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  1. Uptown

    Yeah, that giant spur line would interfere with Ace, the line is drawn over the buildings as well as crossing directly over what is supposed to be Ace Cafe's "The Barn." I've thought about it too, building a spur there would work greatly for linking the potential OBX to Lynx Central Station. I imagine a tighter curve might be able to be worked in somehow, at the expense of demolishing just that substation currently there. A tighter curve that can accomodate commuter trains but would not be able to carry frieght trains, which require a larger curve radius. Chicago's EL, for instance, has some really tight curves that accommodate longer (and possibly heavier) subway trains than the typical locomotive and 2 coach cars of Sunrail. It could work. To get Amtrak to stop at Lynx Central station would require making a third rail line and extra platform at Lynx Central Station. The space is there, just a matter of buying extra ROW and possibly re-aligning the tracks. But then again, the distance between Amelia and Livingston streets may be too short to fit the length of an Amtrak Silver Meteor train.
  2. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    The thing about the express lanes, the "I-4 Ultimate" is that it is merely a phase 1 of a larger expansion to I-4. Won't be surprised if in the future, the entire I-4 corridor gets the toll lanes in the median. At the very least, it should go south all the way to Champions Gate, and north up to 472/Howland or even SR 44 in DeLand.
  3. Perhaps, but it would have been better to get some retail space on the first floor facing Central instead. Strictly speaking in terms of the first floor, it doesn't do a whole lot more for Central than what was there before - it's still a ground floor club with parking next to it, just this time around there's a tower on top of it. I'm curious as to what the street frontage would end up being along Central - worst case scenario is a largely inactivated first floor wall with just the club entrance. Pine and especially Rosalind see the biggest improvements on their street frontages.
  4. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I do suppose as I-4 Ultimate is finishing up in 4 or so years, they might put in a new mast arm. The extent of the I-4 work encompasses that interesection too.
  5. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Are all of the buildings on site to be demolished? Given that one of them is already 3 stories, it would be better if it got replaced by a 4-6 story building as opposed to another 3 story one. That's my only real complaint - it's not tall enough. At the very least, this proposal would (hopefully) solve the problem of the retaining walls currently around that site. Looking at the elevations, I wonder if the first floor entry on the corner would do a 45 degree cut. If they're trying to lure in CVS, then this might be likely the corner gets the cut.
  6. For 2504 S Orange they're going to tear it down and build a new McDonald's in the modern style. They've been doing this to a ton of their restaurants. No more tacky McDonald's roof from the 70s-80s and big sign up front, and I imagine the City will force them to be more urban and place the new restaurant right up to the sidewalk on Orange.
  7. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I don't think the residents of Tangelo Park would be pleased about Universal trying to develop the land north of them into another park. Then again, I've always found the location of that neighborhood rather odd, it's isolated from the rest of the suburbs with light industrial and warehouses surrounding it.
  8. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I wouldn't get my hopes up too high. It might just be site work moving around some infrastructure and laying some pipes. At best maybe they intend to build out Pine Street through there and the plaza and leave the building footprints as grass lots/parking for the moment and wait for the buildings to come later - kind of like what exists near Crescent Central Station or in the DPAC plaza?
  9. Under i

    A town called Zaanstad near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Highway interventions such as that are more common around the world, it's just kind of rare in the US.
  10. Under i

    The park can work, but we do need retail on Hughey and Garland. One disappointing thing is that the "bridge district" only goes from Church to Washington. It should go up to Amelia. With the new height they have planned, I was hoping that the blocks under I-4 from Washington to Concord would become 2-level garages or some other use with retail at the ends facing the cross streets, kind of like in this picture: Unfortunately, the Robinson, Livingston, and Amelia crossings will be retaining walls holding back dirt instead of a true viaduct that could be activated in the future. Not much different than the current situation.
  11. Other Metro Area Projects

    I do see workers there often, mostly working on the parking podium of the building, not really on the actual tower portion. It looks like the majority of the structure is there for the west wing of the podium. I took some pictures back in July - the east wing of the podium at that time it was little more than rows of concrete columns. I wonder how far along it has gone in three months.
  12. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    It's frustrating to see things coming along the way they are, prematurely demolishing the garage and OPD buildings before having a good and more or less complete vision, then deciding to make parking lots. My biggest fear about this project is that the entire block becomes a big parking lot and stays that way for years, if not more. I'm starting to think that even the I-4 eyesore has a better chance of being completed by 2020 or 2021 than this, mostly because I'm actually seeing construction workers there almost daily.
  13. Probably the SW corner. Doesn't St. James Cathedral own the lot with the gas station? It would have been nice to see that building repurposed.
  14. That's one of the great things about it - no buildings were harmed in the making of it (well it won't be the case if a phase II wipes out the ballroom), in addition to it being along I-4 and maximizes visual impact, blocking 55W is a bonus. Then you have the train platform on to really make an impact. Maybe just maybe it can bring some life to Garland Ave, it and Hughey Ave are the most desolate streets in downtown and risk becoming even worse with I-4 Ultimate.
  15. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    It's the historic WDBO building, a small 1947 Art Deco building. It's in a sad state - boarded up and painted a stealthy brown color so it just kind of hides behind overgrown bushes. It has seen better days.