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  1. Learning from Other Places

    I really do wish we had a model for "food courts" similar to the Asian ones, where local vendors can rent a stall and sell a dish or two according to their skills. I think it would go a long way toward adding options to uptown. They're ubiquitous in Southeast Asia.
  2. Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Not today, but recently:
  3. Learning from Other Places

    I love the curviness. This would be a fantastic counterpoint to all of our angular and "pointy" buildings. The "overhang" look makes me feel like it's going to fall over, though.
  4. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Is this related to why Little Sugar Creek in Pineville so often smells like absolute sewage at night? If not, why does Little Sugar Creek so often smell like absolute sewage at night?
  5. Google Translate, RDF->English EIFS EVERYWHERE
  6. Charlotte Off Topic

    Most of my family is from the western foothills (Rutherford/Cleveland County). Charlotte, where one of my dad's grandfathers lived, was a three or four hour trip. This would've been in the forties. There were train stations in Kings Mountain, Shelby, Lattimore, and so on, but they were too poor to ride. By the time he was in the military (early 1960s), Greyhound buses were available that could take you to Fayetteville. That ride took 8 hours.
  7. Learning from Other Places

    So, I found a better example of a "normal" apartment development in Asia that I would think that Charlotte could support. This is a very average project. I'm not claiming it's aesthetically perfect or anything along that line, but it's typical of what major Asian cities get: Sunrise CityView.
  8. Crescent Stonewall Station

    Yeah, let me clarify my position. I like that this development is happening. I like that it has a major retail component. I like its relation to the light rail. There are many positive aspects to it. What I do not like is simply the way the apartment portion is so huge, so homogeneous, and so imposing. I would still say it's a good project overall, but aesthetically speaking it isn't to my taste. I'd rather see smaller, taller buildings or, if this size is the most economical, less "superblock" style development. My wife calls this the "Great Wall of Charlotte" driving by it on 277.
  9. Crescent Stonewall Station

    I like the upper floors, actually. It's a lot better than the apartment portion of the project.
  10. Do you mean, in general, how do they decide where to start building the facade of a building like this? If so, then it's all planned before they ever move a single pound of dirt. The architects and engineers prepare structural diagrams that are specific practically down to the level of every bolt. (Not quite, but pretty close.)
  11. What in the world are they doing? That's a terrible name. The Triad continues to shoot itself in the foot.
  12. The Good News Report

    Gastonia and Morganton could really use those jobs. Great news!
  13. Most independent book stores are either hobbies (i.e. not subject to normal constraints of economics) or they're opened in places with cheap rent. I don't think you'll see any Uptown any time soon.
  14. 615 South College (Portman Office Tower near Westin)

    It seems small, and it's recessed compared to the bulk of the building -- is it visible from the ground?
  15. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Fantastic! I think this has instantly become my favorite project currently going up.