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  1. What a grandiose way of saying our overpriced homebrew kicked before we thought it would. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a proper brewery yet, right?
  2. That’s great for Town! I haven’t tried that gose, but it is now on my list. Triple C definitely has won GABF awards in the past. They just don’t win them in the categories of what they commercially claim their beers to be. A quick google shows: Zest-A -Peel American Pale Ale - Medal in English Style Summer Ale Babymaker Double India Pale Ale - Medal in Old Ale/Barleywine 3C India Pale Ale - Medal in Strong Pale Ale There may be more? Has NoDa won a gold for Gordgeous in the past? I have been fatigued by pumpkin beer for a few seasons, but good for them!
  3. Has anyone else been watching the OMB train come off the rails? How shortsighted of them!
  4. How about Legion’s locations three through five? Are they proceeding forward?
  5. No doubt that supporting local breweries is the way to go, now more than ever. My point is that when you look at how some are pricing versus others, some really inflated pricing seems to be evident. For example, Triple C is selling mixed cases for $60. At Wooden Robot prices, that would be a $144 case.
  6. To continue my mild rant a few days ago crowler prices, I see Wooden Robot is now offering to drive a required minimum of two 32oz crowlers worth of beer (2x $12 each) to your home (if you live 5 or less miles away) for a $5 delivery fee. So, 4 pints at $29 pre driver tip. To be fair, you can also get a 4 pack of their pilsner for $12 and/or $6 branded wine glasses towards that minimum. I'm out of their radius anyway, but IMO spending what post-tip will equate to ~+$8 a pint is way out of bounds pricing. What do you guys think about all these breweries charging taproom prices and higher for crowler/growler beer?
  7. Agreed on their beer. Also, a $3.99 crowler is just a dollar or two saved, ounce per ounce, over a 16oz can of most local beer, not to mention it is poured in an environment with oxygen. It is a deal, I guess, but really it just seems like it because so many of these other breweries are out of bounds with their crowler/growler pricing. With all the awesome properly canned options out there, I hardly see it as worth it to drive to a brewery with a mask on just to save a buck or two on beer that has such a short time until tasting less than optimal. I am all for supporting local, but when breweries like Divine Barrel are charging $11 and up for two pints in a hand poured can... nah, I'm good.
  8. In case you are really craving old pumpkin beer... in April... NoDa has you covered. Very odd.
  9. I remember when they adamently declared their beer would never be in cans because of the purity law nonsense they wave around. How long until they make an IPA? (This is the part where all their bland beer loyalists jump to the rescue.)
  10. Oh, Middle James definitely holds the local record for longest delays and most painful delivery of opening announcements. Remember back in December when they claimed a few short weeks until their opening? https://www.charlottefive.com/middle-james-brewing/
  11. Oh, gotcha. You didn't miss anything. I just don't think it can be anyone else. Pilot maybe? Their setup is equally small, I believe.
  12. Well, who else could it be? The "thriving Brewery district" makes me think they are claiming to be in OMB land. The $100k price point is too low for any actual production brewery. It seems like a reasonable price for Thirsty Nomad's cobbled together Frankenstein set-up.
  13. Don't get too attached to Thirsty Nomad. It is for sale. https://craftbreweryforsale.com/charlotte-area-microbrewery/
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