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  1. Its legit. They just steal old images from from other people: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcqKok-hmHq/ That guy has some good shots of CLT in bad weather.
  2. Inishmore is the new Irish bar is replacing the Rogue on East blvd. Same people as Murphy's in uptown.
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/25/business/what-is-yield-curve-recession-prediction.html For more info
  4. Thats not the complete story. My understanding is that the city bought the land for $9.2m and sold it to pappas for $5.2m but he has to build a parking deck for light rail use when its all built out which I assume he is still on the hook for (plus the original plan also said he had to build the 80 affordable housing units). So now they are getting the parking deck and 2.3 acres instead. So they are getting something for for the $4.0m. Obviously one side of this transaction fared better but they had to give some sort of incentive to just find someone that gave them the hope of affordable housing.
  5. It has to do with selling the apartment complex. Most developers are not long term owners of the real estate (so they dont want to raise rent because as you say it takes time). They develop the project, lease it up and then sell it. In order to maximize value when they sell, they want to lease up each unit for the highest price so they can convince the next buyer that more people will lease units at that high price too. So if you can lease up 80% of the units at $2000 or 90% of the units at $1800 (so the total cash flow is slightly greater in the 90% scenario) the short term holders will choose 80% at the higher rent as the 20% that is vacant is still "worth" more if the next buyer believes that they can lease those units out. So effectively you have to balance the two. There are times when rental rates are increasing that buyers will pay more for a vacant unit than a leased one (at below market rates). If that seems counter intuitive then you dont have a bunch of others people's money you need to invest in order clip some fees off it
  6. Heard that a pediatricians office is leasing the small stand alone building behind capital towers II (the sister building to where legion is going on the other side). This space was obviously built for retail but they seem to be having a hard time filling all their retail space with retail tenants.
  7. That was my reading of the situation as well. I know
  8. Potbellys is opening a new store in piedmont town center where TCBY used to be
  9. Does anyone know where Reid's new uptown location will be? They have confirmed they are opening an uptown store and I heard they are targeting an early to mid 2018 opening. Haven't heard which building they are going to though,
  10. I was at the pasta and provisions on park road a few weeks ago and saw they have a french dip on the menu. I didnt get it but all their sandwiches are good so im sure its no different.
  11. To your number 2 point here is a portion of tax bill from the avenue And here is a portion from a tax bill from a house in dilworth The special district taxes are only a few hundred bucks, but its still there and as Spartan said it funds Center City Partners. All real estate owners are charged the tax, not just residential owners.
  12. Building across from wooden robot on winnifred (where bulldog beer and wine is located) is for sale.
  13. Heard that the next piece of this puzzle that will be officially kicked off is a residential/hotel tower combination. I dont know which pad it will be on but they are trying to get financing lined up now apparently.
  14. That didnt sound right to me so I just checked and the orlando grand bohemian is 17 floors on 0.64 acres. http://www.ocpafl.org/Searches/ParcelSearch.aspx/PID/292226593600022 Edit: Marriott says 15 floors http://www.marriott.com/hotels/fact-sheet/travel/mcoak-grand-bohemian-hotel-orlando-autograph-collection/
  15. Ha, I was referring to your first point. I have heard the same rumors going around this board with regard to who the anchor is (the bank)
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