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  1. I'm totally on board with this, aside from a couple bars there really isn't much that makes me want to go and hangout downtown
  2. I'd suggest coming to Raleigh or the Triangle in general. You'll have a way better job market located in a booming metro area that is green lighting projects left and right that we could only dream about in the 757. Nothing dying on the table here while they research it to death. Having been here for 2 years now I really feel like it is what HR could have been if the cities didn't infight with other and/or have NIMBYS shoot down anything that seemed like a good idea. It's exciting to see this area moving forward and if I'm feeling like a glutton for punishment I can still get back home in 3 h
  3. Just enough time for them to squeeze in two more studies lol
  4. What is their reasoning for limiting the height of buildings here? In Virginia Beach they have restrictions at the oceanfront because of the Navy and the jets that fly over them on the way out to the ocean for training but I don't understand the why here. I, for one, would love to see a true tower rivaling those in Charlotte here in Raleigh
  5. It's good to see this in Chesapeake. I don't know if these areas are planned out but Greenbrier always felt like the downtown/center of Chesapeake the same way that Pembroke felt like the center of VB even way back as a kid in the mid 80's.
  6. I feel like the Triangle and HR share a lot of commonalities. Although the distance to get from once city to the other is a little greater in the triangle, you still have the one city that feels like it's better than all the others (Cary/Virginia Beach), the two cities who want to be the top dog (Raleigh/Durham, NFK/VB), the one city that the others look down on (Portsmouth/Durham) and instead of building up they continue to spread further and furher out for overproced Ryan homes planned subdivisions. The bigggest difference I've noticed is that the Triangle is growing by leaps and bounds and
  7. Living in Raleigh for just shy of two years, it's crazy to see all of the projects that get approved without lenghty fights and seeing cranes and high rises sprouting up all over the place. It pains me to see all of these cities flourish and pass my hometown by because they continue to shoot themselves in the foot. I've pretty much given up on anything changing substantially in Hampton Roads until I'm too old to enjoy it. It's sad to know what the area is capable of and never seeing it come to light.
  8. This project looks really awesome and would be so nice to have in VB. Which essentially means it will never, ever happen.
  9. Makes sense when you see all of the Quebec license plates here in the summer. I recently relocated to Raleigh and Va Beach advertises a lot here as well. A lot of coworkers travel to VB for the weekends
  10. They’ve been clearing quite a bit in the back, the photo doesn’t really capture the scale in terms of land area that they’ve cleared but wanted to show progress nonetheless
  11. I work off of Corporate a center drive and they’ve been clearing out a large area across the street for a while now and just heard that they’re building a Drive Shack there. I’d not heard of it before but after researching seems to be like Top Golf but on a slightly bigger scale. I believe the only one built this far is in Orlando with several more on the way, including Raleigh. I moved here from Va Beach and spent many fun nights at Top Golf so I’m glad to have some more entertainment options here. I did find the location interesting as it’s right near the PNC Arena where the owner of the Hur
  12. I feel like Sessoms gave VB the best shot to progress but I, too, feel like the successor will be content with things as is and not push to grow. As much as I miss home it makes having made the move to Raleigh feel like the right move.
  13. I️ feel, more or less, that most of us feel the same way and I’m glad that I was able to say in some sense what I feel we’ve all thought at one time or anther. I love Va Beach, often to a fault. I️ continue to hope blindly that things will change although in reality they’ve done nothing that shows me I should believe otherwise. It genuinely bothers me to watch great people that leave in droves to other areas because the job market is lacking or that they want big city amenities that we can’t provide. Back in 1990 if you looked at the census numbers for population Virginia Beach was neck and
  14. I wholeheartedly agree. I didn’t understand just how much some people are against growth until I attended one of the town halls for the arena last winter. Those who opposed it came out in larger numbers and shouted louder against it. I’ll be honest, I wish this stuff didn’t frustrate me so much but it seems we can never get out of this rut. I’m over seeing project after project fail and having to watch the steady flow of educated and hard working future residents of va beach leave because there simply aren’t enough reasons to stay. As much as I love it here, there’s an equal number of things
  15. This process has gone on for so long and had so many ups and downs,stops and starts that I don’t believe many people have any faith left that this will come to fruition. This is such a wonderful area with great schools and low crime yet we can’t draw the businesses we should and it seems we won’t get an arena while I’m still young enough to enjoy it. After living here for over 35 years my job is moving me from the beach to Raleigh. While there will be so much I will miss about home, the small mindsets of all of the NIMBY’s, the inability to get out of our own way on any large projects and to w
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