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  1. jtmonk

    Atherton Mill Redevelopment

    That's just mean, don't tease us like that.
  2. Wonder if they'll use the same crane for LU2? All you have to do is take the crane down, move it 100+ feet over and reassemble it.
  3. jtmonk

    Misc. Uptown Projects/News

    I think the "overly dramatic" reaction comes from how you present some of your arguments on these threads. For example, you stated the aquatic center is "the biggest waste uptown" that has "no components that benefit too much of anybody." I know you don't mean to offend anyone but for the number of people who do use that place your statement comes off as offensive. You're basically saying that not only is the aquatic center a waste of space but that the service it provides is a waste too and the people who use it are not important (again, i know you don't actually mean that but some people may read it that way). Also remember that sometimes things get lost in translation on these forums and people may take something you say the wrong way, when that happens just try to reiterate your original point in a different way. Now regarding the aquatic center, I actually agree with you that the current set up isn't ideal for Uptown. When the current aquatic center was built there wasn't much emphases at the time on good urban form and development on that side of town was nowhere what it is today. Give it some time and I'm sure that the aquatic center will be redeveloped, hopefully with the aquatic center staying there but with better urban form and maybe a few other uses introduced in that location. I would also like to say welcome to UP @j-man. It's always nice to have new people contribute to the forum and to hear their ideas.
  4. jtmonk

    Dimensional Place (Common Market South End site)

    Charlotte does have character and does have a sense of place. It may not be well known to some and it may not be up to some peoples "standards" but Charlotte is a great place with plenty of things to distinguish it from other places (aviation museum, Carowinds, whitewater center, awesome breweries, finance, NASCAR, etc.). What Charlotte needs to keep doing is to build on what it has. It irritates me when people complain about the lack of this or the lack of that and then suggest that we copy something that another city has. And who cares if there are people out there that don't know the difference in Charlotte, Charleston, and Charlottesville. There are plenty of people out there who do the same with Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus or Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Indianapolis, etc. Now lets get back to topic and take the rest of this conversation to the coffeehouse.
  5. I was only born in 85 but many of these street closures lasted through the 2000's, I believe Raleigh just converted Fayetteville Street back to vehicular traffic in 2006 with great success in revitalizing their downtown. I'm a City Planner and remember in college learning about pedestrian malls/street closures and the uphill battles they faced. Unfortunately most of them fail. There are a lot of pieces that have to fall in place in order for these to work and I just do not think Trade Street has them yet. One other thing to consider are the hotels that have pick up and drop off on Trade Street in Uptown. It will take a lot of money to reconfigure these hotels to have their pick up/drop off areas moved, if that's even possible from an engineering/structural standpoint. As for your counter points , I agree with them to an extent. I think there's room for some sort of dedicated greenway/bike path on parts of Trade Street and think its better than taking a lane from 5th/6th street. However, I think this can be accomplished without closing the street down to vehicles.
  6. Not a fan of closing down Trade. Remember in the 70's and 80's when cities closed down a main street basically killing off commercial and pedestrian activity in these areas? Ask Raleigh or Winston or a number of other cities throughout the US how that turn out. Yes, there are examples where this worked. However, these places have: 1) a large university at or near the closed street; 2) located in an area of high tourism; 3) a built environment that already encourages pedestrian activity; plus numerous other variables. Unfortunately, Trade Street doesn't have this. Even with the Gold Line, there isn't a sufficient amount of activity along many parts of Trade that would make this work. Now if Trade Street had a number of turn of the century buildings with retail, commercial and residential uses then yeah, maybe it would work, but unfortunately we don't have that. The best bet for CATS is to synchronize the lights on Trade to better accommodate the Street Car.
  7. jtmonk

    Charlotte Weather

    I had about 14" at my house
  8. jtmonk

    Richmond International Airport

    That number you looked at is just for boardings, not total passengers. When taking total passenger in account RDU actually served over 11 million passengers . All the top 50 airports severed over 8 million passengers. I do think RIC bleeds a lot of passengers to Dulles and National, once RIC gets some flights out west plus some added frequencies to popular destinations, I think you guys could easily reach the 5 or 6 million mark, still out of the top 50 though.
  9. jtmonk

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    Any time frame of this?
  10. jtmonk

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I agree with RDF, depending on how they handle the details it could be nice. It's not going to win any awards, but nice. And I'll take this over any 6 story stucco and hardie board building going up. Also wish it was just a little bit taller, I mean give me an extra couple of floors and let it stand out a little bit.
  11. Pretty evening today
  12. Can we get someone here to clean this thread up, it's a crap show and really taking away from why I come to this site.
  13. jtmonk

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    This probably isn't public right of way, that's why they could do it here and not anywhere else in the City without obtaining a variance or approval.
  14. jtmonk

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I know that sounds expensive but we still do not know the whole scope of work here correct? To say it's just some precast concrete and some railroad crossing gates is incorrect. First, I'm sure the 10 year design is outdated and needs to be modified to meet current codes, it's not cheap to draw and update engineering drawings. Second, it's not just "three days of labor". This will take weeks , if not months to complete and test and labor isn't cheap (look at how long its taking them to fix the light rail where the tree had fallen down). Third, as stated earlier, what is the full scope of work here? I need to know a little bit more information about his project before getting upset and stating that people are lining their pockets with some of the money. Just to give an example of outrageous cost. The City I work for is redeveloping one of the town squares in our Uptown area. This square is only about 65' by 75' with some grass, trees and a little bit of concrete. All that we are doing is taking down some trees, putting in a water feature, and adding some landscaping/hardscaping. The engineering drawings alone cost $25,000. The whole scope of work will be $1.5 million. We have people saying the same thing you guys are "you're lining you pockets with this", "how can this cost so much", etc. I can assure you we are not lining our pockets. We have to keep detailed documents showing where the money is going and I'm sure that the City of Charlotte has to do the same with this project. Ask anyone in construction and/or government work, things are not cheap so please wait to pass judgement until we know a little more about this project.
  15. jtmonk

    Durham City Center Tower

    Really? So these facades are not original? Just looked back at google earth and you're right, they took down the original facades around 2015. Very impressive.