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  1. Looks light Truist has an outage tonight on the left side
  2. Saw this on Twitter, and is this really Charlotte? I just can’t place this spot no matter how hard I try. Any thoughts?
  3. Man, BofA Corporate Center is a thing of beauty. Just absolutely stunning after all these years.
  4. ^ Not sure about 100 mph speed limits on highways within cities but I agree with your general point that many of our highways are engineered for higher speeds than we are allowed today. The speed limit should be 80-85 for much of the stretch between Raleigh and Wilmington. It should be 75 in many places between Greensboro and Charlotte.
  5. Way to go RNC. Went through all the trouble to move it to JAX and now they might cancel it.
  6. Kermit has put together a nice list of concrete initiatives in the previous post but I’d like to comment that signaling shouldn’t be discounted (not saying you are btw). And while signaling alone is only a partial solution, it could’ve made a huge difference especially at the beginning.
  7. I mean they have made incredible progress in some places. Deaths ARE down. Down from 2000 a day! But their inability to acknowledge that it’s a mix bag and many places are doing really poorly is infuriating and will cost them the election. If everyone wore masks we could re-open faster and get the economy going but they just can’t bring themselves to say it except in couched terms like “follow local officials”. It’s economic, health, and political malpractice. Let’s see if it works!
  8. Remember when they crowed that the death toll would “only” be 60,000? Oops, turns out it’s twice that. Probably gonna be 3x that! Enraging tbh.
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