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  1. Wasn’t The Garden sculpture to be installed in that green space?
  2. @JorgiPorgi beautiful shots so far. You picked a nice night. Thanks for sharing
  3. Valid points, I personally think a Michael's or Hobby Lobby boutique could work. I’m not saying I have the spending capacity to keep it afloat, but crafts are always trendy and we don’t really have a solid art supply store anymore.
  4. Looks like Midtown is a 5 minute drive to Uptown Dallas, based on the iconography...
  5. Am I missing something or is this thing not dragging along? I’m excited for the addition, but it’s hard to fathom the timeline based on the small size of the building. I’m no expert. Just wondering.
  6. While I love and appreciate places and experiences, my fear lies with the ultimate fate of Eastway Dr. As a native, this was THE corridor in the 80s. Lots of development that lost its luster within 20 years. I don't approve of the PM momentum being gobbled up by short sighted development. I have been to the rezoning meetings and voiced my concerns. Thoughtful development, retail or not, is vital to Central Ave.
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