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  1. I rarely comment on here, but this post from JRS2 is completely unacceptable. It’s also absolutely offensive that you allude to gay people “grooming” children. Shame on you. This isn’t Twitter and I expect more from this forum group.
  2. Station is being torn down today.
  3. Here is a rendering of this proposal.
  4. They were hammering one of those into the ground on the other side of the property. What are those things?
  5. The trailer was moved to the side of the property closest to 7-Eleven.
  6. There has been site work ongoing for the past month. They also expanded the fencing boundary towards train station.
  7. Demo has started on the old sentinel lot
  8. On the walkway behind the Society construction site.
  9. The building that has been onsite forever is being demolished today.
  10. That fence has been in really bad shape for a while. They were replacing the damaged sections.
  11. Workers, rebar, and other construction materials onsite today. I thought this wasn’t supposed to start again until March?
  12. 19’story apartment building on the land in front of The Grande condos.
  13. Thought this was a cool view of the CV.
  14. I’m in the recruiting industry and the number of people relocating to the Orlando area is staggering. I think we are going to be ok.
  15. Updated Society. Now two towers. Phase one will be 28 stories. Dare I say this is an improvement?
  16. Here is the conceptual site plan
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