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  1. I too will be shocked if this gets anywhere. The neighborhood will push back majorly. I’ve nothing against redeveloping the site, but this is huge. I almost bet it’s purposely huge to look good when they offer to cut a floor or two off.
  2. Finally, a building permit is pulled for 2701 12th Ave S. for Vuori (upscale athletic wear). It looks like it will be total rework of the front façade. The back (left in the pic) is already under construction for a coffee house.
  3. I look forward to what is coming, but I'm really sad to see this are being demolished. I passed it very often in my many decades of living in Nashville. My father and for a while my mom both worked at the former Baptist Hospital. I ate at Rotiers and shopped at the drug store that was there, even at the old Tower Records. It was on my lunch time walks when I worked nearby for many years. Again, I look forward to the new tower.
  4. I agree. I think this is a basic, this is what you get for the lowest purchase price, with the thought most buyers are going to throw in extra dollars for upgrades.
  5. They windows are definitely from years ago. This would have been a good time to change it to something a little more in keeping with the rest of the building. I'm sure metro probably wanted that, but somehow couldn't get them to do it.
  6. There are lots of positives to living downtown. They outweigh the bad. Those of us, who are downtown regularly, living and/or working, just want to keep it that way.
  7. The homeless weren't on the 6th floor of the garage I typically park on. It's tourists, I see them in the garage every day I park there, and 90% of them are totally no problem. This type stuff is worse than in my 26 years of parking downtown. I currently work downtown 3 days a week. These are my experiences. For the most part I've grown to ignore all the issues and just accept it's part if downtown life. But it is worse now. Just my opinion, we have enough rules/laws in place now to handle things...if they were just enforced.
  8. The problem has never really been with event tourism. Those events are usually better policed and better controlled than the day to day life on Broadway. When you want to dismiss the concerns about the increased rowdiness on Broadway, consider where the voices are coming from. Is it really in the best interest of property owners, whether they be residential properties, commercial owners, downtown business and tourism leaders to bad mouth their home turf? And now with bar owners joining in, are they all really exaggerating that much. In going to my car, yesterday, on the upper floor of downtown parking garage I had to by pass where someone had pretty recently hurled, and it was 2pm in the afternoon, and this is not unusual.
  9. While I’m glad to see the restoration/renovation of the upper floors of the building, I wish the first floor was not just modern storefront. It could have been made to look at least a little historic.
  10. You are correct. I don't understand all the financial parts of this. But I do know that this is too early to expect many answers to a lot of, admittedly relevant, financial questions. Just my understanding is that this announcement was meant to be all pretty pictures and gaining good PR and not explaining all the costs and financing. Folks seem to be getting angry/frustrated at not having information that at this stage of a project isn't really knowable.
  11. It's possible for a designer of stadiums to produce early renderings and provide ballpark cost estimates. It's hard, and I'll say irresponsible, to provide estimates on what is essentially a blank slate that surrounds the stadium. Garages will likely be part of neighboring developments, which haven't been designed. Parking will be likely be cheaper in an 8-floor development over a 4-floor development. Give this time to play out. Did we know anything about all the infrastructure costs of Music City Center the week it was announced?
  12. Until we have some level of design of the areas surrounding the new stadium it's pretty difficult to know what it will cost. The stadium announcement is kind a like a couple announcing that they are getting married. They generally don't say we're getting married and - mom and dad - the wedding is going to cost $21,315.45, excluding the flowers.
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