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  1. It costs to excavate but not as much as it use to. I agree it’ll save $$
  2. I just sent an email to the planning commission and I highly recommend others do as well
  3. I saw them testing the ground about a year ago. Hope they do something cool with the property considering the size. These apartments will have the greenway right next to it. Great free amenity for people
  4. I heard a famous horse was buried around the track. Found this: The horse, John R. Gentry held the world record for trotting horses and retired in 1900. He was buried in the infield of the fairgrounds racetrack. Over 100 people attended the funeral.
  5. Sorry for the bad pic but it appears that earth is being moved at this location!
  6. I was there around 9am so maybe you did see something of note!!
  7. I went to the Y this morning and didn’t see anything going on at the site. Unfortunately
  8. Tony even got creative and agreed to make a bigger park in unused land right next door!!
  9. I don’t disagree with your assessment, but I do think there is a time and place for local governments to help lure entities that can help the local community in one way or another. Were you ok with giving Bridgestone, Amazon and the Nashville Predators big tax breaks to have them here? I’m not sure that a MLB team will help the city like some of these entities, but it’s worthy of consideration I think. I think the Preds and Titans are worth everything they got, just not sure about baseball
  10. I really respect what the Governor is saying there. I think the MLB needs to hear us/feel us wanting them here. I do wander a bit too if he wouldn’t be opposed to helping with $$ to lure them here.
  11. Ah I thought that was new news. I would much prefer doing a major renovation of the fairgrounds Track and running the race there. Too much history and closeness to downtown
  12. Sports talk radio has announced that Nashville will be getting a cup race for NASCAR. It’s a four year deal but they say that the major race is here for the long haul. They’re going to race it at the track right outside of town. Not a nascar fan but glad to see we are back in the major leagues in terms of car racing.
  13. While I was running yesterday I stopped and talked to a corporate looking guy on-site. He confirmed that all the brands on the white board are coming. He also said there are a couple other brands that have signed on but that he couldn’t say anything. He said we would be excited about the announcement. So glad that this development will have some good retail.
  14. And it’s not like the tourists are just people from the mid south. The hometowns of MANY of our tourists would shock some people. Especially people that don’t go down there much.
  15. Is that the proposed retirement home? If so my girlfriend will be thrilled. In the hope gardens we were hoping for something more lively there
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