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  1. Cantina Laredo has shuttered as of this morning.
  2. Now that the renders have been pulled I agree with you, MLBrumby - the renders are likely not old like I first suspected. Also because you can see the massing for the Endeavor/Mazda site building in them, which I failed to initially notice. That said, as you also mentioned, it is 100% true that Waller has 5+ years left on their current lease. Ha, yep, you beat me to it. My mistake.
  3. Interesting that the docs now seem to be gone from the Nelsen Partners website...?
  4. Waller completed a long-term renewal of their lease downtown at the Nashville City Center several years ago. The construction of the adjacent garage there was part of the transaction. Speculation, but their logo's inclusion on the renders here leads me to believe that these files are several years old.
  5. The real shame of many of these, and this one in particular, is how poorly they activate the street. I can't believe the city lets developers get away with blank walls like that facing 8th. Terrible for the city's urban fabric.
  6. The removal of the walls on the first floor is temporary - they will be replaced so that the footprint of the ground floor is unchanged (just more attractive and functional).
  7. Can't say too much yet, but there are two separate F&B concepts in the works, one which will connect into the lobby.
  8. Some great retail is slated for the bottom of 222. I agree the garage wrap leaves much to be desired, but I am excited about the fact that the streetscape is activated almost all the way around the building.
  9. I've heard approx 20% leased.
  10. I'll be there. Look forward to finally meeting many of you.
  11. Haha I will give you a definitive yes or no next week - I am hoping to make it!
  12. Is the usual meet taking place on Feb 4th? If so I am hoping to make what would be my first meeting. Would be great to finally put faces with names for many of you.
  13. Quick thought that just hit me: Eventually, we will need a new stadium. Considering how scarce land is in the core, and that we just sold to Zach Liff the piece of land in the Gulch that have been the best location for a mass transit hub (something like Denver's Union Station), why not build the new stadium right next to the existing one, closer to East Nashville. Then build a new rail hub close to the river near/partially replacing the existing stadium footprint?
  14. Always worth remembering that, the more people that live, work, and play in a concentrated downtown area, the more (a) population density that makes public transport feasible and, (b) the more people that will walk or bike to more of their destinations, reducing traffic. I sure wouldn't mind living in Germantown and commuting to work in River North over the proposed pedestrian bridge, for instance.