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  1. Nice, any other information available? Height, number of units, retail, office square footage, time frame?
  2. Yes, I know they're still working on the deck. Sorry for the confusion, I should have been more clear in my original post.
  3. Very true. I'm sure it will match closely to the renderings when completed and I do think this building matches very close to what is depicted. I'm just stating that renderings tend to exaggerate things such as lighting, angles, color, depth, texture, etc. I understand why developers do it but sometimes it leaves the final product not quite meeting expectations.
  4. Good comparison between real life and the rendering. Goes to show how much developers embellish their renderings as well. All in all I think this is turning out great, just hope the screening on the parking deck meets expectations.
  5. I believe that is where the 30+ story apartment building is going. Pages from 2021_163_siteplan.pdf
  6. No. PNC Plaza is the tallest at 538 feet. This one will be 414 feet making it the 3rd tallest in downtown Raleigh.
  7. I don't think CATS's laid off or furloughed anyone.
  8. As always thank you for stopping my @KJHburg
  9. Always love you pictures on here @Mgelbach , please keep up the good work.
  10. A lot of city services have been effected because of Covid and these projects and simple maintenances that you speak of are the first to go during rough times. I think I can speak for most of you on here when I say that this past year has not been the greatest. Think about the challenges we have all faced this past year because of Covid and the things we have had to cut back on, think about how your own job and life has changed and how different and/or difficult some things have become. Yes, there are a lot of things the City can do better on but their staff and resources are stretched thin
  11. Do you mean White Point? The renderings @j-man posted are the proposal for the CTC Station redevelopment. There's a thread it if you go back to page 6 but I haven't heard any news from them in a while.
  12. This is what I see, it's an add that takes up the whole screen with no "x" or "exit" option.
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