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    Cars,mainly, old and new, i like collecting diecast scale models aswell, but i'm not a fan of NASCAR, i'm more of a fan of Formula 1 or British touring car Championships also the japanese JGTC!!, GO TEAM MUGEN!!! i like all kinds of cars, from a MG midget to a triumph TR7 to a NISSAN GTR R35 to really odd cars like Daihatsu Midget or suzuki cappuccino.

    even some odd few "lame" cars like the 1997 ford thuderbird SC...my taste is all over the place.

    My second interest would be Gaming and computers and anime, in a nutshell. my spare time in a nutshell

    3rd. Woman. and yoga pants, or when woman in yoga pants.

    fourth would be friends, I have very few people i can actually call my "true" friends.

    fifth, Cities and general urban planning... which is why i'm here lol.

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Hello, my name is jarod. i am 24 years old, attend Guildford Technical Community College in Greensboro NC; GO TITANS!!!!, and Work at Harris Teeter as a Chef, my likes and interest are in the "interests" box below, thank you for visiting my page and have a great day.

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