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    Cars,mainly, old and new, i like collecting diecast scale models aswell, but i'm not a fan of NASCAR, i'm more of a fan of Formula 1 or British touring car Championships also the japanese JGTC!!, GO TEAM MUGEN!!! i like all kinds of cars, from a MG midget to a triumph TR7 to a NISSAN GTR R35 to really odd cars like Daihatsu Midget or suzuki cappuccino.

    even some odd few "lame" cars like the 1997 ford thuderbird SC...my taste is all over the place.

    My second interest would be Gaming and computers and anime, in a nutshell. my spare time in a nutshell

    3rd. Woman. and yoga pants, or when woman in yoga pants.

    fourth would be friends, I have very few people i can actually call my "true" friends.

    fifth, Cities and general urban planning... which is why i'm here lol.

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  1. finally a Full blown construction site. Time to start going vertical
  2. Downtown Greensboro continues to move in the right direction, It has been a steady pace, But more companies are relocating more jobs downtown. Most notable relocations. LEE , Relocated from Kansas during the VF split Which created Kontoor Brands, Centric brands relocated from NY and moved into the North end of downtown, The Brooks Group relocated from lake Jeanette to 301 elm, altair knowledge works relocated from the airport area, Charles Aris INC relocated from the airport area, the Fresh Market is looking to move into current Wells Fargo tower, Arch Capital Mortgage relocated into the renaissance plaza.
  3. YinXyang here. Big Update: The westin site is fully underway. The Carroll SOB lot activity. 400 bellemeade Hampton inn seeing a lot of activity again. Soil testing has begun on the massive market street luxury resident project. A&T area.
  4. friendly is evolving featuring this beautiful upscale mixed used residential development. Hawthorne at Friendly
  5. I think Greenpoint is the small town they live in, That city looks pretty far away, similar to them being in Burlington, i look forward to learning more about Greenpoint lol.
  6. Each floor is 1 1/2 story give or take. So around 12 stories when it tops out.
  7. And I may or may not know what they are seriously exciting times ahead.
  8. I mean, it’s a ton of construction workers out there and tons heavy machinery. yes, they are doing ALOT of work, once the foundation is laid and the the steel beams arrive, the Westin site should go up pretty quick like 400 bellemeade.
  9. Woah, it’s so nice to see my hometown growing!
  10. I feel these are really excellent projects for Greensboro’s cbd, it adds two high rises and several mid rises, So that will really add a nice density and some height to the current skyline which has not changed for 20+ years. Specifically, I always thought the 5 tallest buildings were a nice starting point for a decent skyline and that the potential was there; so i’m glad they’re finally doing some major changes to the skyline after all these years. I’m aware in the past that several projects have fallen to the wayside, however it’s certainly great to see some transformative projects actually making progress and the overall city continue to grow.
  11. 2019 Photo update, westin lot has officially begun.(picture 9) includes a 6 story parking garage, with a 9 story building placed on the far north side for a total of 15 stories. project sluggers tower crane has arrived, and has been setup, so we should see it rise pretty briskly. tanger center construction carroll south lot has been given the green light by the city, [first an 8 story parking garage will be constructed by city, once that is complete Carroll south can begin, Carroll south includes a 6 story 350 unit apartment building, 9 story aloft hotel followed by a 20 story mixed use highrise, the lot sits right beside the project slugger lot.] Hampton Inn nearly topped out. **last two photos are credit to Cityboi, for his crane up photos** I did not take those last two.
  12. The Westin Greensboro lot is officially underway!
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