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  1. That's kind of what I was getting at. I should have posted an example of retention ponds converted to parks while still serving the purpose of water retention ponds and handling runoff with the additon of bioswales. Just add benches and the appropriate water plants. I wouldn't condone straight up infilling.
  2. Agreed. The massive garage wall I feel would be a great place to put in some kind of green wall or screens to grow vines on, especially being in close proximity to a soon to be massive highway interchange where carbon capture would really help. That's the least the city could do. FDOT needs to make that unsightly pond into a park or something. It's been done plenty of times in other places. But that's something FDOT won't do. How much water does the thing really collect anyways? I can't remember how it must have looked after Irma.
  3. Incoming and unpopular rant, but: I've never liked proposals like this. Absolutely no regard for the historic parts of Parramore or the character of the neighborhood. Most of the buildings along this stretch wouldn't be missed (except for the refuge church and the buildings flanking the west side of Parramore between Church and Jackson, the gas station of course should be torn down), but that's besides the point. The residents should be alarmed about this sort of thing. Houses, places of worship, and black businesses all getting cleared away and pushed further out in the name of gentrific
  4. In Google Maps? Turn off 3D in the menu. I don't know if it's been updated on Google Earth as well.
  5. I may have noticed this late, but after nearly 2 years, the Google Maps satellite view of Downtown has finally been updated, last time this was done was mid 2016 I think. Highlights include the completed Parramore school, Livingston re-alignment, significant I-4 work, the garage behind the hotel, and the beginning stages of the student housing building captured on satellite. Previously these were not on satellite or at best only captured the initial construction stages. Outside of CV, the Ace Cafe site is view-able, along with Modera mid-construction, Citi Tower in its completed state, t
  6. Haven't posted in a while, was downtown a few nights ago and snapped this. Modera is making quite the impact from this angle.
  7. For a prominent corner, I wish this storage center was at least 4 stories, up to 8 or 9 would have been great to match the heights of the nearby Sevens and Residence Inn. Oh well, at least it beats what's currently there despite looking kind of bland. The east elevation is not too horrible as the edge of the building appears to be about 31 feet away from property line - or basically the western wall of the neighboring building. It largely won't be seen but it could use some sprucing up. Would be better if the building was extended just a bit to the east to reduce that alley/drive thru a
  8. An update on The Princeton
  9. Locked behind paywall. Is this article regarding the possibility of a third Universal Studios park or something else entirely? Since it's the OBJ, I expect it to be pure speculation and hype.
  10. I've read some articles on why the self-storage industry is booming. From what I got out of it is that people are just spending more on stuff, especially online where purchases tend to be more impulsive. House sizes are shrinking and more people are moving into apartments - they simply don't have as much the space to store all their junk in.
  11. I think it would be awesome if the following happened to International Drive, this is my dream scenario: - The City offers to buy up parts of each property along the road right up to the fronts of the buildings, making building edge to building edge part of the ROW -eliminate all front parking and consolidate parking into shared garages/rear lots -greatly reduce the amount of driveway cuts -keep a 2-lane configuration in each direction with a third bus-only lane in each direction -create a wide median in the middle, like the grand tree-lined boulevards that existed pre-interstates
  12. metal93


    Yeah, that giant spur line would interfere with Ace, the line is drawn over the buildings as well as crossing directly over what is supposed to be Ace Cafe's "The Barn." I've thought about it too, building a spur there would work greatly for linking the potential OBX to Lynx Central Station. I imagine a tighter curve might be able to be worked in somehow, at the expense of demolishing just that substation currently there. A tighter curve that can accomodate commuter trains but would not be able to carry frieght trains, which require a larger curve radius. Chicago's EL, for instance, has
  13. The thing about the express lanes, the "I-4 Ultimate" is that it is merely a phase 1 of a larger expansion to I-4. Won't be surprised if in the future, the entire I-4 corridor gets the toll lanes in the median. At the very least, it should go south all the way to Champions Gate, and north up to 472/Howland or even SR 44 in DeLand.
  14. Perhaps, but it would have been better to get some retail space on the first floor facing Central instead. Strictly speaking in terms of the first floor, it doesn't do a whole lot more for Central than what was there before - it's still a ground floor club with parking next to it, just this time around there's a tower on top of it. I'm curious as to what the street frontage would end up being along Central - worst case scenario is a largely inactivated first floor wall with just the club entrance. Pine and especially Rosalind see the biggest improvements on their street frontages.
  15. I do suppose as I-4 Ultimate is finishing up in 4 or so years, they might put in a new mast arm. The extent of the I-4 work encompasses that interesection too.
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