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  1. Great news: latest IHME death projection has dropped again. The stay at home orders and social distancing is working just like the experts said they would. Again, these projections are if we continue full mitigation efforts through the entire month of May. That remains to be seen.
  2. That gives me hope. I’m worried people are going to start relaxing a bit too soon as it’s only human nature. We are so close to really putting a major hurt on this virus if we can stay the course for another month. And unfortunately, maybe even one more after that. But I see light at the end of the tunnel for this summer in the Carolinas.
  3. Ridiculous that these people are out and about like this. Nearly 1 in 50 people in NYC is confirmed to be infected which means in those photos you are looking at active cases. With that much viral load in the public, folks are being needlessly reckless being in such a crowded environment. FWIW, same goes for people in places that have much lower infection rates too (like NC and SC). Now is not the time to be in crowded public spaces.
  4. It’s the most audacious immoral power grab I think I’ve ever seen. Beyond disgusting.
  5. It blows my mind that by end of this week the death toll will exceed 20,000. It’s just hard to imagine this is actually happening but it most assuredly is. And all of this is happening while 90% of the country is under some sort of lockdown. Can you imagine how much worse it would be if we hadn’t locked down? We truly are talking millions of dead in the U.S. alone, and an economy in ruins. Whatever economic pain this is causing — and it is extreme — it is NOTHING compared to the pain and fear that would result from the death of MILLIONS of Americans. People need to wake up that the actions we are taking are not an overreaction at all. If anything, we may still be under reacting. The entire planet is locked down! Why? For some new global order? No, to save as many lives as possible. The science couldn’t be more clear. Until there is a vaccine, social distancing is all we have to stop the spread.
  6. Whoa things seem to have gone off the rails here. Much love to my uppers out there. As bad as things are about to get, I’m still hopeful NC is going to suffer much less than most places but that’s only if we continue to social distance for the good of everyone. Today, NC ranks 45th in deaths per capita. Only WV, WY, UT, and HI have better numbers than NC — the ninth most populous state. Again, hang in there folks. It’s working. We’re gonna be back to work sooner than later if we stay the course. If we get slack now, the economic toll will be much worse and go on far longer.
  7. ^More than anyone, Taiwan knew better than to believe the numbers the Chinese government was putting out.
  8. Georgia finally closes the barn door... after 14x as many deaths as NC which began shutting down weeks ago.
  9. NC is testing more than any other southeastern state except Florida so when compared to our peers, we’re doing quite well. But again, because testing is so inconsistent from state to state, you must look at death rate. NC only has 10 deaths total with ~1600 positive tests. Compare that GA, which has 14x as many deaths as NC but only 3x as many positive tests. That shows that GA is way under testing compared to NC. GA’s true infection number is likely 5-10x what the current testing shows. NC’s deaths are very much inline with our total confirmed infections. When this is over, I predict NC will be lauded as a place that did it right/got lucky.
  10. So many factors at play for sure but that’s a good point about age. Another is that we aren’t a densely populated state — even our cities. It’s the one time I thought, “hey suburban sprawl might actually be good for us!”
  11. North Carolina is one of the leading states when it comes to testing. One of the ways you can tell we aren’t under testing is our incredibly low death rate compared to the rest of the country. Just 9 deaths which ranks 35th in nation. NC ranks 19th in total cases which is low considering NC is the ninth most populous state. Per capita, NC is doing better than probably any other state. Could that change? Of course. But right now, NC is doing really well. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
  12. Breaking: Mecklenburg county issues stay at home proclamation beginning Thursday at 8 am through April 16
  13. So when do we think these construction sites get shut down due to the coronavirus? Or is that already happening?
  14. I’ll defend @legendoflink here: While I think it would be ridiculous for city leaders to get involved in this and the Mayberry comment isn’t fair, I too have always wished that more cool developments were adjacent to I- 85 and 77. That’s why I love the Refinery building at Morehead and 77 so much. Wish there was more of that stuff along 77. I-85 is already so industrial, it’s hard to see it becoming a place where office buildings dot the landscape anytime soon.
  15. Yes, anybody can use the over street mall assuming they know where it is. It’s not really advertised at street level, which is a good thing.
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