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  1. InitialD, Thank you for all your recent pics, they are great!
  2. Not to get too far off topic but has Macy's actually opened any new from the ground up stores in NC or are all of them still former Hechts?
  3. Pretty soon Cary will have Wegmans, Publix, Harris Teeter, Kroger, Lowes Foods and Food Lion.....I have a feeling there will be a grocery store falling out going on in the area shortly, that's a lot of chains for one town.
  4. I like the new look but it looks kinda modern for Asheville...is any1 putting up a fuss about it?
  5. I could see this stalling in the slightly more moderate House....or if it passes hopefully the Wake County GOP reps would side with the Democrats on this issue as they have in the past so that if it reaches McCrory's desk and he vetoes it (I'm assuming he'd be mad and veto the bill that unravels the deal he helped craft) there won't be enough votes to override the veto so the deal stays....
  6. I remember thinking about how dilapidated that parking deck looked when I'd occasionally park on the lower level of it when going to class at CFCC like 15 years ago....anything is better than what is there now!
  7. Oh look, what a huge suprise....and I'm sure the timing of the Dem takeover of the board after the 2014 elections is just a coincidence...of course this bill would have still been introduced had the GOP kept their majority on the board... lol who didn't see this one coming? http://www.wral.com/gop-bill-to-expand-wake-county-board-of-commissioners-rankles-dems/14491211/ I can't imagine how a Republican retakeover of the board in a few years could benefit regional transit, although to be honest the way Wake County is trending in a few cycles it will be difficult for the legislature to dr
  8. Who else is just waiting for the Republican Legislative Majority to do like they did in Buncombe and Guilford Counties (not to mention the Wake School Board) as a result of the new Democratic majority and make it so Commisioners are no longer elected county wide but by district only....aside from 1 or 2 highly gerrymandered "regional districts"? I don't trust the GOP majority....especially in a non election year....remember what happened in 2013? *shudders*
  9. I know Elkins closed several years back (a bit nostalgic about that one b/c my Grandparents always used to buy their K-cars there lol)....so when this one moves will that leave University Ford as the last dealership downtown? Or has University Ford already moved?
  10. Sears is closing it's Cary Town Center store: http://www.wral.com/sears-in-cary-to-close-in-january/14084685/ Is this a start of a mall exodus or just isolated to Sears losing money at CTC? I can't imagine a traditional department store anchor filling the spot once Sears vacates...I wonder how long it will take to fill the space and what type of store will replace Sears...
  11. I recall reading that when the General Assembly tried to cancel the lease agreement Raleigh had set up w/ Perdue all of the Wake County reps (Democrats and Republicans) voted against cancelling the lease, (the House was the one that said "give them time to renegotiate"). According to an article I found ( http://www.thedigitalcourier.com/x145783666/NC-Senate-OKs-redoing-Dix-lease-for-park) 4 Republican Senators sided w/ the 17 Democratic Senators which actually made it so that if the House had agreed to outright cancelling the lease agreement there would not have been a veto proof majority, had
  12. IMO Raleigh should buy some vacant land or office buildings for DHHS somewhere in town so the state can't keep saying "We need 25-60 acres in the center of the future park for offices"...I can't picture the state not being ok w/ that unless there are some ulterior motives going on...
  13. ^It will probably cast a shadow over a tree or something...u know Betty Lou from Smithfield can't have that!!!
  14. ^I thought Mast General Stores mainly went into touristy downtowns...I haven't been to downtown Winston Salem in years and years (aside from driving by on the highway)...is downtown Winston touristy now? I recall Old Salem being near downtown, is it going in around there? Perhaps this is a sign of Mast expanding to the urban cities instead of just vacation destinations. It could be cool if they expanded into say downtown Charlotte (sorry I meant uptown LOL) or Raleigh...hmmm...
  15. ^I know I don't even want to think about the old pics b/c it almost breaks my heart to see what we are actually getting compared to what was originally proposed
  16. I guess the real question to ask is, once Belk leaves and more than likely causes a mass exodus at Four Seasons will Friendly Center be able to expand/absorb many of those locations leaving the mall? Or are many chains located at Four Seasons already located at Friendly Center? (I'm in Cary now so I rarely get out to the Triad anymore) Is there room (adjacent vacant land perhaps) for the Dillard's and Penney's to eventually relocate from Four Seasons to Friendly Center? It's not too far fetched to envision Friendly Center being "the mall" in Greensboro in a few years at the rate Four Seasons i
  17. It's called 5 points b/c 5 points sounds trendier than 6 points ;-p
  18. I think that the saving grace for CTC has been that none of the mall's 5 department store anchors have closed. IMO once they start leaving (and you know it will happen eventually even if stores just move to another location) drastic action will have to be taken on the property....until then the mall will likely continue on in it's present fashion...I must admit that I do live in Cary and even though I've lived right down the road from the mall for going on 3 years I've only been inside it once....b/c it's just so bleh. I do like my little corner of Cary within the Maynard loop. It's actual
  19. ^I do miss Winn Dixie's meat dept....they didn't call them "The Beef People" for nothin! Oh and of course I used to be fascinated by the lobster tank as a child....but I digress, obviously Winn Dixie is never coming back to the Carolinas (and probably for the best b/c by the time they left in 2005 most locations were pretty much like older Food Lions)...
  20. Since the Hill building in Durham has been mentioned I thought I'd post a semi recent pic of it (around this past Christmas). The tower is currently in the process of being renovated...it looks much better w/o it's Suntrust/CCB "hat" although I still wish it had more of an elaborate crown... I've always thought the Reynolds building was beautiful. Downtown Winston Salem seems to have an impressive downtown for a city of it's size...
  21. I've heard that Publix is in the Harris Teeter price range (which means a bit on the expensive side for most items but has pretty good sales to help offset if you are so inclined) but does not double coupons in the Carolinas. To me that would put them at a disadvantage...especially in the Triangle where both Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods are a bit on the pricey side but double coupons w/ a face value of up to 99 cents every day....not to mention having Super Double (up to $2 face value) and Triple Coupon (Harris Teeter) events every few weeks. The only stores around here that don't double coup
  22. I must admit I was skeptical b/c there have been so many No-Go towers proposed since the big blue building was built but I'm very exciting about this tower! I think it will be a nice addition to downtown.
  23. I just can't imagine this grand central park that would be a tourist attraction for not only the city but the region having 64 acres worth of state administrative office buildings sitting right in the middle of it....
  24. Looks like University Mall finally managed to push Roses out of it's 40 year old home. As the mall has been upscaling itself over the last few years the Roses certainly did not fit into their new image. Once the store closes in June Chapel Hill will no longer have any department stores (Roses is considered a discount dept store) as Dillards also closed a few months ago... http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/04/02/3752642/roses-chapel-hills-last-department.html?sp=/99/104/
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