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  1. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I wouldn't get my hopes up too high. It might just be site work moving around some infrastructure and laying some pipes. At best maybe they intend to build out Pine Street through there and the plaza and leave the building footprints as grass lots/parking for the moment and wait for the buildings to come later - kind of like what exists near Crescent Central Station or in the DPAC plaza?
  2. Under i

    A town called Zaanstad near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Highway interventions such as that are more common around the world, it's just kind of rare in the US.
  3. Under i

    The park can work, but we do need retail on Hughey and Garland. One disappointing thing is that the "bridge district" only goes from Church to Washington. It should go up to Amelia. With the new height they have planned, I was hoping that the blocks under I-4 from Washington to Concord would become 2-level garages or some other use with retail at the ends facing the cross streets, kind of like in this picture: Unfortunately, the Robinson, Livingston, and Amelia crossings will be retaining walls holding back dirt instead of a true viaduct that could be activated in the future. Not much different than the current situation.
  4. Other Metro Area Projects

    I do see workers there often, mostly working on the parking podium of the building, not really on the actual tower portion. It looks like the majority of the structure is there for the west wing of the podium. I took some pictures back in July - the east wing of the podium at that time it was little more than rows of concrete columns. I wonder how far along it has gone in three months.
  5. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    It's frustrating to see things coming along the way they are, prematurely demolishing the garage and OPD buildings before having a good and more or less complete vision, then deciding to make parking lots. My biggest fear about this project is that the entire block becomes a big parking lot and stays that way for years, if not more. I'm starting to think that even the I-4 eyesore has a better chance of being completed by 2020 or 2021 than this, mostly because I'm actually seeing construction workers there almost daily.
  6. Probably the SW corner. Doesn't St. James Cathedral own the lot with the gas station? It would have been nice to see that building repurposed.
  7. That's one of the great things about it - no buildings were harmed in the making of it (well it won't be the case if a phase II wipes out the ballroom), in addition to it being along I-4 and maximizes visual impact, blocking 55W is a bonus. Then you have the train platform on to really make an impact. Maybe just maybe it can bring some life to Garland Ave, it and Hughey Ave are the most desolate streets in downtown and risk becoming even worse with I-4 Ultimate.
  8. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    It's the historic WDBO building, a small 1947 Art Deco building. It's in a sad state - boarded up and painted a stealthy brown color so it just kind of hides behind overgrown bushes. It has seen better days.
  9. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    If they ask for 100 acres then it'll have to be split between Creative Village and the Sentinel blocks, or the proposal will just go Lake Nona. This is sounding more like a suburban campus they're trying to aim for than anything - what cities have 100 contiguous acres lying around in their downtowns? And asking for it all to be "pad ready" is a bit much.
  10. THE Orlando Photo Thread

    Got some pics around Orlando today. Ace Cafe is coming along nicely DPAC Phase II - there is now a fence surrounding the parcel north of the plaza as well - more than likely it's being used for staging. Tremont Tower site - the ballroom hasn't been touched as far as I can tell. I-4 at Jefferson and Garland, up by the Anderson Street sign you can still see that the OPD headquarters is still standing - partially. The Princeton - is it on hold or something? Has hardly changed since a few months ago, getting a bit concerned about this one.
  11. Amazon HQ #2 To Orlando?

    I like the idea of it being in Creative Village. Is the city still planning on making a linear park from Lake Dot to the UCF campus? I'd think it be a great place for Amazon - proximity to I-4, Lynx Central Station, Lymmo, Downtown UCF, and a potential new park that can serve as a major pedestrian corridor flanked by educational and tech institutions on both sides. If Orange Blossom Express ever happens that would be great too for commuting employees.
  12. Irma

    Are you on Spectrum or another service? I didn't get my power back until yesterday morning, internet came on as well, and I'm on Spectrum. Been going to a local Panera earlier this week for wifi.
  13. Considering that they have their HQ on the west coast, it would make sense to have the 2nd one on the east coast. If they do pick Orlando, I'd imagine they would place it near the new fulfillment center they're building here.
  14. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    This. In that case, the distance between the edge of the building and the curb should be around 30-35 feet. More than enough room to have the sidewalk and outdoor seating for a cafe/restaurant. Ditch the weird "landscaping" and palm trees as well. That's good too but I kind of like the current location centered across Wall Street. It could be much larger and have sound as well. I say this because they could play Orlando City/Magic games on a giant screen and people can watch from Wall Street.