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  1. Didn’t realize I was throwing stones. Seriously, apologies to anyone I have offended. I will admit that I struggle with the protests. I have police in my family. I have questioned my own convictions regarding the virus shutdowns. I do see I’m creating issues so I will retreat.
  2. Well, if you really care about your fellow citizens, perhaps avoiding any possibility of catching or spreading a highly contagious virus would be the more noble act.
  3. I’m guessing I’m not getting the root of my issue explained. I have no problem with the protests. It’s the city saying it’s ok, while basically excluding other groups over 25. Cynically, I think if this was a law observing Arsonists of America rally, the 25 person rule just might be used. I understand all the reasons for how theses current marches are acceptable, virus or no.
  4. I just get back to - either groups over 25 can gather or not. I see that as almost separate from the bar debate. They are carving out requirements that single out the bars, which I get. I also get the argument that when you have to debate if 500 in a bar with no masks is worse than 2000 at a march, some with masks, you lose me.
  5. While this makes sense, the optics don’t help. Banning groups of over 25 people includes events like this - period. When you start making exceptions left and right, the reasoning gets weakened. Even my most liberal leaning friends think making exceptions for the protests is ridiculous. It also gives ammunition to those suing the city.
  6. Nashville is reverting to a modified Phase 2. Bars closed again (min. 14 days). Restaurants back to 50%, Parks can stay open, Retail can stay at 75%, gyms at 50%. A real downside of this will be that hundreds of local hospitality workers, just getting back to work, will be unemployed again. No fireworks on the 4th, which I always thought was an idiotic idea. 608 cases yesterday, just here. 140 at a Sheriff's facility. The numbers aren't good and as much as I want to reopen, until people understand that they really need to wear masks, we will be stuck here.
  7. Why not just design a 3 story house instead of badly adding a 3rd floor to a 2 story design.
  8. I think so. They may feel the "brand" doesn't need to advertise it's existence, like say a Holiday Inn.
  9. They had attempted to subdivide the space, I think themselves, last year. That didn't seem to work. No offence to my neighbors, but the changing 12South wasn't the best spot for a religious business (a church, maybe). I wonder why they aren't just selling. I will say that the west side of 12th is a better side for restaurants as the east side, with their outdoor patios, bakes in the afternoon sun.
  10. Speaking to an employee this weekend, they are hearing it may actually be May 2021 for move in.
  11. Phase 3 starts today. 75% Restaurants, 50% bars. The morning briefing noted that Metro will stay at Phase 3 for a minimum of 28 days, meaning July 20th is the earliest for Phase 4. They want time for 2-14 day virus cycles to occur. The bars will not be pleased.
  12. I walk pass this daily and (up close) the level of craftsman ship is impressive. I don't know how long it can stay so "perfect" but I like it.
  13. Hopefully the suspension will span a weekend.
  14. Phase 3 to start on Monday June 22. The biggest part of this phase is the reopening at 50% of bars, however unsuccessful keeping them at 50% will be. Restaurants with bars will be able to put back 50% of those seats. A big help for them too. Sorry the image is so big.
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