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  1. Also note that the NCDOT ADT numbers are from 2020 which would be skewed due to COVID. If you zoom in you can click on the dots and look at the previous years. For example, I-77 North of 277 had an ADT of 181k in 2016.
  2. There's a number of reasons for not including a curb. The one I run into a lot is due to stormwater regulations. Sometimes the City's stormwater administrator will prefer ditches as a better means to control stormwater runoff as it's cheaper to maintain and allows water to naturally filter through the ground. Now I always prefer curbing because of aesthetics but if our stormwater administrator prefers ditches I usually go along with his recommendation.
  3. It's more than 5' off the back of curb, the construction fence blocks most of the sidewalk in that picture. However, on the 6th street side you have a section of sidewalk that's 6' wide. It's always been that way but the City is installing separated bike lanes here with a raised curb so you'll have plenty of separation from traffic.
  4. I'm not going to lie, I was very close to booking a flight but I'll already be out of town that week .
  5. You can thank the property owners for that. If the property was in other hands it would most certainly be developed.
  6. What probably happened was the development passed the threshold for stormwater requirements and now must include some type of device for stormwater retention. A retention pond is one option however there are also underground retention devices that can be used. I'm sure the developer is fighting back because this can be expensive and is saying the City is requiring a retention pond because they know it will cause more of a reaction with the media than saying their development must include a stormwater device. Also note that stormwater requirements are passed down from the state, this is not Greensboro throwing up hurdles just because they want to. Source: I'm a City Planner (not with Greensboro) and work directly with our stormwater administrator.
  7. They'll be fine, they have a ton of office development going up as well. Amazon, Pinnacle, Oracle are investing heavily in Nashville along with many other companies.
  8. Saw this on jasonthomasclt Instagram this morning. 130,000 SF, 8 story office building behind Optimist Hall. Looks pretty good.
  9. The elevation you see there is elevation at sea level. Take that and subtract it from the floor elevation at sea level and you'll get your height. The residential tower looks to be around 340', the office tower looks to be around 307'.
  10. Not the first but one of the first. Kannapolis approved on last month, Lexington is currently working on one as well.
  11. According to the Journal it will start delivering in 2024 with full completion around 2027.
  12. Nice, any other information available? Height, number of units, retail, office square footage, time frame?
  13. Yes, I know they're still working on the deck. Sorry for the confusion, I should have been more clear in my original post.
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