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  1. Crimes are not reported evenly anywhere. So you can't always say this city vs. this city with crime rate statistics. Nashville's crime is not bad. https://www.google.com/am p/s/fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-to-make-sense-of-conflicting-confusing-and-misleading-crime-statistics/amp/
  2. Kind of on topic but mostly off, lol. Has anyone seen this Otherworld encounter exhibit at the fairgrounds? This thing looks super cool. I'm thinking about stopping in maybe tomorrow or Monday and checking it out.
  3. Jeff Bezos has deep pockets and he's investing in Nashville. Jeff if you're reading this: We need theme park! Preferably Video Gameland or Musicland but Amazonland will do. We could shop while riding rides.
  4. Here's another dream tower for Nashville's skyline. Maybe you've heard of it.
  5. Makes me want to move back so badly. Chattanooga is one of the best cities I've ever lived in. The natural beauty combined with how much there is to do there, especially how much outdoor things there are to do. Add in the proximity to the other great cities around it and other nearby activities, Atlanta, Huntsville, Nashville, and the Smokies and the hiking in the upper Cumberland from Fall Creek Falls all the way up towards Cookeville. It's truly a great area. This project only amplifies the attractiveness of the city.
  6. Tokyo is obviously the crown jewel but I doubt it happens, there are far larger and wealthier eastern US metros without TOY service, and the Japanese airlines aren’t really into the less-than-daily thing. One can hope though! Believe man, believe! Nashville also didn't have a shot at a MLS team either.
  7. So I'm bored and UP has been slow today, so I thought I'd start this and see what everyone comes up with. What's your dream tower for Nashville? I really like the Mercury Tower in Moscow. It reminds me of skyscrapers in Mass Effect. Also, although not a skyscraper, it would be really cool to have something like the Supertree Grove.
  8. I personally hope Tony's goal is to keep increasing the height of the city with these towers so that eventually he can build whichever version of the signature tower and it not look too tall, and that he hasn't given up on siggy.
  9. Oh it's easily my favorite TN city. The Riverwalk, the aquarium, Volkswagen nature park, the natural beauty of ruby falls and rock city. Location, within a couple of hours I can be in Nashville, or Atlanta, or Huntsville, Knoxville, Birmingham, or the Smokies. The art district, the lakes, the tiny theme/water park, the food, northshore, etc. The list goes on. Just a great town. In my top 5 u.s. cities. I might move back one day. I was never bored living there. It has a lively and beautiful downtown.
  10. Raleigh's GDP isn't anything but passing Charlotte's is incredible. That might shoot Nashville up into the top 20.
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