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  1. When searching through the topics, I always like seeing markhollin as the last post, because I know there will be a new great pic in that topic waiting. Thanks Mark
  2. Am I wrong but won't 46 stories out it at 623'? If Four Seasons is 40 stories and 542', that comes out to about 13 per story. (13 x 6) + 542.
  3. There are some shots where the Batman just looks super cool. This is one of those.
  4. I agree 100% with the casinos part. As far as restaurants and clubs, people can only eat so much they need activities and shoes too and vegas has those a plenty. We need some good shows and maybe a few rides or something. There are a zillion bars downtown but after I've eaten at just one, I'm ready for something different.
  5. Sobro around the same size as Louisville/Birmingham and West End around the size of Knoxville/Lexington.
  6. In the video he says the 36th largest metro and a little less than 2 million but I honestly believe when the official census comes out, the metro will be above the 2 million mark. Maybe quite a bit higher. And a fast growing metro like Nashville's, will jump a lot of positions after passing 2 million because there's a lot of stagnant metros hanging around just above that mark.
  7. Wish list? Oracle moves to town and Siggy comes back.
  8. That would be incredible. Someone send this to Tony.
  9. Here's a question, why haven't now towers been built in Murfreesboro? The county has a larger population now than the county Lexington KY is in and Lexington has a skyline similar to Knoxville's. I used to live there, and I hated the way the city is laid out, it causes traffic problems similar to Los Angeles in a small city. But that's not the point, the point is, why does Murfreesboro get overlooked so much when it comes to towers?
  10. I really like that view. This picture looks cool with the sun rays but I'd like to see this view on a clear day too, without the rays making it hard to see West End. Also, I think with the growth of towers happening in West End, it makes sense going forward from now on to make Sobro the focal point of the shot, so as to fit in the branch of towers to both the left and right sides.
  11. When it comes to burgers you have to try Urban Stack in Chattanooga. The one with chorizo paired with their sweet potato fries. Incredible! Also, if you're in Knoxville and you're okay with heart attacks, you have to try Inskip Grill. Holy cow guys!
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