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  1. Looks like the downtown Grand Rapids small-size concept isn't the only small-size concept Meijer is working on, one will be included in an upcoming apartment development in downtown Detroit as well. New Meijer store, 200-plus apartments planned for East Jefferson in Detroit
  2. Meanwhile, the Southgate Meijer renovation has officially been concluded. The grand reopening was a pretty neat experience. There were plenty of activities to do, a lot more lines were open than normal and there were even personalities from a local radio station. The Southgate Meijer is now all-out ready to go one-on-one with a forthcoming Kroger Marketplace that continues taking shape right across Fort Street in the former Super Kmart building.
  3. The Northville Meijer (Haggerty and 8 Mile) also has those types of glass entrance structures, as does the Meijer along US 127 on the east side of Jackson. They are original to both stores and both stores also once featured similarly-curved structures connecting the entrances, but that section was taken out and replaced with an arch in late-90's renovations to those stores.
  4. Aren't they also supposed to open a small-format store in Detroit near the Little Caesar's Arena as well?
  5. Interesting how they still have the old 3D style of interior maps, they stopped doing that ten years ago if I recall correctly and replaced with a flat 2D style with fewer colors like that Ludington layout map you posted at the bottom of the previous page. There is a Meijer in Noblesville, Indiana (suburban Indianapolis) that too still has 3D-styled interior layout maps.
  6. From looking at photos posted on Google Maps' listing for this store, the layout remains the same as of this year.
  7. The renovation of the Southgate store has begun. Floor tile will be removed from the general merchandise area tonight. Expect lots of headaches through August!
  8. That stored opened in 2000 and it's green grocery signs/teal checkout number signs/village-inspired general merchandise signs (including one that has the old MEIJER logo!) are all original to that store. There is a same-vintage store near Bay City that was renovated last year and I believe there is also a same-vintage store in Indiana near the I-69/Toll Road interchange that also still has the same green grocery signs/teal checkout number signs/village-inspired general merchandise signs it had when it opened in 2000. While we're on the topic of stores that should need a renovation soon, there's a Meijer in Bowling Green, Ohio that hasn't been touched inside since it opened in 1999! Despite receiving the current logos and even a repaint of the bands and gable roofs from red to blue, it still has the same red grocery signs/teal checkout number signs/teal general merchandise signs it had when it opened. At that condition, it would also be placed in the major overhaul category.
  9. So by August we should create a log thread here in this section for the Alpine Avenue Meijer renovation project like the one that was made for it's most recent renovation in 2006-07... August also happens to be the month when the Southgate Meijer renovation wraps up, but I've already created a log thread for that store, but it may almost be entirely me, since the Detroit section is otherwise dead despite all the ongoing or proposed projects going on there. Anyways, let's hope Tamais will be back on this forum by August too, as he lives not far from the Alpine Avenue Meijer and provided major contributions to the 2006-07 log thread.
  10. Well, shall we create a log thread for that location's renovation similar to the thread that was made to log the 2006-07 renovation?
  11. Back in July I decided to spend a couple days at my cottage in southern Ogemaw County (yes, I'm still yearning for the day that Meijer opens a store in West Branch) and directly adjacent to my route was one active Meijer store and the empty lot that once contained another. Here's the first one. Store Number: 185 Address: 800 Brown Road, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326 Phone Number: (248) 393-5100 (always had this number) Opening Date: August 27, 2000 In-Store Tenants: Great Clips, Bellacino's Pizza & Grinders, Huntington Bank 215,591 Square Feet This store opened across I-75 from Great Lakes Crossing almost two years after the mall itself opened. It's market reach covers northern Auburn Hills as far as Oakland University, far northern Pontiac, Lake Angelus, the southern three-fourths of Orion Township, the southwest corner of Oakland Township, the far northwest corner of Rochester Hills, the far northeast corner of Waterford Township and the southeast corner of Independence Township, previously split up between the Waterford and Rochester Road stores. This is also the closest Fred to the Palace of Auburn Hills, which is the current home of the Pistons (of which Fred is one of the major sponsors) until the end of the current NBA season (2016-17) and thus has hosted many Pistons community events over the years. It was among the few Meijer stores built with the first (and my favorite of the three) Village Square architectural design prototype, which was short-lived due to it's shear construction costs. It's only renovation occurred around 2009 and resulted in it's current interior layout. Apologies for the poor shot, this was the best one I have. The fake storefronts which give the Village Square design it's name are distinctly visible here. And here's the Meijer that no longer exists: Store Number: 28 Address: 4333 West Pierson Road, Flint, Michigan 48504 Phone Number: (810) 732-3100 (1993-2015, originally (313) 732-3100) Opening Date: October 3, 1972 Closing Date: May 19, 2015 232,235 Square Feet This was the first Meijer store in Genesee County and featured a balcony like other early Meijer supercenters. It's last renovation was sometime in the 1990's, but I am certain that it wasn't this store's first renovation. In later years, shoplifting was a major problem, partially due to the high crime in the neighborhoods only a mile east, this was ulitmately the impetus for Meijer's decision to shutter the store completely in 2015. The photos I took looking towards the site had trees blocking the entire view, so here's a Google Street View of the store pre-closure.
