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  1. An article from Communication Arts regarding LU artwork: https://www.commarts.com/exhibit/legacy-union-artwork
  2. is A traffic light at commonwealth and pecan seriously being considered? I hadn’t herd of anything official
  3. What to save ? Green dots I feel are worth saving; red=destroy and gold, I’m not sure...Are they worth saving? Is their any historic worth to the neighborhood in the billiards or deli building or even the shopping mall? If slated fir destruction, would any building on this site bring a similar reaction from the neighborhood as the possibility of losing Dairy Queen, has?
  4. Is it possible fir sunny side to be extended over the tracks or could at least that serve as a pedestrian crossing ? What are some ideas for street grid on this property? This is exciting
  5. Quick drive by 10th at Brooklyn. Looks like they started landscaping
  6. https://www.charlotteagenda.com/178215/iconic-dairy-queen-in-plaza-midwood-will-soon-close/
  7. Agree - this is actually one of my fav buildings especially when lit at night. I also like how it is different and not just another glass box. I like the 70's feel. Reminds me of the decade in which I was born...
  8. Will all of these older style buildings remain or will some be torn down? Some buildings had open doors. It seems colonial in feel but I’m guessing not of that era?
  9. Hey they poured a new sidewalk around the building.
  10. Please keep pics with proper threads. unless I get my own thread for my pics thank you kj and all photographers!
  11. Replace some of 277 with a lake ?
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