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  1. 200 South 11th St. covers 1,497 sq. ft. over its single floor and was built in 1910. It is being converted into a restaurant by the folks who developed Rosemary & Beauty Queen in East Nashville. A name or opening date has not been give yet. It appears there will be an additional 1,600 ft. of outdoor patio space added. Design Build Partners is handling $1.05 million construction and architectural work. The scope of work is listed as remodeling the interior of the existing home, demoing the garage, adding an outdoor area and new structure, which will house a larger kitchen space and additional restrooms. The restaurant will seat around 70 people inside, with additional seating in the outdoor grass space, lined with plans and greenery. More at NBJ here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2023/12/05/rosemary-beauty-queen-team-to-open-supper-club-s.html
  2. You are correct! It seems that last week they said it was Dec. 5th. But Dec. 6th is right, now. I will make the correction.
  3. A reminder that tomorrow (Wed., Dec. 6th) CNBC will air its one hour special: "Cities of Success: Nashville" at 9 PM Central Time. Sneak Peek here: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2023/11/28/cnbcs-cities-of-success-nashville-sneak-peek.html
  4. Up to 6th level across full site. Looking SE from intersection of 12th Ave. South and McGavock St: Looking NE from 12th Ave. South, 1/2 block north of Demonbreun:
  5. The Pullman at Gulch Union (28 stories, 310 condos, ground level retail, internal garage) update: glass installation up to 26th floor; screening over parking pedestal on south side nearly complete. Looking NW from intersection of Demonbreun and 12th Ave. South: Looking NE from Demonbreun, 1/2 block east of 13th Ave. South:
  6. AEG Office/Entertainment (13 stories, office, retail, cineplex) update. Looking east from Church Street Viaduct where it crosses over CSX tracks: Looking SE from intersection of Church Street Viaduct and Upper 10th Ave. North (Platform Way): Looking SW from intersection of Church St. and YMCA Way: Looking west from 9th Ave. North, 1/3 block south of Church St:
  7. Rock Block Flats (7 stories, 30 units, rebuild of retail slots along Ellison Place) update: peering through one of the windows for commercial space. Looking south from Elliston Place at 22nd Ave. North:
  8. 1300 Pennock (3 stories, condos) update: topped-out. Looking NE from Douglas Ave., 1/2 block east of Meridian St: Looking NW from intersection of Pennock Ave. and Douglas Ave:
  9. Re: PSC site...actually about a third of what we generalize as "PSC" is actually owned by other entities, namely CITGO Corporation, O'Neal Steel, and Colonial Pipeline. So they would need to be part of any sell-off to a prospective developer, and would also need to be part of any remediation studies.
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