  12. If anyone wants to keep tabs of the Southgate renovation I have created this thread in the Detroit section plus a Facebook group. From what a cashier told me when I went to that store a couple days ago it's supposed to start sometime in March. Expect a Sketchup rendering of how this renovation will likely turn out much in the vein of tamais6's renderings...
  13. Time to do this again... Openings and renovations for 2017 New store openings Indiana Franklin McCordsville Michigan Escanaba Sault Ste. Marie Wisconsin Greenfield Howard West Bend Existing store renovations Each store will have white-and-tan interiors with signs in Roland and will more than likely be an Eyebrow Type C design once their renovation is complete, so their current exterior designs are included. Illinois Algonquin (opened 2001, Village Square Type A) Bloomingdale (opened 2005, Signature Series Type B) McHenry (opened 2002, Village Square Type C) Indiana Goshen (opened 1995, Indiana Whimsical Pineapple) Indianapolis 96th Street (opened 1997, Presidential Type A) Jeffersonville (opened 1999, Presidential Type B) Richmond (opened 2000, Village Square Type B) South Bend (opened 1994, Indiana Whimsical Pineapple) Kentucky Louisville Dixie Highway (opened 1998, Presidential Type A) Louisville Westport Road (opened 1998, Presidential Type A) Michigan Algoma Township (opened 2004, Signature Series Type A) Commerce Township (opened 1992, Solarium-Style Glazing Window Wall, Light Brown Brick) Mount Pleasant (opened 1990, Solarium-Style Glazing Window Wall, Light Brown Brick) Northville (opened 1985, modified Curved Glass I with arch facade) Southgate (opened 1994, Indiana Whimsical Pineapple) Ohio Cincinnati Marburg Avenue (opened 2003, Village Square Type C) Columbus Hillard-Rome Road (opened 1992, Solarium-Style Glazing Window Wall, Light Brown Brick) Eastgate (opened 1996, Southport) Grove City (opened 2008, Eyebrows Type B) Rossford (opened 2004, Signature Series Type A) West Chester (opened 1996, Southport) Navigating through the Southgate store as it undergoes a change from Franklin Gothic to Roland signs sure would be fun (plus they already repainted the exterior in November), but it'll be interesting to see if they can fit the "WELCOME TO YOUR SOUTHGATE STORE" sign above the interior entrance doors (as it's glass from the doors to the ceiling), expect photos too...
  14. How many Meijer stores with red bands and roofs on the exterior are left in 2017 that haven't yet been repainted into blue? I know the Fraser store (remodeled into an Indiana Pineapple in 1994 after it's short-lived stint as a Sourceclub) still has it's red exterior.
  15. The Southgate store has been repainted as well. This store must've been done sometime between the 6th and the 16th of this month as when I went there on the 6th everything on this building that's blue was still red and when I went on the 16th it had been repainted and I decided to take this pic. However when I went on the 6th the Fort Street sign and the gas station had already been repainted and I managed to pass the Trenton Road sign as it was being repainted.
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