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  1. I believe there are two major differences between Hampton Roads, the NC Research Triangle, and say Boston regarding hi-tech jobs creation. While ODU is on the move in research, and has reached the top level, and EVMS is a very good medical college, those other two regions have a large critical massing of multiple research institutions, and medical colleges. The other main factor holding our region back seems to be lack of adequate investment capital.
  2. Old Dominion is rated as an R1 research university, doing the highest level of research. EVMS, Sentara, and ODU just announced a memorandum of understanding which will likely lead to a merger of ODU and EVMS. Regent University does have a law school.
  3. It has been stated many times that the type of development you are wanting in SPQ is precluded due to the nature of the development. The Federal Government granted millions of dollars to the city to pay for planning and demolition. The city agreed to follow guidelines in order to secure those funds. This land, although becoming vacant must be developed in accordance to the guidelines.
  4. From the renderings it doesn't look like the hotel is being built atop the parking deck, but it is elevated to be above the top level of the deck. I'm not sure whether this will increase the overall height of the finished product.
  5. I watched the zoom meeting yesterday hosted by WM Jordan and Suffolk Const. Total sq. footage will be about 1.2 million, gaming floor sq. footage will be about 100,000. The parking deck will be 10 levels. Hotel is 300 keys. Expected groundbreaking (pending VA Lottery licensing) is second quarter of 2022.
  6. IIRC constant flooding along that route would have necessitated an elevated track making the cost prohibitive.
  7. I just watched the linked video. That is the first time I have ever seen an audio only interview accompanied by a shot of the interviewer's cell phone. LOL
  8. It looks like construction may be ramping up. Suffolk Construction (Boston, MA) who built the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Fl. was awarded construction contract and will partner with WM Jordan. They are hosting a video outreach to local construction companies on Wed. 11/17 from 11:00-12:30. If interested here is the link... https://events.blackbirdrsvp.com/headwaters-casino-resort-virtual-meet-greet
  9. In terms of realignment news/opinion that is an old piece from Mr. Molinaro. The way things now stand is that ECU, Navy, Temple, South Florida are staying in the AAC. ODU is now steering C-USA to add schools which would be regionally appealing to the remaining members (Marshall, Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Florida International, and Louisiana Tech) in terms of shorter travel distances/less expense. Liberty University, and JMU look to be likely invitees if talks go well. There are probably other schools which might be in play.
  10. I wouldn't doubt that the VA Lottery Commission is holding up the licensing for the already approved casinos so that Richmond can finish it's voting on their casino. I would not be surprised, if approved, that the Richmond casino group does not have to wait for their license nearly as long as the others.
  11. VB could screw-up a two car funeral!
  12. LOL. No offense, but... Newsflash! All kinds of people have automobiles, and VB is not exactly the Tower on the Hill most of it's residents believe it to be. VB needs to evolve from 1963.
  13. I believe your last bullet point is already in the works with the coming extension of the Elizabeth River Trail all the way to the HeadWaters Casino.
  14. This makes a lot of sense with the Casino going up right there. If they expand the Amtrak station I am sure it can be designed to mesh with the Casinos parking structure.
  15. WM Jordan, and the other casino builders across the state are just awaiting licensing by the VA Lottery Commission. I wish the Pamunkey would make sure updated images are being used in articles.
  16. When the stories were reported regarding the lower than expected passenger numbers for what was the "starter" leg of light rail, the defenses went up immediately. Studyitis, mixing modes (light rail/BRT), etc. are, IMO symptoms of leadership at every level being unwilling to face the personal consequences of taking bold actions which could again provide lower than promised/anticipated ridership numbers. In other words, classic human nature traits resulting in poor leadership,
  17. Here are some update photos for this project. One of these includes a noise buffer being constructed by the tracks. As I was there an Amtrak train came through.
  18. True. Not only that, but the Federal Government granted the city millions of dollars to help fund demolition, among other things. There were stipulations tied to the grant. Building an arena would have meant going it alone financially.
  19. I prefer the “Wellness Circle” proposal for several reasons. I do like the architecture better than the others, I like the wellness concept for a new community , and I think it is possible for it to grow past it’s design boundaries. The “Well” is a non-starter for me as it does not have an arena. I’m beginning to think the Military Circle redevelopment needs it’s own thread.
  20. Here you go. They extend quite a distance down the pier and provide good flood protection.
  21. A couple of updates on this project, and the NEON District in general. I was not aware, but the Atlantic Permanent building was beautifully renovated and is now the home of the d’Art center as well as 13 apartments. I toured d’Art on Sunday and was very impressed. This 30+ year old non-profit finally has a home which was designed for them and serves their functions within the community. The Duke and Grace building which previously housed d’Art now seems to be in a state of flux and I wonder if it will be purchased and torn down for new construction. The demolition continues of the building at 225 W. Olny Rd., where The Fusion Apartments will be. Finally, work on the venerable Virginian-Pilot Building is progressing well and will ultimately lead to 181 new apartments in the NEON.
  22. Oh Grandma, such big cigarettes you have!
  23. According to a story I heard on WHRO this AM, Cordish is seeking $100M in damages from the city. Cordish is claiming that City Attorney Pishko had a personal stake in the negotiations with the Pamunkey Tribe. We shall see. If the city sees it as a lost cause I suppose they would rather seek a settlement than to get it caught up it litigation.
  24. This seems like nothing more than a nuisance suit to me. I am glad Cordish also got shut out of the Richmond casino. I do not care for the way they conduct their business.
  25. The intersection of Atlantic and Waterside Dr. has been closed in order to install a new water main. I assume this is in preparation for the Gravity project.
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