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  1. I’ve been a lurker on this board for 10 plus years and I have so much appreciation for all the guys/gals that have made this forum a place to learn, laugh and occasionally have a good ole fashioned argument. I’ve been telling myself that I was going to start attending the meets, and after reading this thread I’ll be at the next one. Thanks to all that make this place great, Kyle
  2. It unfortunately doesn’t roll. They Installed a foosball table out there as well as some other table games. If people can respect this stuff this area is going to be a fantastic hangout area for all.
  3. I think some of the reason why he can’t move on to another site that easily is that there are few parcels around that have zero height restrictions (which is depressing). Even that roundabout has restrictions. I really wish Tony keeps trying and gets this done. Does anyone know the areas that have no height restrictions? I’m not positive but I think it’s small.
  4. Is there other viable options for him to build this that has zero height restrictions? I’m really not sure. People can come up with some back assward arguments, but taking emotion out of the equation I’m looking for a sensible opposition to this deal. He would be creating a larger park right next door, and utilizing a space that is truly not being utilized at all. In fact, it took this news for me to even realize the opportunity for this land. Kudos to Tony on that. Mira easy to say just move on when you haven’t significant money and time on a deal. A lot of deals that materialize in my business don’t haunt at the first No.
  5. Tony has great vision. He has really gotten out in front of the issues facing him. This idea of basically moving the park around the corner and into unused space addresses his opponents issues. Can someone please tell me why someone would be opposed to his plan now?
  6. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/08/12/food-hall-for-450m-downtown-project-reveals-new.html Looks like the H&M spot is being taken by two tenants, and the ll agent is describing them as food/beverage/entertainment establishments. A little disappointing considering we have no shortage of those options.
  7. I run by here daily and they are definitely tearing up the ground. Pretty exciting, I’ll be so happy when 11th is filled in more.
  8. I believe you’re thinking about a different alley. Back alley diner is in the alley that crossed the Arcade. Speaking of which I’m shocked that place stayed open as long as it did.
  9. I’ve always thought we could do more with some of our alleys in the core. It’s be cool if they could add some old looking brick on the walls and such to make it look a bit more ‘old world’. That bar that’s there now is really neat.
  10. Thanks for the link bnabreaker! I’m well aware that there is an actual service that rates hotels and gives them a certain amount of stars. Im assuming that the two new hotels will follow through with creating all the necessary amenities to achieve a five star rating. I guess my point is that a city of our size (Potentially) having 3 5-star hotels would be somewhat rare.
  11. I know when this project was first announced it was going to be a five star hotel. Is that still the case? If so that will give us three 5 star hotels? The Hermitage, Four Seasons and The Joseph? Wonder how many cities in our country have three or more 5 star hotels
  12. I honestly thought that metro would have had more to say about the Apple design. They have given so many people hell over ideas on Broadway. I would have thought the design would have been too different than the rest of that street. I do personally think that tall glass will look pretty neat
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