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  1. Looks like the downtown Grand Rapids small-size concept isn't the only small-size concept Meijer is working on, one will be included in an upcoming apartment development in downtown Detroit as well. New Meijer store, 200-plus apartments planned for East Jefferson in Detroit
  2. Meanwhile, the Southgate Meijer renovation has officially been concluded. The grand reopening was a pretty neat experience. There were plenty of activities to do, a lot more lines were open than normal and there were even personalities from a local radio station. The Southgate Meijer is now all-out ready to go one-on-one with a forthcoming Kroger Marketplace that continues taking shape right across Fort Street in the former Super Kmart building.
  3. Final update as of August 6th, day 147 (and the final day) of the renovation: The grand reopening was a pretty neat experience. There were plenty of activities to do, a lot more lines were open than normal and there were even personalities from radio station WRIF. The Southgate Meijer is now all-out ready to go one-on-one with a forthcoming Kroger Marketplace that continues taking shape right across Fort Street in the former Super Kmart building. But on a sad note, this post is also an official indicator that no further replies will be made in this thread, but it will be kept
  4. Finishing updates as of July 14th, day 124 of the renovation: The only update really is that the new checkout belts are finally being added. So far it's been done up to lane 14. This also means that lane 12 is back! There are two notes though: 1. The full-size "self-scan" lanes have registers, is this a sign of things to come? 2. The new flooring already is starting to look worn and in some parts inconsistent, for example near the east end of some grocery aisles you can clearly see where the
  5. Finishing updates as of July 9th, day 119 of the renovation. The only change from the last update is that the work in the produce area is completed. However, the new lane 14 sign now has a couple of express stickers from one of the old lane signs affixed to it for some reason! Additionally, the old lanes are still there, there is still no new lane 12 and the two departments that still had temporary signs last time I visited still have temporary signs. And finally, the very bottom of the wall facing produc
  6. Finishing updates as of June 30th, day 110 of the renovation: Starting outside, the pharmacy sign over the window that dated back to the 1994 opening was removed and replaced with a version in a different lower-case font. The cart corral and parking lot zone signs have also been replaced. Now let's go inside. New directional, department and grocery aisle signs have gone up. Only two departments (sporting goods and hardware, apparently renamed "do it yourself") had yet to receive permanent signs during my visit. The directional and grocery signs are white
  7. Update as of June 23rd, day 103 of the renovation: With the number of days passed since this renovation began now officially in the triple digits and with less than a month to go before the grand reopening, a lot has been done as this renovation starts wrapping up. First, all of the new checkouts are in, except lane 12 for some reason, but including new self-scan lanes 33 and 34 that haven't yet received their signs. New large beige-and-wood structures have appeared in the clothing area, most likely dress
  8. Update as of June 12th, day 92 of the renovation: The temporary pharmacy is being demolished and old lanes 17-24 have been removed along with their floor being torn into bare concrete. There was also some work going on in produce as well as the floor being torn into bare concrete at the west end of aisle 9 as well as in the dairy alcove seeping into aisle 15.
  9. Update as of June 11th, day 91 of the renovation: New lanes 9-16 have been put up, so that leaves just old lanes 17-32. The new pharmacy is now open though the temporary pharmacy is still standing. In the grocery section aisles 11-15 have been extended and aisles 9-10 are currently being extended. Aisles 1-2 (frozen foods) have been partially extended as well.
  10. Update as of June 5th, day 85 of the renovation: All renovation projects have that stage where everything starts to look chaotic with all sorts of things moved to random places and all sorts of unusual things start showing up on the floor. Well folks, this renovation has now officially reached this stage. Starting out at the front, the checkout configuration is now as follows, west-to-east: new lanes 1-8, a large gap, then old lanes 17-32. Next, I noticed what looks like a shelving unit diagram drawn onto
  11. Update as of May 26th, day 75 of the renovation: Work has ended in that one corner of the garden center and it was actually to finally repaint that last bit of exterior red band. Clothing sections are continuing their move to their new locations as the new fake hardwood flooring is laid. These green things have been popping up over much of the GM section, new lighting perhaps? The new canopies marking the locations of the food counters have gone up. Meat/seafood are black, produce dark green, bakery burgundy and deli dark blue. Also noted is the new location of the gre
  12. Update as of May 25th, day 74 of the renovation: Fake wood graphics have been applied to the entire wall of the bakery island as well as along the wall from the deli west and then north to just past the meat counter. Some boxes were seen in the pet are near where the tanks used to be. Finally new flooring is being applied to the northwest corner of the home section and new fake hardwood flooring (that's darker than the one that was in place) is being applied in the clothing area.
  13. Update as of May 22nd, day 71 of the renovation: The new clothing area is taking shape. Floral has moved to across from groceries but still along the south actionway. The renovated bottle room area is now open for business. 95% of the GM section on the north side of the north actionway is complete and the TVs in the new electronics section have been turned on. Finally a dedicated clearance section has been set up where the books used to be located.
  14. Update as of May 17th, day 66 of the renovation: It appears that the new pharmacy window is underway as there is construction activity at the southwest corner of the garden center. New lighting is up over the north actionway and what looks like it is up over the south actionway too.
  15. Update as of May 13th, day 62 of the renovation: Entering the second month of renovations we start with the pharmacy drive-up window which is now closed through mid-June. Construction curtains have gone up at the old pharmacy location, a few days ago there was a major drainage problem that required removing some of the already-laid new flooring. Hopefully that is the only setback in this otherwise smooth-going renovation. A small section of flooring in the pet area is about to have it's flooring removed as that department now undergoe
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