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  1. I'm more familiar with north of Orlando (Altamonte Springs, Sanford, DeLand) than the south, and from my experience I say this: I-4 beyond the Ultimate will at minimum have to be extended up to the St. Johns River/Lake Monroe bridge, if that's the lake you're thinking about. The traffic that comes to/from the north, particularly from the sprawling mess of Deltona, is pretty bad, and Sunrail doesn't go, and is no longer planned (funded) to go there, which is a shame. I'd say toll lanes can maybe go as far north as Saxon or Howland Blvd. To the south, I'd imagine "Beyond the Ultimate" would go all the way to the 429 intersection, I'd imagine they do direct connect ramps from I-4 toll lanes to the 417 and the 429 down there. Beyond that, I don't see it as necessary. But I agree, the airport link is the most critical thing after Phase 2 is completed. Sunrail going further north might not happen for years. And the residents of Volusia County don't appear to be willing to pay for a DeLand station.
  2. Always find it amusing whenever I see maps of Orlando's city limits - we've got to have one of the most convoluted city limits in the US.
  3. The amount of development and things going on in this area, particularly in retail and general community feel, puts Downtown Orlando to shame sometimes (but we're catching up a lot!). The West Orange Trail is perhaps the major thing (or one of them) that really revitalized Winter Garden. The one thing Winter Garden is currently missing is transportation. I believe there is hourly Lynx buses there, and that's about it. With the debut of SunRail, there has been a little speculative talk about building an east-west commuter train line. Luckily the ROW and in some places the rail itself still exists from former railroads that ran through Ocoee, Winter Garden, and Oakland, albeit a good deal of trails run along this ROW now. It would be great if this could be the beginnings of a commuter rail line that could run as far as UCF on the east and to Clermont on the west. It's a far off idea but if such a thing can be pulled off along with the Orange Blossom Express, which would go north to Apopka, Mount Dora, and Eustis, it would be a total game changer.
  4. How long has it been known as Church Street Station? The building is almost 130 years old... I can't imagine it being called anything else, and I shudder to think of the possibility of it being named Fairwinds Station. Nothing against Fairwinds though.
  5. That makes more sense now.
  6. I don't see where they're going to plan an expansion... unless they have plans to put Adventure Way/I-4 ramps underground and build on top of that to connect to the Loews Sapphire Falls maybe? There's a couple of large retention ponds behind the complex, do they intend to build there?
  7. I was actually hoping that site would become another theme park or something, but this is alright I guess. Not sure if retail would fare too well though... retail and residential development that ought to be coming downtown instead.
  8. I think legally you are entitled to an entire car lane when there's no bike lane. Did you position yourself in the dead center of the lane and people still try to squeeze through? A good design I've seen is sidewalk, bike lane, planting strip, street parking (some spots can be replaces by bus stops where needed), bus lane, then finally general traffic lane. I think the city should take a harder look at how bicycle infrastructure is done in Europe.
  9. Great news for Brightline - the lawsuits filed against it by Marin and Indian River counties has been dismissed by a federal judge. We're now one step closer to having Brightline come to Orlando.
  10. I always imagined that building getting the wrecking ball, nice to see that is being reused. I agree with gibby that it's a missed opportunity that the building isn't extended to Amelia. I may be in the contrary to the general opinion here, but I would rather that corner be built on than become another plaza. And even then it looks like some of the parking in front of the Amelia side of the building is going to be maintained, judging from the cars parked under "Signage." I did some rough Google Earth measurements and there's around 70 feet from the building to the edge of the sidewalk, ignoring the fence. That's a good spot for a narrow building to go in. A building about the size of 800 N Orange could fit, while maintaining the setback on Orange created by the original building to be used for outdoor cafe space. Of course this would block the "Signage" though.
  11. Agreed, and that wasn't the only thing they screwed up on, there were others as well. I'm glad the streets were finally built but they really missed some opportunities.
  12. That's awesome! First the Walgreens and now Ace, with hopefully more to come. I've always liked big neon signs and am glad they're making a comeback.
  13. That bare bones, minimalist movement is just trendy with millennials. I like the effect on older (specifically industrial) buildings when they are being renovated to other uses but I don't like it on new construction. It's like they're trying to replicate that feel of "old factory converted into a modern loft" where you have old clashing with new but it doesn't come off as genuine. Maybe some people like it for the "artisan" aesthetic, and are willing to pay more for customized concrete ceilings, I don't know. I think there's also a "sustainability" selling point to it as well, as in "look, we saved a bunch of materials by not finishing the ceilings, we are so sustainable!" And millennials would just eat it up.
  14. I haven't been in the area in ages, but what's the status of Boggy Creek Road there? Last year there was a meeting about widening it up to Wetherbee but I don't know what came of it. It would be ideal for the whole thing between the 528 and 417 to be 4 lanes instead of the 2 it is right now. Maybe widen it to Simpson Road and beyond while they're at it. If Amazon is indeed going to build a warehouse maybe this could put pressure on the county to widen Boggy Creek Road.
  15. I liked the option with a widened Colonial and elevated 408 toll lanes running in the middle in a similar setup to what is being done to I-4. That was one proposal brought up but unfortunately fell through. Seemed like the least invasive option, all other options require carving out new ROW through environmentally sensitive areas. I support the 408 extension eastward, it is much needed but I am really hoping it doesn't translate to more leapfrogging, traffic-choked sprawl east of the Econ River. I'm not aware of such a plan for a westward extension... do they want to extend it to US 27? I don't see how it could be extended fairly easily. I imagine it would have to share ROW with the 429 and possibly the Turnpike and then possibly run along Stoneybrook/Marsh Road to US 27. Either way I don't see this extension as necessary as the eastern one.