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  1. Nike is consolidating their locations in the central Arkansas market to the location at the Outlet Mall. The store in the Promenade was technically an outlet store anyway; no sense in having two outlet stores 15 minutes away from each other, especially given the trajectory of brick-and-mortar retail that was going on before the large shutdowns and economic downturn of the last three months.
  2. I don't know if it's because I don't want it to happen or if I simply cannot fathom it, but I have a very difficult time seeing Faulkner County becoming its own MSA along with Conway County (at least not anytime in the near future). Anecdotally speaking, I think the city of Conway is too closely related to Little Rock and Pulaski County in terms of commuters, economy, distance, etc. to be considered a separate entity. The addition of Conway County into the LR-NLR-Conway MSA would be a welcome addition, and I could definitely see that happening. White County seems like a bit of a stretch at this point, but I would not complain if it happened. Adding Jefferson County would be a short-term population gain, but they are shrinking so quickly that I do not even want them because they would drag our numbers down.
  3. I've always gotten that impression that people tend to compare Little Rock to Jackson and Shreveport rather than to the better comparisons that you mentioned. I would be all for a combined city-county municipality, however reuniting with NLR and annexing Sherwood (which is basically NLR anyway) would be a fantastic start and I for one would never complain if that happened. There are little drawbacks to this, as it would "instantly increase" Little Rock's population from 200,000 to almost 300,000. This would be much more attractive to businesses that see a larger central city and fewer competing smaller municipalities as well. I do fear, however, that there would certainly be a large push back to this, mostly from the north side of the river. They would be hesitant to give up that "identity" and local control on the north side of the river (one example of this I can think of is the "Pulaski County" branding of Simmons Bank Arena since technically it is in North Little Rock). Are there any active people with proposals talking about this? Would Mayor Scott be on board? I interact with several people from around the country who visit Little Rock fairly frequently. They do not understand why Little Rock and NLR are separate cities (and I agree with them!) and they usually just refer to everything as Little Rock, and I do as well.
  4. KATV is reporting that the Little Rock Club on the top floor of the Regions building will be closing permanently. They cited never fully recovering membership after the 2008 crisis and now not being able to meet as reasons for closure. Another one bites the dust.
  5. I would be shocked if La Madeleine closed but Genghis Grill wouldn't come as a shock at all. A source tells me that the Genghis Grill in Birmingham closed not too long ago as well.
  6. Yes, this route has been seasonal for a couple of years now. I do not understand why Delta refuses to add any more service to LIT other than ATL. Especially for those traveling west out of LIT, Delta really just isn't even an option. Delta operates nearly a quarter of all LIT passengers, and I'd say 95% of that is to ATL. They could easily expand their market share here with a route to their western hub in SLC or even MSP. Pretty much the only options for traveling west out of LIT are AA to DFW, SWA to PHX or DAL, or United to IAH or DEN (on a CRJ-200).
  7. Have there been any confirmed tenants for this development (other than the reasonable speculation of a Raising Cane's)?
  8. Are there any updates for year-to-date passenger numbers for LIT? I know that there has been significant growth but haven't seen any reports of actual numbers in recent months.
  9. I don't drink coffee, but I find this incredibly disappointing. It always looked full and was a trendy spot to say the least. I know of several people from out of town who mention that it is one of their favorite places in town. Sad.
  10. I would think that Jefferson County has a decent likelihood of being incorporated into the Little Rock MSA in the near future if current trends continue. It is easily the next county in line for potential addition. Perry and Grant counties were added most recently, but their small relative sizes barely put a dent in the overall population of the MSA. After Jefferson, there really aren't any other contenders for addition. It is the only county directly adjacent to Pulaski that is not in the MSA, and it is directly connected by interstate. The only other possible counties would be White County or even Conway County but those are very unlikely.
  11. The Little Rock Wikipedia page has the 2018 population estimate for Little Rock proper at 200,655. Can anyone find a source for this? Major milestone for the city if true.
  12. Based on personal experience, it usually decently busy whenever I have gone to see a movie there. I tend to not go to this theater unless it is for the specific purpose of the IMAX theater or if I am already at the Promenade anyway.
  13. My point exactly. One thing that Little Rock is lacking, in my opinion, is a centralized upscale retail center. The problem we face is that all of our retail is so spread out among different decent shopping centers (Park Plaza, Midtowne, Gateway, Shackleford Crossings, Promenade, McCain, etc.). It isn't that any of these are bad, but I would have preferred if Little Rock had done some better planning and maybe thought about going all in on a large, upscale center that would have been a combination of all the amenities of the above centers. I recall a recent visit to Des Moines (similar in size and importance to their respective state) where they had done exactly that. Their center was a combination indoor-outdoor mall featuring a movie theater, Apple Store, Cheesecake Factory, among other things. I was very impressed by it and have wished there was something like that in Little Rock ever since.
  14. Sounds like another WLR strip center trying hard to not sound like a strip center...as if there aren't any of those around
  15. I couldn't agree more with this! Our streetcar system in place now in the River Market is a joke compared to this, and that's how most people perceive it. I am all for upgrading our River Rail to be on par with this type of street car system (although maybe not quite the same capacity for the moment). A system that is modern, clean, efficient, convenient, and practical for getting from point A to point B would be a huge benefit for Little Rock. The general trend now among young people has been one of moving back downtown and revitalizing it, and I love this new trend. As a person who is considered young and grew up and have lived in Little Rock my whole life, I find this type of system incredibly attractive. The idea of being able to live and work downtown and have this type of system to get me from home to work to a restaurant or park or event at Verizon (Simmons? Alltel? who knows anymore...) would be incredible. I think that it would also be crucial for the system to extend to the airport (through East Village) and down Main Street at the minimum. Alas, the big problem to overcome would be getting the money to fund the upgrades that would be needed, and based on the insane rejection of a millage in Little Rock to further fund the public school system to build the new SW LR high school, I have a hard time seeing voters approve any sort of MAPS3 proposal as in OKC (which is booming population wise, has a thriving downtown district, and pro basketball team so what could they possibly have to teach Little Rock? *sarcasm*).
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