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  1. 2007 and 2019. Big difference
  2. One silver lining to the hospital taking over this development is that it may give us hope for East Blvd. I know a few years ago the hospital was purchasing properties left and right along East Blvd for future expansion. It would be great if the hospital would concentrate on developing more in Midtown and let East Blvd develop more retail and residential options.
  3. I think we can all agree that parking is needed for hospitals, especially convenient parking for patients. I also think we can all agree that parking decks can be eye sores and should be designed in a way to be hidden or at least encourage more activity at street level. At least for this parking deck, they did leave space fronting Queens Road so maybe something such as retail can be built there in the not so distant future.
  4. I think it's all relative to where you are flying out of too. If you are using the DC area as your starting point then you are going to find that connecting in CLT is going to be cheaper than most other AA hubs. But if your starting point is Detroit or some other airport not in close proximity to CLT then you will find the opposite is true, it cost $289 to connect at DFW from DTW but cost $696 to connect at CLT. Now this is all relative to times and dates too, i'm sure we're looking at different times and dates. I'll also point out that if you are originating in CLT and flying direct to AUS or CUN, the flights cost more than connecting, so rest assured CLT isn't as low yielding as some might think.
  5. Thanks again for pointing this out, I'll take my family down to try the place out. We actually have had a few people from the Charlotte area come to our restaurant and work in the pits for a few days to learn how to smoke BBQ before opening their own restaurants. It's always a pleasure seeing new BBQ restaurants open up in the area, especially when they want to cook the old fashion way using real pits and wood to smoke the BBQ.
  6. Wow, so by looking at the article they want to build a 32 story building on North Smith Street, on a portion of the block bounded by smith, 10th and Graham Streets in Fourth Ward. The site is behind Garrison at Graham Lofts. As stated in the article "an elevation depicts several levels of structured parking serving as a podium to the tower with the residence, with the amenity floor on top of the parking." Would be pleasantly surprised if this happens but highly doubt it.
  7. jtmonk

    One Glenwood

    By looking at his picture I would assume that it refers to a po boy sandwich. Might want to give a little more thought before posting, it's easy to take things out of context on these forums.
  8. I don't think shutting down those ramps is a good idea. Yes, it may help alleviate some traffic but at the expense of those who live in NC, mainly off those exits and pay NC taxes to maintain and expand 77 all the while benefiting people in SC who do not pay these same taxes. I believe that after 77 is widen as planed, along with a mix of express buses and the blue line, there should be plenty of options for those people who live in SC to make it to Uptown. No, I do not believe it is not going to become too painful and employers are not going to find it difficult to hire people for all the jobs located in Uptown. All major, fast growing cities have traffic issues, many worse than Charlotte, and employers continue to build and add jobs in those downtowns.
  9. Yes, they know they wield such power. And yes, we make recommendations to them as well. There is always dialogue between staff and the Mayor and City Council. But then things get political and that is where many things get lost. For instance, staff presents a text amendment to City Council for increased design standards for apartment building that states "EFIS and hardie board are no long allowed on new apartment buildings in the City". We give our reasoning for this amendment and everyone seems to be on board until affordable housing is brought up. It is mentioned that this requirement will lead to higher construction cost therefore higher rent. Studies are provided to back this up and now staff cannot get a majority vote to adopt the text amendment. This is just a very shortened hypothetical situation but it gives you an idea of what we deal with.
  10. Do not blame City Planners!! The blame should be placed on developers and those who hold office such as City Council, Mayor, State Senate, etc. As a City Planner myself, there's nothing more I would love to do than take these proposed developments that are submitted and change them drastically. Unfortunately, City Planners are bound by local, state and federal laws. If a development meets the development standards laid out in our ordinance then I have to sign off on the development. I can make recommendations, but the developer is not required to make changes based off my recommendations. If you want better development standards then tell your City Council Member and the Mayor. Also vote in state elections because the people in Raleigh have a lot of say in what we can and cannot regulate. So let me state this again because I see many people mention this often, DO NOT BLAME CITY PLANNERS! Thank you.
  11. Sec. 3-102. - City permits. Required. It shall be unlawful for any person to own, keep, have, or maintain any equine animals, cloven-hoofed animals or other livestock or any chickens, turkeys, ducks, guineas, geese, pheasants, pigeons or other domestic fowl in the city without first receiving from the bureau a permit to do so or to continue to have any of such animals or fowl after a permit has been denied. This section shall not apply to, and no permit shall be required for, any agricultural operation within G.S. 106-700, which pertains to nuisance liability of agricultural operation, or to any rabbit that is kept exclusively inside its owner's residence. The permit shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance and shall be renewed annually. The annual fee for such permit shall be $40.00 per household. The application shall list all such animals and fowl on the premises. Before a permit is issued an employee of the bureau shall inspect the premises to determine if the keeping of the animals or fowl on the premises will endanger or is likely to endanger the health, safety, peace, quiet, comfort, enjoyment of or otherwise become a public nuisance to nearby residents or occupants or places of business. Denial. When a permit is denied for any reason, the applicant shall be given a written explanation of the reason for denial. Compliance required prior to issuance. An owner or possessor of such animals or fowl shall comply with the following applicable subsections before a permit is issued. Compliance with the following applicable subsections will create a rebuttable presumption that a permit shall be issued. That presumption may only be rebutted by specific findings supported by competent evidence that, despite compliance with the following, the presence of such animals or fowl is still likely to endanger the health, safety, peace, quiet, comfort, enjoyment of or otherwise become a public nuisance to nearby residents or occupants or places of business: Fowl and other specifically identified animals. The keeping of chickens, turkeys, ducks, guineas, geese, pheasants or other domestic fowl or rabbits shall be in compliance with the following: Such animals must be confined in a coop, fowl house or rabbit hutch not less than 18 inches in height. The fowl must be kept within the coop or fowl house and the rabbits in the hutch at all times. The coop or fowl house must be used for fowl only and the hutch for rabbits only, and both must be well ventilated. The coop, fowl house or hutch shall have a minimum of four square feet of floor area for each fowl or rabbit. The run must be well drained so there is no accumulation of moisture. The coop, fowl house or hutch shall be kept clean, sanitary and free from accumulation of animal excrement and objectionable odors. It shall be cleaned daily, and all droppings and body excretion shall be placed in a flyproof container and double-bagged in plastic bags. The coop, fowl house or hutch shall be a minimum of 25 feet from any property line. No more than 20 such fowl or rabbits shall be kept or maintained per acre. The number of fowl or rabbits should be proportionate to the acreage.
  12. All they're doing it testing the lighting. They did the same thing at DEC and 300 South Tryon when they were wrapping up construction. Chill people!!
  13. I don't believe that NC law requires this, all the general statute does is give municipalities and counties the option to require landscaping.
  14. Looks like the lights are just above the door that leads out to that area. I would assume they didn't want the lights any lower where people could potentially be blinded by them and/or interfere with the lights.
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