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  1. I’d say about 20% of the stadium can see maybe 15% of the building so no it’s not really visible at all unfortunately.
  2. Almost wish we had this view from 1972 instead so it’d be an even 50 years. And that 1972 view would only have Two Wells Fargo in it.
  3. And here I was hoping the ACC would move into 201 South Tryon and go full circle with its signage as an homage to the old American Credit Corporation.
  4. I bet the sign is low because of the transparent nature of those upper panels. I bet it looks better with a solid wall behind it.
  5. It will come out at 599’ because anything to mess up our skyline ranking analytics
  6. Looks like an atomic bomb went off because of the lack of trees. Or somewhere out west. I suppose 77 was so new that many of the trees had been recently cleared.
  7. Ugh. currently trying to find a new home in Orange County so this map speaks to my predicament. Chapel Hill is pretty much built out and while there’s lots of room in Hillsborough, there’s barely anything under construction. Meanwhile, all other Triangle counties are crushing it. Looking at CLT area houses and drooling.
  8. I love the firebird and think it was the right choice, but you won’t find me hanging out near it at noon in the summer because it’s pretty exposed and hot as heck! That live oak tree, otoh, while adding a little more aesthetic than a regular tree, that’s not it’s real value. It’s real value for that spot is the needed shade it provides in the midst of a concrete jungle in a southeastern US climate. A climate experts predict will see average summer high temps increase *8* degrees over the next 50-75 years. People are gonna LOVE that boring tree if they can keep it alive.
  9. This really needs to happen. Anyone have some connections to make an intro between the two about this? That grass is so B A S I C looking. Might as well be driving into a suburban office park.
  10. Hopefully not a sign of things to come for NC’s EV startup
  11. It may be unlikely to happen now, but that door isn’t closed yet. Hundreds of millions down the drain? They’ll give it one more shot.
  12. Maybe but the fact that the NationsBank Corporate Center was the 30th tallest building in the world when completed was pretty epic.
  13. Haha I almost added that to my original comment. It was definitely an awkward time for our fair city.
  14. Raleigh with an 800 footer might look worse than OKC’s Devon Tower dwarfing that city.
  15. If only York County was in North Carolina, we’d already be more populous than a Georgia.
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