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  1. Solid piece of infill development imo. At the end of the day a 300' tower in a major city is not typically intended to wow and impress with cutting edge architecture. These are typically more "safe" developments and I'm looking forward to the aesthetic diversity this will bring to that area of the urban core. Very pleased that it is not a bland box without accents (which would be the most efficient and economical so be thankful for that). Seems many folks have some very high bars set for such infill, but then again we are urban development nuts
  2. Looks like one of you is discussing population density figures and the other is referring to building density and vibrancy. You are both right and have valid points from what I can see.
  3. Looks like the 213 room Homewood Suites is moving through permitting now.
  4. Random interjection, but it definitely does not cost $9000 a year to own a reliable car.
  5. It plays off DEC1 really well while being different enough. It also has chamfered corners of the main floor plates just like DEC1, The glass curtain wall continues out past the chamfer on the corners, you can barely make out the small supports on the high res version. Some good subtle elements that will help set it off from your typical box and make it architecturally interesting. Plans have been filed, but nothing will typically be visible to the public online until approved and then it should become viewable/clickable. Thus, we wait.
  6. I'll throw in 660' as a guess. Looks like it has about 75' (5ish stories) of additional height from the top panels/feature. 39 stories at typical office floor height averages would net about 585' without the feature. Perspective can be hard to gauge but I'll count on my drafting days if the rendering company also did their homework and scaled it properly (many don't). I like the angled roof, and the split panels on each side breaking up an otherwise simple design. The roof panels could be really awesome or really mess with the top features end appearance. Hopefully the screening is enough to keep the underside out of view and we don't end up with a mechanical view (ie the cooling tower on 300 S. Tryon which is otherwise a stellar project). Optimistic thus far.
  7. Thanks for all the great photos @KJHburg. Those last ones are interesting as it looks like they did end up going with a smooth faced corner facade for Tryon/Stonewall with the entire remainder of the building having the grid exoskeleton. It was perplexing to me for a moment how the corners (except Tryon/Stonewall) were alternating sticking all the way out or being slightly recessed and then it clicked. I recall some questions lingering over that in the past in regards to whether the entire "backside" of the building would be completely grid or not.
  8. Looking good. I don't understand why they put it here though given the FNB development queued to start in the coming months on this property?
  9. Nice shot. Tryon Place, FNB, Intercontinental and Market 42 (maybe...) have the potential to really beef up this perspective.
  10. The height of 406' would support this hypothesis. Up from previously heard 360' and 378' figures. Hope this fleshes out that way.
  11. It's absolutely amazing what the past 10 years have done for Austin's CBD/Skyline.
  12. Thanks for all the photos and updates ATX. Looks like a great time to be an Urban Development enthusiast in Austin.
  13. Aren't these the renderings/elevations being sought below having already been posted? Just have to crayola in the colors.
  14. FYI - Additional rendering found here which also shows residential side of parking deck. http://www.trinity-partners.com/listing/1000-south-tryon/
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