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  1. Julendsl

    Triangle Economic News

    Seriously. Get over the ITB complex. A win for Cary is a win for the Triangle. A win for the Triangle is a win for us all. Their demographic isn't pretentious hipsters. It's funny, my friends in Cary never put down DTR but oh how Raleighites love to hate on Cary. <eyeroll>
  2. One more floor to go which will be the final floor. Then, a 3/4 floor crown on the south side of the building
  3. Julendsl

    NCFC Soccer Stadium

    Nancy McMayor's comments simply reflect she is bitter that Malik never coddled her or the city council. Why would he if it was on state property at this point? She views this as a missed opportunity to show what she is bringing to Raleigh in the next election. It's more pride than prejudice
  4. Julendsl

    Urban Apartment Boom (Raleigh)

    Oh man... the L looks like a generic college dorm