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  1. We had a late lunch there Saturday afternoon. Very busy, surprisingly good food too.
  2. I’m glad the building will be used, but sad that they’re removing the existing fairly nice historic exterior.
  3. There are some unknowns here. Is the 1 million square feet rentable (inflated) or usable/gross? Does it include the parking garage? (I've seen that happen).
  4. My sister worked, up to last year, at a branch bank here. This "national bank" was trying to close down as many branches as possible or at least minimize staff and services. This does seem odd since scaling back is the trend. My sister says the main customers were older folks and poorer ones, who had minimal bank accounts and needed to cash work checks. I wonder is it's a form of advertising. A lot of folks aren't aware of our different banks unless they see a branch....
  5. It's a minor point, but I still wonder how you would stage construction for this small site? You can't take a lane of Church street. The Hermitage Hotel and City Center might agree to losing one lane of 6th, That leaves you with Anne Dallas Dudley, which I expect Tony expects to be turned over for his use until construction would be finished. I think that's behind his promises to "upgrade" the street. The 505 did a lot with essentially one lane of 5th but it was a lengthy stretch of road and the garage space helped a lot for staging.
  6. The only other option is to do the pours in the daytime, which would likely shut the street(s) down and create headaches for all the office workers. It's a lesser of evils thing.
  7. I lived for several years in the Eagle Ridge (north) portion of the site. (Well designed, if not well constructed condos) We always knew that there were bigger plans for the rest of the site and dreaded when they might occur. I think its good to create more residences potentially close to the main business area. (Walkability?) Personally I would wonder if there would be a connection to Eagle Ridge as was originally intended when the development was originally planned in the early 2000's. There were plans discussed for mid rise condos on the hilltops prior to the great recession.
  8. Hampton Social - First 2 floors formally open tomorrow at 3. Friends and family today. Rooftop to follow. Serving lunch within the week. Very nice build out.
  9. I know I’m in the minority in my opinion, but I’m very much against shutting down downtown Nashville streets during the work week for various events. We have many areas, not in the heart of downtown, to hold events. Again, I know most folks don’t agree with me....
  10. There is a lot more space for the store than I'd thought. A lot of space was/is hidden by the temporary walls that made it look like the store would have a smaller footprint. It should be impressive.
  11. I went in about 10:15 Saturday morning and it there was a crowd. I was thinking the same thing, but actually seeing the books gave me ideas on things to read that I’d not have just looking online. They also sell lots a things that aren’t books. I’ll also add that the look of the store is pretty minimalist. Concrete floors, black ceiling, black walls and mostly black fixtures. For me it was less “minimalist chic” and more - we just didn’t want to spend much money. That works in some venues but I expect a little more in the Mall at GH. The NYC store I saw this summer wasn’t so stark. Just my opinion....
  12. I’m extremely cynical over these layoffs. They eliminate jobs and salaries now so they can replace them later.... meeting their requirements without actually creating new jobs.....
  13. I keep wondering if they are digging for the foundations with spoons as long as this is taking.
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