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  1. Kind of resurrecting an old topic, but I guess this fits here (sort of): regarding the old Tucker Carriage House on St. Mary's Street, descriptions of it I've seen mention that it served the "grand" Tucker mansion, which was demolished in 1968 (I guess to make room for that high-rise apartment/condo building?) However, I've never been able to find a photo or even a drawing of what the Tucker mansion looked like. Does anyone have one they can post? Or, for that matter, depictions of the Boylan or Cameron estate homes? Thanks!
  2. I don't see Dillard's as a logical tenant at Crabtree. What differentiates them from Belk and Hecht's? In my experience, those stores are very similar. Maybe Dillard's is a *tiny* bit more upscale?
  3. On the subject of Hillsborough Street, the N&O announced today that the old Darryl's building has been purchased, and the new owner plans to put a restaurant in the space. N&O Story This is really good news, as that is probably my favorite building on Hillsborough, and it's been vacant too long. I heard that the Darryl's used to occupy both floors of the building; does anyone know if the second floor was closed off because of structural instability, or just because the space wasn't needed? I think that building would work well with another tenant, perhaps a nightclub or something, on the second floor. It would bring more traffic down to that end of Hillsborough at night, as currently Players' Retreat is the only thing going down there. And, with the reroute of Oberlin and a traffic circle planned for down there, it could really bring that area alive... *The article did get one thing wrong, though. That was actually *not* the last Darryl's in operation. The one on High Point road in Greensboro is still going strong; I ate there earlier this year. We asked the waiter if it was the last one, and he said there was also one surviving location in Orlando, Florida (of all places). So there are still two....*
  4. Nice! Have any other old Cameron Village photos? (don't mean to turn this into a discussion better suited to the Triangle forum, but I grew up in Greensboro and now live in Raleigh...) Or old Friendly Center photos, for that matter? I still remember when Friendly Center had a Winn-Dixie, a Big Star, a Woolworth, Swensen's in its original location (for some reason the back room with the ceiling fans always creeped me out), when Forum VI was still attempting to be a mall... seems like so long ago now. What's the story behind Forum VI, anyway? It couldn't have been built specifically as a mall, as long as I can remember (early 80's) it was always office space on the upper floors. Was the retail level a failed experiment, or just an unfortunate design decision? And is K&W still in the basement?
  5. Was the Sears Surplus on Lawndale right next to that gigantic brick building? I think I remember going school shopping there too...
  6. It does seem kind of sterile right now, but once you start seeing more students out there (like this fall when Engineering II gets finished and immediately will see classes) it will lose that feeling a bit. Plus with North Shore, and at least a bit of retail going in there, that may help things as well. I don't know if there are any plans for student housing there, though, and that seems like a mistake--but the master plan keeps changing, so who knows? The Wolf Village apartments they built on main campus seem pretty well-executed, so maybe they'll build another one of those... Oh, and I will say this: the interior of Engineering I is NICE. Very attractively done. Also, just FYI, if you've never been to the courtyard between Textiles and EGRC at night--go sometime. They made some really nice use of lighting, and the end result is very pretty.
  7. Yeah, Glen Lake is a pretty nice looking park in a good location. Assuming they keep the buildings all of the same style, it should be a good spot.
  8. The Brewery basically closed for a while, and then re-opened with new management but under the same name and, from what I can tell, with a similar slate of performers for the most part.
  9. 30 stores? Could they actually cram that many into the Lord & Taylor space? That number sounds a bit high to me... And the fact that Lord & Taylor couldn't sustain a store there may be part of the reason we're not getting attention from Saks or Neiman-Marcus. The mall couldn't support the one upscale department store it had, outdated facilities notwithstanding.
  10. I totally agree about the power lines. This redevelopment should be a great thing, when it happens, and as has been stated, there are some cool buildings already in the area. The Wilmont apartment building, at the corner of Shepard and Hillsborough (it's one of the pictured ones, the four-story building with wrought-iron balconies and a green roof) is a really neat place, seems to be in decent shape, and is one of the oldest buildings in the area, built in *I think* 1921. Some of the houses on Stanhope are not bad, and if the area becomes less run-down would appreciate quite nicely. And the Carolina Equipment building is big and solid, but I think slated for demolition since it lies in the "brownfield" area. If it goes, though, they really need to save the big tractor sign and incorporate it into the new development somewhere--that sign has been a Hillsborough street landmark since the 1950's if I'm not mistaken. On some of the other buildings, I think they should just raze them and get a clean start. I'd like to see the Servitex building go, since it's large and rather unattractive, but since it's a functioning business, we might be stuck with it. There is very little worthwhile between Friendly and Carolina Equipment, so that seems to be the best place to put new projects of any scale (like Valentine's planned counterpart to UT). All things considered, though, just about any change will be positive, so I say go for it!
  11. Yep. Raleigh, NC did wolves a couple years ago. There are still a bunch of them around; when they were sold off after the "public art" phase, a lot of local businesses bought 'em at auction and kept them in prominent locations. Not to mention there are probably still at least 10 on the NC State campus.
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