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  1. With the rollout of the vaccine this year, I would think stalled projects will pick up steam precipitously. And if luxury hoteliers (uptown) are savvy they will get on it quickly- I think there is pent-up demand for leisure travel...hoping they are planning accordingly.
  2. I think it looks pretty cool, but there's too much white...I wouldn't necessarily want to see more yellow, but some splotches of another color (brown or black, maybe) would accentuate the asymmetry. I also think it would have looked better on the midrise portion if there was some variation in height. And the hotel. Sigh...oh well...
  3. I had a really vivid dream once that instead of moving across the way, the Panthers decided to develop the land surrounding the seating bowl with multi-use high-rises. The floors of the buildings had terraces and windows overlooking the field directly below, surrounding the whole stadium. The lowest levels integrated retail with the stadium concourses, while the upper floors looking down on the seating area were a variety of hotel rooms, mega-luxury suites, apartments and condos that had open-air access to the action in the stadium. The majority of the middle of each separate building was office space with windows that didn't open, and the top floors were penthouse apartments, bars and nightclubs. There was a light rail station integrated at the rear, but there was plenty of parking across the street where the curved deck is, because the Legacy Union decks started a new "war" for height and they added 20 floors of parking. EDIT- I forgot to mention the stadium was open air, but there was a "floating green roof" that suspended over the field and some but not all of the seating area of the stadium- it was basically a suspended green space park on top, connected to the buildings by walkways connecting to each of the buildings...but not at the tops of the buildings- more in the middle. I could definitely see the field below from the park as I looked over the edge. I remember thinking it was really cool. Then I woke up.
  4. I expect relocations to pick up a bit more, too. People from smaller cities and rural areas flock to cities in search of work during recessions...and we are most definitely in the midst of one now and for the foreseeable future. That's what brought me to Charlotte back in '93 after I finished school...if you need a paycheck you go where the jobs are.
  5. I like art. It brought people uptown, and together, during a hard time. If it weren't for this, there would have been tumbleweeds. I never for a minute thought it would be made permanent. A moment in time...but not an eye sore IMO.
  6. Excellent photos! You did a fantastic job of not showing that horrendous garage.
  7. Yeah, that garage cheapens the whole project in my eyes. That and the "crown". Could have been so much better. I wish I'd never seen the original plans.
  8. I grew up in Virginia, took Driver's Ed and got my license there. I was taught the left lane was the passing lane, and if someone approached from behind while you were in said passing lane, proper rules to the game meant you need to move to the right lane. When I moved to Charlotte I had to get my NC license and had to take a written test. I failed my first "practice test" because one of the questions was "what lane is the passing lane?" I learned this in Driver's Ed- it's the left, of course! WRONG! I quickly learned that NC has NO PASSING LANE. It's chaos out there.
  9. Isn't the facade being saved? I thought I read that, but I could be misremebering. If it is, I'm cool with that. I'm sure the interior is all but useless as far as adaptive reuse goes. But I'm pro-preservation of anything that has even slightly interesting architectural features. I think this thing's front elevation passes muster in the "it's just different than glass" category, so I do hope it sticks around. It's not exactly eye candy, but it is visually interesting-ish.
  10. Be careful what you wish for, friend. Those cameras are all over Maryland. A couple years ago they were found to be faulty, resulting in tickets to thousands of drivers who had, in fact, done nothing wrong (moreso the red-light cams vs. speed cams). A better solution would be traffic calming raised sidewalks...or rumble strips, perhaps...
  11. Come down off the cliff, J-Man...it's a building...and when it's done it should be pretty frickin' cool. A band I used to know had a song called "Patience"...who were they again???
  12. I don't see the current predicament as a permanent condition at all. As with everything, COVID is temporary, and once it's under control, things will eventually return to normal. For evidence, I look to areas that have dealt with similar scenarios in the past. The Far East's major cities continue to live densely and occupy vertical spaces. The sky is not falling...it's just cloudy with a chance of meatballs...
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