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  1. It's sitting in a rail museum somewhere if I can recall.
  2. Oh you guys. Miami Vice was admittedly, a bit before my time.
  3. More generic snout garage houses going up that could be in any suburb, USA. I thought they wanted to create an identity, a sense of place in this new district. But this is Orange County we're talking about, anything goes.
  4. OSCAR may never return but I'm actually hoping some time in the future that Lymmo becomes a streetcar/tram on rails instead of more buses.
  5. Universal may attempt to buy out that entire block, but I don't see it happening. Time will tell though.
  6. Nicely done!
  7. I do like Miami Vice (not-so-subtle Grand Theft Auto reference) but whatever happened to Miami Fusion? I thought if anything that name would be coming back.
  8. I am not liking what they are currently proposing. Two garages that block the property from I-Drive, and "Landscape Buffers" along these garages, which probably translates to 60' setbacks comprised of a berm and what I like to call a "potemkin forest" to hide the garages. There is already this kind of condition along the Kirkman edge of the main property where the Loews Portofino garage sits, that is exactly what I'm imagining what most of the edge along I-Drive will look like if Universal had their way. Not a good look.
  9. I'm more familiar with north of Orlando (Altamonte Springs, Sanford, DeLand) than the south, and from my experience I say this: I-4 beyond the Ultimate will at minimum have to be extended up to the St. Johns River/Lake Monroe bridge, if that's the lake you're thinking about. The traffic that comes to/from the north, particularly from the sprawling mess of Deltona, is pretty bad, and Sunrail doesn't go, and is no longer planned (funded) to go there, which is a shame. I'd say toll lanes can maybe go as far north as Saxon or Howland Blvd. To the south, I'd imagine "Beyond the Ultimate" would go all the way to the 429 intersection, I'd imagine they do direct connect ramps from I-4 toll lanes to the 417 and the 429 down there. Beyond that, I don't see it as necessary. But I agree, the airport link is the most critical thing after Phase 2 is completed. Sunrail going further north might not happen for years. And the residents of Volusia County don't appear to be willing to pay for a DeLand station.
  10. Always find it amusing whenever I see maps of Orlando's city limits - we've got to have one of the most convoluted city limits in the US.
  11. The amount of development and things going on in this area, particularly in retail and general community feel, puts Downtown Orlando to shame sometimes (but we're catching up a lot!). The West Orange Trail is perhaps the major thing (or one of them) that really revitalized Winter Garden. The one thing Winter Garden is currently missing is transportation. I believe there is hourly Lynx buses there, and that's about it. With the debut of SunRail, there has been a little speculative talk about building an east-west commuter train line. Luckily the ROW and in some places the rail itself still exists from former railroads that ran through Ocoee, Winter Garden, and Oakland, albeit a good deal of trails run along this ROW now. It would be great if this could be the beginnings of a commuter rail line that could run as far as UCF on the east and to Clermont on the west. It's a far off idea but if such a thing can be pulled off along with the Orange Blossom Express, which would go north to Apopka, Mount Dora, and Eustis, it would be a total game changer.
  12. How long has it been known as Church Street Station? The building is almost 130 years old... I can't imagine it being called anything else, and I shudder to think of the possibility of it being named Fairwinds Station. Nothing against Fairwinds though.
  13. That makes more sense now.
  14. I don't see where they're going to plan an expansion... unless they have plans to put Adventure Way/I-4 ramps underground and build on top of that to connect to the Loews Sapphire Falls maybe? There's a couple of large retention ponds behind the complex, do they intend to build there?
  15. I was actually hoping that site would become another theme park or something, but this is alright I guess. Not sure if retail would fare too well though... retail and residential development that ought to be coming downtown instead.