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  1. The groups opposing this development as well as Elliston often don't have logic or common sense on their side, but they are passionate organizers and they are reliable voters, which gives them clout. When I think about it, they are a reflection of our national politics....
  2. Any update on the Tanger Outlets? They don't seem very interested in actually building it. If they broke ground today, it would be 18-24 months before opening it, just in time for the next economic down turn. Last I read, the interchange is to be finished by May 2021. Is that the hold up?
  3. In bigger cities its a place to escape the usual concrete of city living. It's a space to walk your dog one day and hold a festival the next. Central Park in NYC. Atlanta's Piedmont Park. Centennial Park here. Think of it as multi purpose rather than single purpose. This little park was more a creative way to use a vacant lot than a truly thought out contributing type park. At its creation, no one wanted a tiny parking lot (or vacant bldg) in front of the grand new library.
  4. The buildings are toast. They will slow walk this, counting on public interest to wane, as it likely will. There is no economic incentive or upside to keeping them, as much as I’d like to see it.
  5. Pure speculation but I’d guess that any restaurant would wait until the Eakin office building opens up. I think the 222 restaurants are hoping that all the new nearby hotels will provide diners - in the next few years. Hopefully they will offer affordable lunch options in the interim to build a customer base. At some point restaurant rents may need to be rethought in these newer buildings. You need expensive menus to pay the bills, but if you can’t fill the seats....No one can afford to open a mom & pop sandwich shop in SoBro, which it needs more of.
  6. I think we’re past “proactive” and more into catching up.....Good news though.
  7. I don’t have any opposition to this deal. I think it’s a fair trade too. But, the negativity that this deal generated hurt our current fairly pro development mayor and may inadvertently help another not so friendly to developers mayor get elected. Cooper may be secretly pro development but he’ll have a hard time supporting this in a first administration. I wonder how much Tony is giving both candidates. This site seems to worship Tony. I admire him too. I just try to give a little of the other side.
  8. I'll add that the site of this new park would be site Tony would need for staging the construction of his new tower, meaning there would be no park for 2-3 years. I think Tony likes creating drama for his projects.
  9. Some will still see as taking a park and trading it to a developer. These renderings could also be viewed as "expanding" the existing park rather than erasing it. I'd like to see a building this tall get built, but pick another site and move on.
  10. Although I'm a little dubious about how successful a bookstore can be in today's electronic reader world, I think if this concept were to fail, Amazon has a wealth of other concepts /items they could sell at this location.
  11. If you look at the drawings on Metro’s epermits sight, it not a pop up, but a full blown store.
  12. I think most of the old Trails West building was torn down for Kid Rocks new space. Only one section on Broadway was renovated for the Moxy. (look at google street view circa 2007)
  13. I can’t imagine anyone buying a 100 year old building without doing due diligence as to its stability, structural integrity. A lot of folks buy buildings like this mainly for the land and know full well that at some point the building will have to come down. They quietly wait for the historic building to become unsalvageable. This may not be the case here, but I’m skeptical.
  14. I think tourists will flock here. Just don't underestimate the effect a 24 story office building with hundreds of office workers, towering over and feeding into this site will have. I still think the intention is this to be more a place where workers will feel more comfortable than at Kid Rock's joint (Mon-Fri). The Bobby and Dream hotels are full of tourists but are great places that also caters to office workers - Monday - Friday. I think 5th and Broad wants to be more like these spots than lower broad. Most of what I'm seeing announced are not music venues with food, but primarily food venues.
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