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  1. jtmonk


    Are you sure about that? The 11 story office tower is being constructed with a mobile crane, the tower crane is to the far left of it. If the tower crane isn't for the apartment tower maybe its for the parking deck for the office tower?
  2. jtmonk


    Looks like the crane base is up for the 16 story apartment building
  3. Well not a lot of people are going to use them when traffic is light as seen in the pictures. However, I've used them a number of times around the lake to bypass traffic jams, I don't mind them at all.
  4. I like it, mostly for its scale. It's not a massive 300-400 unit complex taking up whole block in town and it adds a little height to the area. Plus the design isn't the same old cookie cutter design we've been getting with every other apartment building in town. It may not be for everyone but I definitely like it.
  5. Anyway... does anyone know when we'll hear more about the hotel for 1100 S Tryon? Would love to see a detailed rendering and see how the building interacts at street level with Tryon Street. We should also see the other tower rising soon. This project will definitely add some great height and activity to this side of Tryon.
  6. I'm confused by that whole list. There are way more highways and interstates throughout the country that are wider than the ones listed. The list is also pretty dated, it's from 2010.
  7. Yes, I counted that one as one of the courthouse cranes, I do not think you can see the other one though
  8. 11 tower cranes plus the red mobile crane
  9. Thank you @Seabrooke Was there any mention of when the second phase would start or if they have had any interest in the office space?
  10. Thanks @ricky_davis_fan_21 I was counting number of 10+ story buildings under construction in my last post, not cranes. But it is nice knowing that another crane will be at Spectrum. I'm excited to see what the hotel will eventually look like for this site too!
  11. I counted 17, but I listed spectrum as 2 buildings and Apex as 2 buildings. I also forgot about Square at West and South Tryon so that would be 18. I also believe that the retirement community highrise behind the South Park Towers is 10 stories when viewed from Piedmont Row Drive.
  12. Nashville is killing it! At last count Charlotte had 17 10+ buildings under construction. And as I stated above, I do believe the quality and architecture of the buildings going up in Nashville are a little better than other cities. I also like the infill you guys are seeing around town, pretty nice stuff. Sorry for taking this off topic guys.
  13. Nashville definitely has a lot going for it right now, all the construction going on is amazing and definitely something to envy. To say that it has more 10+ story buildings than all of the cities in NC put together might be a little bit of an overstatement though. I do believe Nashville has more 10+ story buildings currently under construction than Charlotte right now but it's not by much. I will say that the amount of growth and construction Nashville, Charlotte, and RDU are seeing right now is amazing and something we should all be proud of. I definitely think the quality of construction you guys are getting is a little better than other cities.
  14. Placing this in the proper thread Let's count. These are for tower cranes, not boom cranes. Uptown: Marriott - 1 crane, 2LU - 1 crane, 3LU - 1 crane, FNB - 1 crane, Fed Courthouse - 2 cranes, 500 W Trade - 2 cranes, Intercontinental - 1 crane, Ellis - 3 cranes. 12 cranes total Southend: Broadstone - 1 crane, Spectrum - 2 cranes, Lowes - 1 crane. 4 cranes total Midtown - Novant - 1 crane, CPCC - 2 cranes, Pappas - 1 crane 4 cranes total Optimist Park - Ulta Purl - 1 crane South Park - Apex - 2 cranes University City - Marriott - 1 crane Park Road - 1 crane So far that's 25 cranes around town. Where are some others? Montford? Ballantyne? Airport? I'm sure there's a few more scattered around.
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