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  1. If any of those big box gyms are thinking of coming here, now might be a good time to try. Despite all the assurances that the existing Y will operate as usual during this construction project, I think many will find it fairly inconvenient. I'm thinking that the existing showers, & locker rooms will be lost, for a time, and whatever temporary measures they make will displease the regulars. The Y does have the market cornered, so if I was tempted to give them some competition, I would try before this gets built.
  2. I'm not sure how much competition there will be as I'm guessing the new hall won't serve alcohol as the campus is alcohol free.
  3. Although, we (who live nearby) have been told these cannot be STR, most sure look like hotel rooms with a kitchenette.
  4. I went with friends to the rooftop bar on Saturday. Very nice with great views. Overheard the busy bartender admitting they were understaffed, with folks taking jobs but then not showing up. The staff, we did encounter, all impressed. Warning in that they were limiting entry, I imagine due to the lack of staff as there were plenty of empty seats.
  5. Per their website - Proof This Music City skyline scene seamlessly goes from a vibrant rooftop bar for sunset sips to a sleek evening spot. The lounge area offers multiple ways to unwind as you enjoy an evening out in Nashville. Open for lunch and dinner Dress code: Casual
  6. It seems, from pretty much every report that's out there, that the "wild" we are seeing is at a different level from 2019 and before. Perhaps it's partially the lack of more tame convention/business travelers or maybe our every increasing popularity, but this is being seen as worse (especially in the media, where like it or not, it counts). I think most of the frustration is with the moving entertainment folks. We expect Broadway to be raucous at a 10 out of 10, but not at Hume Fogg, not really at the new Grand Hyatt or in the Gulch. We need more rules and enforcement of those rules for the
  7. What's frustrating to me is that its all someone else's fault and someone else's responsibility to fix. Can't they be restricted to a small footprint, say within Demonbreun to Commerce and 1st to 7th? Cut the hours to only after 3pm and off the roads by 11pm? Tell them no music on the vehicles - at all - or the music gets turned off if they leave a certain footprint. Noise is a lot, if not most of it. Tell them all that all this will be revisited if/when they collectively start being better players. As much as a lot of folks want to defend them, they are not helping our chances of getting tha
  8. I agree it's sad to lose the businesses, but I'll give credit that this is the best designed Mapco I've ever seen. That's not saying a lot, but it could have been worse.
  9. International Market (Belmont Blvd) appears to be open.
  10. Not that this is much on topic but I'm reading that Austin Peay is leaving the OVC for ASUN. Belmont and TSU are the Nashville schools still in the OVC, but talk is that with the OVC already weakened by 2 other departures, Belmont may be looking to also leave, perhaps to a stronger conference.
  11. Pretty much everyone, on Southside Ct. will lose their city views, though a development this size was always a huge probability. They don't really seem to be attempting to "step" the buildings from lower to higher to keep in some scale with the neighbors. I could see that being requested.
  12. One question, admittedly off topic, is about noise. For those of you living in tower condos, how much noise do you hear from your neighbors?
  13. I'm always thinking the building looks like a temple, a church or religious headquarters. It must be the dome.
  14. The party vehicle expansion/sudden growth debatably started just prior to Covid hitting and long after the Four Seasons was announced. The Ritz very likely is pretty sure the city will deal with this long before sales start, which it seems to be doing. Let’s take a poll of developers/downtown residents and see how happy they are with the current situation. I listen more to these folks, who are there on a daily or consistent basis, investing their money. If all was perfect this would not be happening. The party vehicles are not going away, that’s not the question. They will just be more r
  15. Their website says opening in October, but I don’t see reservations possible until 11/1. Hopefully soon.
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