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  1. This project looks really awesome and would be so nice to have in VB. Which essentially means it will never, ever happen.
  2. Makes sense when you see all of the Quebec license plates here in the summer. I recently relocated to Raleigh and Va Beach advertises a lot here as well. A lot of coworkers travel to VB for the weekends
  3. They’ve been clearing quite a bit in the back, the photo doesn’t really capture the scale in terms of land area that they’ve cleared but wanted to show progress nonetheless
  4. I work off of Corporate a center drive and they’ve been clearing out a large area across the street for a while now and just heard that they’re building a Drive Shack there. I’d not heard of it before but after researching seems to be like Top Golf but on a slightly bigger scale. I believe the only one built this far is in Orlando with several more on the way, including Raleigh. I moved here from Va Beach and spent many fun nights at Top Golf so I’m glad to have some more entertainment options here. I did find the location interesting as it’s right near the PNC Arena where the owner of the Hurricanes made his money from Top Golf
  5. I feel like Sessoms gave VB the best shot to progress but I, too, feel like the successor will be content with things as is and not push to grow. As much as I miss home it makes having made the move to Raleigh feel like the right move.
  6. I️ feel, more or less, that most of us feel the same way and I’m glad that I was able to say in some sense what I feel we’ve all thought at one time or anther. I love Va Beach, often to a fault. I️ continue to hope blindly that things will change although in reality they’ve done nothing that shows me I should believe otherwise. It genuinely bothers me to watch great people that leave in droves to other areas because the job market is lacking or that they want big city amenities that we can’t provide. Back in 1990 if you looked at the census numbers for population Virginia Beach was neck and neck with two other cities, Charlotte and Atlanta, only separated by literally a few thousand people. I think we all know how we compare to those two now. Instead of thinking globally and making this an area where they want to attract businesses, retain its residents and grow into the future, they instead fight with each other and against progress as a whole. Instead of showing the residents what there is to look forward to they’re giving us every reason to leave, even those like me who never in a million years thought they’d move away from the place that means so much to me. Sorry for the rant, this is several years of unposted frustration coming out right now lol. I love this place but I hate some of it too. This city is far too great and special of a place to be content with where it is.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree. I didn’t understand just how much some people are against growth until I attended one of the town halls for the arena last winter. Those who opposed it came out in larger numbers and shouted louder against it. I’ll be honest, I wish this stuff didn’t frustrate me so much but it seems we can never get out of this rut. I’m over seeing project after project fail and having to watch the steady flow of educated and hard working future residents of va beach leave because there simply aren’t enough reasons to stay. As much as I love it here, there’s an equal number of things that just drive me nuts and I’ve had to accept the fact that it won’t change anytime soon unfortunately. Which is sad because if this city/region would get it together we really could have it all here.
  8. This process has gone on for so long and had so many ups and downs,stops and starts that I don’t believe many people have any faith left that this will come to fruition. This is such a wonderful area with great schools and low crime yet we can’t draw the businesses we should and it seems we won’t get an arena while I’m still young enough to enjoy it. After living here for over 35 years my job is moving me from the beach to Raleigh. While there will be so much I will miss about home, the small mindsets of all of the NIMBY’s, the inability to get out of our own way on any large projects and to watch other metro areas flourish and grow and become what we should have 20 years ago will not be one of them.
  9. I will be relocating to the triangle after living in Virginia Beach for over 30 years. After reading these posts and the bickering about what area is better and complaints of hipsters and suburban sprawl, I realized it’s exactly like what I’ve witnessed watching Norfolk and Va Beach go back and forth. Good to know that although I’ll live in another state I’ll still feel right at home /S
  10. Hey guys thank you in advance to those who help. I have lived in Va Beach for over 30 years and am considering the real possibility of relocating to Raleigh with my company (banking) I have frequented the Hampton Roads forum for years and thought that this is a pretty good pool of people to get info from. I've been to Raleigh once back in the 90s to visit a friend who was in school down there at the time and I'm sure it's changed a lot since then. I want to know how the overall quality of life is. I love Va Beach due to the great schools, low crime and amount of things to do so. I love the beach and surfing so I know that's out but I also like other outdoor activities, great restaurants and bars and being able to make days trips to DC, NY or Philly if I want to go. I wanted to see if anyone familiar with both areas may be able to compare the two, relatively speaking. My apologies if this isn't the right place or there is another thread like this somewhere that I missed. The news came down today the will be closing our site at work and I have about a 6 month window to figure it out just two weeks after I got engaged and in the planning stages of our wedding. I have some very tough decisions to make and whatever nuggets you guys can send my way about what Raleigh has to offer would help tremendously. Thank you
  11. I agree that a garage is a necessity as well, I just can't see parking in the 31st or 9th street garages a viable solution. Just go ahead and foot the cost for the garage (and light rail) now as we know it is almost guaranteed to be implemented at some point anyways. It only gets more expensive the longer they wait
  12. I was actually there for about three hours last night and I ultimately had to leave, and I did see the news piece on channel 13 at 11 last night. The woman interviewed on the news was the first person speaking when the questions/comments began and lives in the neighborhood next to the auto zone and was concerned about traffic. However, as soon as she started talking about "getting steel and parts" from China I kind of tuned her out as I'm sure she has no problem with the clothes on her back, cell phone in her pocket and assorted household goods in her home being made outside of the US. As stated, the spirit of the dialogue by and far wasn't anti arena as much as it was concern over the memorial and the ability to move the influx of event goers in and out as efficiently and safely as possible. That being said, I would have loved to have seen more of persons like myself who are on board with this to have been present. There is a due diligence we have and I feel that we represent a larger percentage of persons that do want this. I believe that there is one more public meeting, Dec 1st if I'm correct, and we need to make sure that the city does know that this is wanted and that we want this here.
  13. I had the opportunity to attend the public presentation tonight and by and large I was pleased. This was my first foray into any type of city council type meeting and from reading people's general reactions to progressive ideas on local forums I headed in expecting the worst. I left somewhat surprised as there was very little of anyone outright against the notion of an arena here, some were even on board. I'd say 80% of the comments stemmed around the plans, use and ownership of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and traffic/parking concerns, mostly by persons living within a few mile radius of the proposed site. Overall I still feel like for our area the pros far outweigh the cons and am keeping our fingers crossed that this comes to fruition.
  14. Reading the updates about this the last few days excites me a lot. I will try to make the public briefing Nov 19 to get more information and hear more about this. It seems we are finally so close to it actually happening this time that it almost scares me due to the opportunities that have come and gone or had failed before. I feel this a good deal overall and the city is now ready for something like this. Staying positive but if this fall through somehow I will be crushed. Fingers crossed, this an enormous opportunity for not only Va Beach but the region as well.
  15. Those pictures were not of me as im too old and too afraid of heights to ever attempt something like that. That being said here is ine I had taken about a week ago from the top of the parking garage
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