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  1. The lighting at night is spectacular. I love this project.
  2. I cycle to work regularly right down Elliston and Church. Although there is a bike lane on church down to 40, there’s a choke point at 40 that is hard to navigate. The notion of incentivizing employees to cycle regularly would be enhanced if there was a dedicated bike lane all the way down Elliston to Centennial. This would connect Amazon via a safe bike route to The Nations, Sylvan Park (via 440 greenway), Richland West End, and all the neighborhoods that are connected by the Richland Creek Greenway around McAbe Park. In the other direction, the Commerce bike lane is a good start. But it need
  3. Heard from a speech by Butch Spyridon this week that by (some date he mentioned but don’t recall) BNA expects more daily flights than pre-pandemic. Also that BA expected to return sometime in July and that leftover incentive funds are being utilized to facilitate re-start of the flight.
  4. Does anyone know about plans for the Church-Elliston Corridor? I thought I remembered some notion of enhancements accompanying the Amazon development. I ride my bike to work sometimes from West Meade to work in the CBD. I can get most of the way using the Music City Bikeway, Richland Creek Greenway, neighborhood streets in Sylvan Park, 440 Greenway to Centennial, and Patterson through the Medical Center. Then the bike lane on Church starting at the NES building. ... But there’s a choke point where you have to cross the interstate at 40 and are in heavy traffic for a couple of blocks there.
  5. Look at all the opportunity in the foreground.
  6. That midtown ATL isn’t a good comparison. It used to be the Sheraton Colony Square and was built sometime in the 80s. They just painted it dark and called it a W.
  7. You’re right. Glad that was taken into account. I use that access frequently from the Music City Bikeway aka Post Road.
  8. This is going to go on some of the existing green space behind the Trader Joe’s it looks like. And will impede access to the greenway at least from one of the current access points.
  9. I travel a lot for work, and we have cut off virtually all travel for the last few months. Travel will resume at some point for us but probably it is still going to be a few months.
  10. I think it looks like a good use that preserves the old. Good project. I hope it is approved.
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