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  1. That seems like a logical replacement. That whole stretch in Belle Meade has surprised me since I moved to town. It seems a location you would expect some much higher end development.
  2. Is the rest of the garage going to be covered? It will look terrible if it is left as is.
  3. That seems like a great use for that building. It didn’t seem to work well for retail.
  4. Haha! I thought this was a joke. But I have just ordered a T-shirt and a tumbler.
  5. 10th floor elevator lobby at SunTrust Plaza, where Amazon has taken KPMG’s former office space.
  6. Anyone know what’s being done next to Sperry’s in Belle Meade?
  7. Taking floors 2, 3, 10, and 11. 10 was recently vacated by KPMG, and 11 was Universal Music.
  8. Anyone know where that would rank us compared to peer airports?
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