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  1. Has there been an update on this hotel?
  2. All the trees are gone from this lot. I really hope they are removed for progress of the project and not just to keep the homeless off the land.
  3. Screenshots from new UCF Downtown promo video.
  4. Can we not talk politics please? It’s annoying.
  5. New Bento location and test kitchen
  6. Fence is up around the property.
  7. From today.... cool view of the creative village and zoom in to see news SunTrust tower.
  8. “Fort Myers-based Conor Acquisitions has filed plans with the City of Orlando for a new, 19-story mixed-use tower downtown that would be anchored by a 256-key Radisson Blu luxury hotel.” - from Growthspotter
  9. I hate this idea. Moving the art museum away from downtown would be a huge loss.
  10. It’s from the Valencia Twitter page
  11. According to OBj and Growthspotter Parcel M has broken ground.
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