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  1. Yes, I believe you are describing the Charlotte Knights' Stadium..BB&T Field I believe it is called. I've not been, and don't know if ours is being modeled after that one.
  2. I'm going to try to get over to take some pictures of the progress of Spirit Telecom Park soon. Has anyone driven close enough to get a look? If you drive next to the property on Calhoun, you can catch a glimpse.
  3. I think you're right on the decks closest to Main being developed first. Additionally, of those, the ones closest to the State House should go first.
  4. Wonder which "hotelier" we're talking about? Hopefully not the Red Roof Inn.
  5. So, assuming the 29 story apartment tower comes to fruition, which of the other parking garages will see residential towers? I'm sure some are better suited i.e. newer and can withstand more of the load, and/or they are located close to things people actually want to walk to. Also, being a lifelong Columbian, I can really say 29 stories is a skyscraper for us..does anyone believe there might be another Tomlin builds that will reach that height/higher, and on which garage might you envision it being constructed?
  6. Tommorow is a great day, for multiple reasons, with economic being one of them!
  7. Well, he's not much of an expert on aesthetics and/or architecture, so I don't put too much stock in what he said. However, I would prefer to see something that looks a bit different from the Capital Center, particularly given their being neighbors and being "twin towers".
  8. The Ag First project is underway, and I am glad to hear "Tunnelvision" will remain. However, I am curious if the city still plans to relocate Blue Sky's "Busted Plug" to Finlay Park. I know the idea was met with resistance from the artist, who took offense. Has any agreement/timetable been established for its relocation? I believe the hospital had/has plans to build a parking garage on that spot.
  9. 41 stores and restaurants have signed letters of intent to locate in Columbia Common. Bob Hughes, please tell me just five of them. I am ready for some news. I'm a taxpayer, thus, a shareholder in this project, right?
  10. Yes, I am happy to see it actually happening, and am happy to see new downtown housing which is not geared exclusively to students. Maybe one day I'll relocate to one of these condos/apartments and enjoy walking to all the cool things I love about Columbia!
  11. On another site they have the design info on Kline City Center, we've been waiting on. In my opinion it lacks a lot of the bang we were hoping for, and what seemed to have been captured in earlier renderings. These appear to be reflective of a myriad other developments I've seen from Nashville to Charlotte. Regardless, it will add density, both structurally, and in people. It will apparently be built in phases with the corner parcel reserved for a hotel (the last parcel developed). So, has anyone seen any plans for the apartments/condos that are supposed to be built across Gervais from Kline (near the McD's)?
  12. Agreed. It looks like all the other towns mentioned for consideration are also distancing themselves.
  13. We have new businesses set to open soon on Main, Lady, and Gervais Streets. Grill Marks and Wired Goat will be opening by next month, a juice bar on Lady, and a California based pizza joint next to WOLO studios on Main (this will be its first East Coast location, with plans to expand to GA and NC at some point).
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