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    Cars,mainly, old and new, i like collecting diecast scale models aswell, but i'm not a fan of NASCAR, i'm more of a fan of Formula 1 or British touring car Championships also the japanese JGTC!!, GO TEAM MUGEN!!! i like all kinds of cars, from a MG midget to a triumph TR7 to a NISSAN GTR R35 to really odd cars like Daihatsu Midget or suzuki cappuccino.

    even some odd few "lame" cars like the 1997 ford thuderbird SC...my taste is all over the place.

    My second interest would be Gaming and computers and anime, in a nutshell. my spare time in a nutshell

    3rd. Woman. and yoga pants, or when woman in yoga pants.

    fourth would be friends, I have very few people i can actually call my "true" friends.

    fifth, Cities and general urban planning... which is why i'm here lol.

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  1. Woah, it’s so nice to see my hometown growing!
  2. I feel these are really excellent projects for Greensboro’s cbd, it adds two high rises and several mid rises, So that will really add a nice density and some height to the current skyline which has not changed for 20+ years. Specifically, I always thought the 5 tallest buildings were a nice starting point for a decent skyline and that the potential was there; so i’m glad they’re finally doing some major changes to the skyline after all these years. I’m aware in the past that several projects have fallen to the wayside, however it’s certainly great to see some transformative projects actually making progress and the overall city continue to grow.
  3. 2019 Photo update, westin lot has officially begun.(picture 9) includes a 6 story parking garage, with a 9 story building placed on the far north side for a total of 15 stories. project sluggers tower crane has arrived, and has been setup, so we should see it rise pretty briskly. tanger center construction carroll south lot has been given the green light by the city, [first an 8 story parking garage will be constructed by city, once that is complete Carroll south can begin, Carroll south includes a 6 story 350 unit apartment building, 9 story aloft hotel followed by a 20 story mixed use highrise, the lot sits right beside the project slugger lot.] Hampton Inn nearly topped out. **last two photos are credit to Cityboi, for his crane up photos** I did not take those last two.
  4. The Westin Greensboro lot is officially underway!
  5. Just some future visulizations i did for downtown when all of the current projects are complete. Green street ball park development: Grey: Steven tanger performing arts center(GPAC)u/cWhite: 8 story Hampton inn & suites.u/cPurple: 14 story Westin.u/cRed: 10 story office building. Project slugger.u/cYellow: 20 story mixed use building. Carroll at south. Mid 2020.Green: upscale luxury apartments. 2019 construction start.Pink: 8 story city parking garage. Ground breaking soon.Blue: 9 story Aloft hotel. 2019 construction start. greensboro North south city scape: before: 2018. After: approximately 2021. I really look forward to whats next.
  6. Greensboro 2021 render i did.
  7. I think have loaded up the cars now. And the lights may be on.
  8. I'd really like to see what the 20 story render looks like.
  9. Looking at the smaller body and overal shape it seemed like a lotus exige (base?), i thought it was a ferrari too due to the red cover lol, but is here is another slightly newer mclaren i caught at autobell on newgarden rd. in the lowes food parking lot. And this cool V8 vantage on battleground by wendys within 5 minutes(i love car spotting, i am a member of Exoticspotters. And one of my favorite spots, the infamous Gold Aventador. On battleground in the future trader joes lot. I have pics of over 200 interesting cars that i have seen in Greensboro.
  10. Just some overal shots of the Ball park area. Found these gems tucked away.
  11. Okay...we have seen the 15 story render.. ENow i want to see the 20 story. Hello up folk, i am from city data, i run the Greensboro downtown development thread there. Nice to meet you. My thoughts on this, i like it, would prefer the aloft to be sepperate but overal all i like it. Truist just announced that their Mortgage HQ will be in Greensboro, this is a perfect oppertunity to lure Truist from the airport to downtown so that it can be with the other big insurance HQ's Arch captial and LFG. Food for thought.
  12. This is what i was thinking aswell, Truist Mortgage HQ in close proximity to LFG HQ and Arch HQ with kontoor Brands HQ in the background would be amazing, sort of like a Tryon type of situation with all of the big bank HQ's and other HQ's lining tryon. I feel right now, A move downtown would be for the best, office demand is the highest it's been since the 1990s office boom. Just this year concerning white collar and corporate jobs we've had. *First National Bank HQ to be headquarted in the new ballpark tower downtown. *Centric Brands Moving 260 corporate jobs from New York city to the redevelloped gateway plaza, on the corner of elm & gateway blvd downtown. *Lee jeans moving 300 corporate and entry level jobs from Kansas, fusing with Kontoor Brands(Nasdaq: KTB) and moving downtown into VF's old Headquarters, while VF still maintains it's 2700 employees at the Greensboro VF buisness park. *And now Truist is moving 36 Corporate jobs, along with the lead man todd chamberlin, aswell as moving the HQ from Richmond to Greensboro. *what an amazing year for gboro so far..* Companies pay attention to moves like this, Which is why we landed Truist Mortgage, Something tells me they will be coming downtown, and i'm sure Roy is already trying to make them a tenant for his 20 story office proposal. Also... I really Foresee winston Based National General (formally GMAC ) Considering a move to Greensboro now. BB&T's move to Charlotte is a prime example that companies want to be where the action is. In truist banks defence, instead of building a new tower, they chose hearst tower because there was space available in a prime location. In Greensboro, the current office vacancy rate for downtown is 7.5%.. that's why office buildings are going up, demand drives the economy. 5 years ago, that demand was not there. Suntrust& BB&T choosing Greensboro for the Mortgage HQ is also a tell tell sign of Big things to come. Also with appartment vacancy rates hitting all time lows, Downtown is going to experience another big residential boom in 2020. Even the 17 story centerpointe condo tower is at full capacity. With only 3 units available out of 300. Carroll at bellemade just oppened..and the built units already sold out. We need to get the ball rolling. The demand grows day by day, i just hope we will be ready.
  13. Suntrust& BB&T will be moving the current Suntrust Mortgage Headquarters from Richmond, Va, to Greensboro, NC. Truist Financial Mortgage(horrible name btw) will be based in Greensboro, NC. moving all of the team leader jobs from Richmond including the lead of Suntrust Mortgage "Todd Chamberlin". when the Suntrust was asked why they chose greensboro for the merger mortgage HQ, they had this to say. Full article: https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/05/23/suntrust-move-parts-richmond-mortgage-hq-n-c-part-bbt-deal/ So more good news for North Carolina and the Triad. This will bring the total mortgage/Insuranse HQ's in Greensboro to three. 1.Lincoln financial group. 2.Arch Captital insurance. 3.* Truist financial Mortgage. Maybe we can land National General one day?
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