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  1. I'm down for either depending on the day and time.
  2. Just an FYI to anyone from the Lexington area. FNB plans to demolish the 5 story glass building in downtown Lexington and replace it with a small, 4800 SF addition with 4 drivethru bays. There's very little the City can do to save the building but if enough people call into the City and FNB to voice their concerns maybe we can get a better development than what is proposed. Please call the City's managers office and voice you concerns. If they direct you to Business and Community Development say no, i want the managers office to know how disappointing this is. Please also contact the Mayor and City Council. Thank you.
  3. @RALNATIVE Thank you for the pictures. Wish we had more Raleigh people on this forum to give us updates and pictures, there's so much going on in the area. Keep up the good work.
  4. Think I might order one for myself! Also, makes me want Alexander Michael's real bad.
  5. I'm currently at the Barcelona Airport waiting on my flight back to JFK and this places is a ghost town.
  6. Why post the same thing in two threads? We don't need two threads talking about this.
  7. jtmonk


    Another crane is up in Ballantyne, this time for the 14 story mixed use building.
  8. Hey everyone, can we please try to keep things civil and stop name calling. We may not all share the same views but we can at least be respectful to each other. And if someone does say something disrespectful to you the best thing to do is ignore it, there's no need to respond.
  9. They're not unraveling, they just have a dysfunctional mayor at the moment. Nashville is on a roll right now and even their crazy mayor cant slow it down that much, I'm sure they work things out and I hope they do. They would be a great rival for Charlotte's soccer team.
  10. Always appreciate the shout out @KJHburg
  11. @ricky_davis_fan_21 posted this on another thread showing a depiction of what SouthEnd could look like in the coming years. Really gives you a good prospective of what is being built and proposed in SouthEnd and shows a couple projects we might not know about yet. Lets speculate what they might be. Looks like there's a decent size building to the left of the Railyard that hasn't been mentioned plus something around South Blvd and Kingston ave maybe? RDF is there any info you can divulge besides this picture?
  12. Yes, now that everyone seems to understand what the other was saying, lets talk about that diagram. Are there hints in there to developments that we do not know about? I post this question in the SouthEnd thread so that we can keep things on topic.
  13. Does anyone know what kind of retail this project might have and if any office tenants have been interested? My buddy lives directly behind this property and was asking if I new anything. I figured if anyone knew anything it would be you guys. Thanks.
  14. Lowe's/Childress Klein, Portman SouthEnd, and the square? or are you counting the Hawk?
  15. One little correction. One of the reasons Charlotte used these old heritage trolleys in the early 2000's was to get people interested in rail transit before building their light rail, their light rail now stretches 20 miles. Afterwards the City used the heritage trolleys on a 1.5 mile starter line which is now being expanded to 4 miles and will use modern streetcars like Atlanta. While I agree they are a little gimmicky and not really the best for rapid transit use, they did do a great job in introducing the City to rail transit.
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