the Lake Wright development.
  10. I agree that placing the parking behind the buildings would be more aesthetically pleasing. As for placing a buildings parking in it's the center , I think this might enlarge the footprint of the building somewhat, or force other concessions which may increase the cost of construction. With building costs being what they are, everything is being designed to reduce cost. It seems like if there are large plots of empty land between the roadside, and a new building , it is possible that land is being held by its owner for future retail development. My point is that there are often mitigating motives for what we consider sub-par design, and they are often, but not always cost driven. The cities have some control, but there are limitations to that. Some cities (I believe VB fits this) have been more historically pro-developer regarding not placing restrictions upon developers.
  11. Here is a link which might give you a better understanding of Scope's architectural relevance. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wtkr.com/news/new-art-exhibit-honors-norfolk-scope-architect-ahead-of-arenas-50th-anniversary%3f_amp=true
  12. I can't read the story as it is behind a paywall, but I attended the kickoff announcement of the fundraising effort Sun. before last. Chrysler Director Erik Neil said that if they were successful in securing Smith-Rilogers Hall they are most excited for adding an additional 120 parking spaces which will be needed for the expansion of the Perry Glass Museum. Ground has already been broken for that project, according to a release from the Museum. He said the building will likely be razed, and the land will be held for future expansion.
  13. Huge news! It looks as thing progressed faster than I had anticipated. This should be a great move for the two institutions, and for the region.
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