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  1. Hearing rumors that Vandy is planning to shut down one or both courses at Legends with plans to convert the land to a medical use. Anyone heard or know something similar?
  2. Anyone know what is going in next to Scout's on 5th Ave in Salemtown? Looks like food (there's a hood inside and a service window on the patio).
  3. Anyone know what's going on with the Shur-Brite Car Wash at 17th and West End? It's closed and chained off as of this past weekend.
  4. Do we know what will go in the old museum space in the CBD once the new facility opens?
  5. Think signature restaurant for the food piece. It's a sizable portion of the GF but there is still room for multi-story "flagship" retail on the corner towards Broadway, IIRC.
  6. It is quite literally half the park. Are there any plans for them to hopefully fix the (entire) park up afterward to compensate? This is a major loss of space for such a long time, in such an important park in the area.
  7. Anyone know what's going on with the construction fencing currently going up around half of Tony Rose Park (between Hawkins St and Music Cir)?
  8. Construction fencing with wrap/images is up on the site.
  9. Thanks for posting this. I live in the Gulch and use 8th every day. As many, including me, have said before, when the only way to get around is via car, all you get is traffic. If you encourage other methods of transportation, people use them. Traffic and roads always suffer from induced demand; i.e. eventually, any lanes you have always fill up. That 8th Ave already has the "no turn lane, so the inner lanes become turn lanes" problem, this is an ideal corridor for a road diet. What kind of city do we want long-term? One where all you can do is drive? Or one where you have a variety of options for getting around? I prefer the latter.
  10. Word from multiple sources is that Crate and Barrel is coming, so stay tuned... From a more macro perspective, high-end malls like Green Hills have nothing to worry about for at least the next couple cycles. There is nowhere else for luxury brands that want to be in Nashville to go.
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