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  1. Can't say too much yet, but there are two separate F&B concepts in the works, one which will connect into the lobby.
  2. Some great retail is slated for the bottom of 222. I agree the garage wrap leaves much to be desired, but I am excited about the fact that the streetscape is activated almost all the way around the building.
  3. I've heard approx 20% leased.
  4. I'll be there. Look forward to finally meeting many of you.
  5. Haha I will give you a definitive yes or no next week - I am hoping to make it!
  6. Is the usual meet taking place on Feb 4th? If so I am hoping to make what would be my first meeting. Would be great to finally put faces with names for many of you.
  7. Quick thought that just hit me: Eventually, we will need a new stadium. Considering how scarce land is in the core, and that we just sold to Zach Liff the piece of land in the Gulch that have been the best location for a mass transit hub (something like Denver's Union Station), why not build the new stadium right next to the existing one, closer to East Nashville. Then build a new rail hub close to the river near/partially replacing the existing stadium footprint?
  8. Always worth remembering that, the more people that live, work, and play in a concentrated downtown area, the more (a) population density that makes public transport feasible and, (b) the more people that will walk or bike to more of their destinations, reducing traffic. I sure wouldn't mind living in Germantown and commuting to work in River North over the proposed pedestrian bridge, for instance.
  9. Yes, small strip retail center. Taqueria del Sol (same as in 12 South) will supposedly be one of the tenants.
  10. The architect really missed the mark on this one. It's ugly enough on its own, but when combined with the surrounding neighborhood and how badly it fits in with the area aesthetic, this product is a real disappointment.
  11. Checked out the exterior "close up" as well as the lobby area of the hotel over the weekend. Overall, I am unimpressed - because the architecture and the interior seem to reflect someone's impression of what Nashville might be like, as if they'd never set foot in our town. The lobby feels like a combination of a Sedona-esque western luxury vibe with the kind of Texas glitz you'd expect from a convention hotel in Dallas. Too much leather, rough metal, and crystal glass chandeliers. It's hard to describe but if anyone else has been inside I'd love to get your opinion of it. Full disclosure, I have not seen the rooms so I can't comment on that. Other weird feature is the large wall immediately to the left of the main entrance from the porte cochere. You walk into what almost feels like a vestibule due to the walls immediately to your left and front. You have to turn right to get the open feel of the lobby, which doesn't make sense for a property of this size and scale.
  12. The Thompson Nashville has officially opened as of yesterday morning. Frye (boots and leather goods retailer) is also open in the retail space in the middle of the building. The endcap (approx 850 sf) has a pulled permit for interior buildout but unsure of the tenant. The coffee shop and restaurant on the ground floor appear to be in final stages of interior build out but have not yet opened. Overall this is a great addition to the Gulch. The streetscape activation is fantastic, the design is fresh and modern but not over-the-top, and I love the 24 hour crowd that we'll have for the first time in the area. Can't wait to see the truly finished product.
  13. West End Park really needs some neighborhood retail, too. Not sure if it's in the zoning there though.