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  1. BREAKING???: It appears the setback lights on Bank of America Corporate Center are once again illuminated... Update: scrolling through the thread just now, it appears they’ve been lit for a few weeks though I’ve not seen anyone mention it.
  2. Sources: Major League Soccer and Sacramento agree to deal framework for expansion franchise https://www.sacbee.com/sports/mls/article234750677.html
  3. High layered hurricane sunsets are the best
  4. ^Sorry guys, I’m not gonna believe this news until I get confirmation from Charlotte Stories.
  5. Afternoon thunderstorm via WSOC
  6. Downburst south of uptown via WSOC
  7. That flare out over the street — along with the fact that Tryon naturally curves out a bit there — will make the views looking north up Tryon from LU2 quite unique. To me, LU2 and Ally Center are the prime spots on that block for their unique street views despite being the two shortest buildings.
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