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  1. A lot of city services have been effected because of Covid and these projects and simple maintenances that you speak of are the first to go during rough times. I think I can speak for most of you on here when I say that this past year has not been the greatest. Think about the challenges we have all faced this past year because of Covid and the things we have had to cut back on, think about how your own job and life has changed and how different and/or difficult some things have become. Yes, there are a lot of things the City can do better on but their staff and resources are stretched thin
  2. Do you mean White Point? The renderings @j-man posted are the proposal for the CTC Station redevelopment. There's a thread it if you go back to page 6 but I haven't heard any news from them in a while.
  3. This is what I see, it's an add that takes up the whole screen with no "x" or "exit" option.
  4. I wonder if they'll eventually add a second tower to the right of the proposed office tower as originally proposed? Two tower proposal below
  5. I was surprised that you could see one of the cranes from 85 when driving north around the Harris Blvd exit.
  6. Here are the highlights 385-400 apartments wrapped around structured parking where surface parking lot is located, include ground floor retail. 150,000 sf office building also with structured parking facing Central Ave built where portion of strip center is located, include ground floor retail, office will be spec. "main street" connecting Pecan to Central, very activated, centerpiece of development with urban parks and 37,000 sf of retail space. Older buildings dating back to 1912 will be saved as well as part of the strip center to be renovated to fit in with the new deve
  7. I believe that is temporary for construction. It should be converted back into a courtyard of some sorts anytime now.
  8. Yes, there will be windows. If you look at earlier pictures you can see where the windows are. They'll cut the housewrap where the windows are later, it's just easier to wrap the whole wall first.
  9. Not going to lie, I'm pretty excited about this. I went to Bucee's when I was in Austin last month and was amazed. Actually terrified and amazed lol.
  10. Correct, it's going to be along South Railroad Street between East 3rd and 4th avenue. The buildings in that location burnt down a few years ago, we only planned to demo a 1970 addition and keep the rest but the fire destroyed everything between S Railroad Street and the tracks.
  11. Thanks for posting. Our office has been working on this for years and we found out yesterday that we were awarded the grant. It's very exciting.
  12. I'm sure the hotel is on hold for now given the state of things. Plus, when construction starts it's not difficult to take down the lamp post, probably take a day or two.
  13. Agreed Agree as well but i prefer hardscaping similar to what they did at Camden Gallery Apartments. I understand the cost advantages of a grass strip but hardscaping an area, in my opinion, is way more inviting than the suburban style grass strip.
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