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  1. subkyle


    I’m a part of the Hope Gardens hood
  2. 50-60 thousand seat stadium?!?! Are you kidding? 40 is right about where it should be. They average probably around the low 30’s, and the national trend is smaller for stadiums.
  3. Anyone know if it’s still 60 floors? Any height announcement? This thing makes me salivate!!!
  4. I completely agree. I live in Hope Gardens and I run through this area six days a week. No one uses these ridiculous areas!!! I think the public areas like this are great to think about in planning meetings but they are mostly useless in this city. There are a couple of exceptions like the park next to the arena, but the average citizen doesn’t use these plazas.
  5. Guessing that means that the supposed Morgan Stanley expansion won’t happen here. I remember someone saying another poster on another board mentioned them as a Nashville target.
  6. The angle that most excites me regarding this building will be from across the river. It’ll look great when I’m at a titans game on the east end
  7. I am certainly not a big fan of this look it would be cool to build the best (tallest) version and do something different than what this country is use to.
  8. Really hoping the she’ll for everything is done by the time the NFL draft gets here. There’s going to be a lot of eyes that have never really focused on Nashville on us. Would love to impress as much as possible.
  9. I run through the area almost daily. I ran by this morning and the fencing seemed to be intact as it recently has been.
  10. subkyle

    The Gulch Projects

    Thanks space. I was there almost open to close without paying myself the last six months just to maybe break even. I knew it was a gamble and that’s how business goes sometimes. I wouldn’t have gambled if I didn’t already have a good base of other locations. Honestly I hope the closing helped Potbelly because I know the first owner wasn’t doing great either.
  11. subkyle

    The Gulch Projects

    I was the owner of that location. While I agree that there was a span of about 9 months where we had a terrible crew in there we tried extremely hard to make that store work in that location. We had everything working against us. Every time we would hire someone of any quality that would get cherry picked by biscuit love or bar Louie. We had good loyal customers but having a average ticket of 8 bux and crazy high rent killed us. I have six other locations in Middle Tennessee and they are all high volume and operate extremely well. That area and landlord are not friendly to value driven businesses.