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  1. That has came a long way since the first preds game I went to with the old Jumbotron
  2. That is some thick density in the middle. Can’t wait for it to be that thick from Tennessee Tower over. Thanks. I didn’t have a clue what that was.
  3. Hate to see it go. Watched many games from the bleachers and sky box. Has there been any discussion on if the MLS stadium could be put there. I know parking could be an issue but at least it did have a stadium there.
  4. That last picture I just threw in. I was on my way back and was landing at DFW of course that is Jerry’s World and the Ranger stadium.
  5. I had a chance to go on a work trip Salt Lake City a couple of years ago. Probably a place I may would never get to since it is basically in the middle of everything most tourist go out to see. A trip that I have to say I enjoyed and the locals were so friendly and hospitality. One thing that surprised me was the size of their downtown. It is probably a little larger than downtown Knoxville but not by much. Which I thought would be larger than it was I guess hosting an NBA team and hosting the Winter Olympics. They do have a very good and free cable car line that runs throughout the city. If you go outside the city there is a charge but it is very minimal considering you don’t have to take your car out. It is home to The Latter Day Saints so be prepared on Sunday there is nothing open outside of a couple bars/restaurants and a service center or two. So be ready on Sunday to walk, sight see or like I did take an Uber to the Great Salt Lake.
  6. Well I wasn’t talking about location. I was talking about an old stadium that has been through many renovations and is still just as good as any billion dollar stadium. I havent been to Denver stadium but I hope to go soon.
  7. I’d take MLB in a heartbeat also. I used to travel a lot for work and any opportunity I had I would go to any MLB in any city. Saying that I will say this. I am a sports fan I enjoy watching sports, when my teams aren’t playing I just enjoy the game and enjoy the atmosphere (if there). My teams especially the Preds I do get frustrated when they play bad. For me I don’t understand these billion dollar stadiums, like I said I go to watch a sporting event. I don’t go for what a stadium or arena has to offer. Generally I never get up during a game unless I’m at some MLB game and go to the standing room only. So for me I don’t understand the need for an outrageous stadium that is left for the tax payer to pay for. In fact, all the MLB stadiums I’ve been to Kansas City is one of the best and it was built in the 1960’s. Loved the stadium, the views and the overall environment was great.
  8. Here are a few pictures from a couple years ago. It amazes me how much the sobro has changed over the years. When I first started coming to Nashville was the late 80’s and that area had a height restriction. When I moved to Nashville in the early 2000’s all that was basically there was the arena, Hilton and Country Music HOF.
  9. I was downtown this weekend NFL draft and Jimmy Buffet concert parked at Cummin Station parking lot. After the concert we were walking back to the car and my son wanted to go up to the top of this building. I assume it is a restaurant/bar, is this opened to the public or just guest? I’ll never pay to stay there but would like to go up and eat and check the view out.
  10. Does anyone have a picture of the same shot from today?
  11. I don’t think the state has ever been blue and hope it never is.
  12. I would love to see an MLB team in Nashville especially an American League team. I could see it working here and truthfully the attendance would be close to the mid-pack level. Much better than the 12,000 to 15,000 lower end but I don’t think they could average the upper 30’s to lower 40’s. I lived in Tampa for a couple of years and I can tell you about that stadium and why the stadium is empty. The stadium really isn’t that ugly it has a great amenities in it and once you are in it, it does look different. The artendance, I hate to say it but it is true people in Tampa are lazy and don’t want to do much if it isn’t right outside their door. Meaning less than 5 Miles, the Rays play in St Pete which the population isn’t close to Tampa and the people from Tampa refuse to go because they have to cross those horrible bridges as the locals call them.
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