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  1. Looks like they just announced it... here's an article I saw on Talk Business: https://talkbusiness.net/2017/10/clinton-national-airport-to-offer-daily-flights-to-washington-d-c-starting-april-3/
  2. Here's the original article, so you don't have to go through THV11 to 5NEWS to the original article: http://talkbusiness.net/2017/09/wal-mart-stores-announces-plans-for-new-headquarters-in-bentonville/
  3. I think I read somewhere (maybe Talk Business and Politics) that "NWA" included Fort Smith, as well... not that that really makes up for an 8 store difference.
  4. The whole thing was a cluster. The line to get into the AMP was backed up to Chuy's (maybe two-ish blocks?), and the opener was going on while there were still probably thousands of people trying to get in. I've been to a lot of shows (including big festivals), and that one was probably the worst-managed one I've ever been to.
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