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  1. Electric Lymmo buses? That's nice to hear but I hope they have some redesign in the works - make the Lymmo buses less "bus-like" and make them resemble trams/modern streetcars.
  2. Apopka's Main Street has improved noticeably over the years since I first visited in 1999. The corridor still could use a mini-diet: keep the 5-lane configuration but narrow the lanes from 11 feet down to 10. Colonial Drive through Downtown for example has 10 foot lanes and works just fine. Anyways that should give about 2.5 extra feet to each sidewalk, possibly making them wide enough to add street trees. They could also replace the diagonal yellow stripes in the center turn lane with a median and trees - it's been done in a few areas there but could be expanded. Just my two cents.
  3. I agree, the eastern "CBD boundary" north of Livingston should be rezoned along the edge formed by Ruth, Geneva, and Irma avenues. Though I'd keep it more low-mid rise, like 4-8 stories along the Rosalind/N Magnolia corridor so the transition to the bungalow neighborhoods isn't so harsh. The highrises and skyscrapers - I want that to happen along Hughey and Garland more than anywhere else - get nice lines of tall buildings on both sides of I-4 to really make a statement - especially as I-4's elevated portion is going to loom at least 10-15 feet higher than it currently is. Tremont tower and the new Magic complex is a good start, and I'm hoping to hear some more news about that Orlando Central development on Jefferson and Garland.
  4. I liked the old proposal better. Not enthusiastic about another plaza going in there - this particular area is a bit over-saturated with open space -plus it's kind of in an awkward position, I agree with dcluley98. I'd much rather prefer a proper street wall along the Rosalind bend to challenge the presence of the Skyhouse garage.
  5. That 2-story building between the church and the AT&T building? Wouldn't miss that one if it goes. I'm liking the new Cambria proposal, but I would go taller since it's facing Lake Eola. If it happens, I hope it encourages development on the south part of the block, the state of Wall St. there is kind of unfortunate especially with the library's loading docks facing it, in what could otherwise be a semi-pedestrianized street to complement the Wall St. at Orange.
  6. It's a Florida thing, I see the same thing in Miami, it's sometimes even worse in some areas when I come across 5ft sidewalks, and the other 5 or so feet to the curb is just grass, or "nature band-aids" if you will. Might as well just extend the sidewalk to the curb and put in grates for trees. Though for South Eola, the 8ft sidewalks there are appropriately sized, but pretty much only for walking. I tend to agree, but with 15ft sidewalks with 10ft clear area and the other 5ft for street furniture and trees.
  7. It's never going to happen, but I always thought it would be great for Disney to ditch their huge parking lots in favor of garages, and replace their parking lot trams for each park with a moving walkway system kind of like Universal Studios has. Maybe they could do garages for their resorts too. A number of benefits would be realized - no more getting wet in the rain, less space eaten up by asphalt allowing for more greenery: this reduces the heat island effect and the amount of impervious surface, the visual blight of a parking lot full of cars can be hidden away behind nice garages (imagine an Art Deco garage for Hollywood Studios, or one covered in vegetation for Animal Kingdom, for example), and that the roofs can easily be used for solar panels or rooftop gardens. I can't begin to imagine how much such an endeavor would cost Disney, so for now it's just some wild dream of mine.
  8. Orlando has the hotels, most of the sports venues (Downtown, UCF, and WDW Wide World of Sports), and plenty of space to build whatever other facilities are needed. Our glaring issue preventing us from bidding for the Olympics has always been transportation. Paris and LA are doing 2024 and 2028 - it is yet to be decided which city is getting 2024 and the other 2028. With LA getting one of those bids - another US summer Olympics doesn't seem likely until 2036 or 2040. Orlando should be ready by then.
  9. A 900 footer would look really out of place in Orlando if the second tallest is half its height. I've said it before, but I just want at least one or two towers to break the 500ft mark, or maybe even 600ft to rub it in Tampa's face that we have a taller tower (their tallest is 579 feet).
  10. I'd rather have the gas station stay as opposed to being turned into a parking lot. Such a misuse of a prime downtown corner.
  11. Six people per gondola could work, if they are running in a continuous loop and coming in every minute or so. They could always upgrade later if it becomes overburdened. Aren't they just connecting their least busy parks - Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and a couple of resorts with it?
  12. Interesting, of all sports I didn't imagine cricket could be coming here. If they do build, hopefully it's kept within the general sports corridor down Church Street, or possibly around the Citrus Bowl (I refuse to call it Camping World Stadium), there's a ton of empty land there.
  13. I imagine it would be enclosed/air conditioned, given the occasional heavy rain and heat, an open air setup wouldn't work, also I don't think Disney would want to deal with situations of guests dropping things from the gondolas.
  14. While I do prefer high rises, I would like to see more of them go up along Hughey and Garland, and wouldn't mind if most of the other empty lots downtown become infilled with 4-6 floor buildings, as long as they do a good job of addressing the street level, and don't take up an entire side of a block.
  15. I think it should all just be kept in a single thread, all that has to be done is modify the title of this thread, change the bracketed portion to [Phase 2 under construction].