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  1. I do agree that having these companies come to Tennessee provides more opportunities to change things than trying to dissuade them from coming.
  2. From today's Metro Covid update - Music City Center will stop providing first (Pfizer) shots on May 7th and second shots, 3 weeks later, on May 28th. The explanation centered on health department workers needing to get back to their offices and start working toward fall student, traditional (non Covid) vaccinations before school starts. It was also talked about letting MCC get back to conventions. MCC walk ins will increase to 1000 as people are slowing down on getting vaccinations. It was pointed out that folks have a lot more options now to get vaccinated and aren't as reliant on metro. A reporter asked if the low availability of ICU beds is COVID related and they said probably not. This may just be fairly close to pre covid rates.
  3. To be a downer on this new satellite concourse, I think using shuttle buses to go back and forth will not be popular with travelers. I never fly without seeing numerous late arrivers rushing to their gates. I also can see arriving passengers, who just want to get an Uber and leave, frustrated at standing around waiting for the next shuttle, not to mention those connecting passengers arriving on delayed flights. I’m sure all will be perfect but the pessimist in me persists.
  4. Peddle tavern, or maybe a tractor pulling a flatbed.....
  5. I don't pretend to know how this building will get built, but the massive concrete western façade may be structural in nature. It is a very thin building and I don't think a steel frame alone would suffice.
  6. Everyone wants a 50/60+ floor tower, but here is my question. Didn't the FAA raise objections to Signature tower when it was first announced? Would any developer potentially be facing the same issues? Could that be a stumbling block to achieving those heights? Just wondering.....
  7. I don't pretend to understand this process, but if the mayor and council do nothing, last years 34% increase would go away with the new appraisals? I get that taxes cannot go up from the appraisals, but isn't the 34% increase already in effect? Wasn't the tax rate at the end of 2020 higher than at the end of 2019? And if we go back to the 2019 rate, it's a decrease? Again, I don't claim any accounting understanding.
  8. Mayor Cooper announced this morning on WSMV that with the new property appraisals will come a reduction in the property tax rate, essentially rolling back the 34% increase (from last year) almost entirely. I'm not an accountant, but this sounds like good news. https://www.wsmv.com/news/mayor-john-cooper-announces-major-reduction-to-nashville-property-tax-rate/article_73a2c936-9ea4-11eb-ba52-27ce9fe487c9.html?block_id=994460
  9. I think part of what's happening on this stretch of 8th is an attempt for a more urban feel with the new construction pushed to the street and parking in the rear. Hopefully, piecemeal, 8th will get more sidewalks and it will get a little more easily walkable. Don't love the design, but economically, it's where that area is.
  10. Update to reopening. Some takeaways from todays new conference. - There will be more loosening at 40% vaccinated which given that we are at 35.64% would be soon. It sounds like walk-in vaccinations are becoming available at MCC due to lots of unfilled appointment slots. There was also talk about how much longer to have the larger restrictive requirements as we are reaching a point where pretty much anyone wanting to get vaccinated can do it. All the restrictions were put in place largely because we had no vaccine.
  11. I agree you save a degree of money with this method. It also may be to keep the facility from getting too tall and getting complaints for "towering" over the neighborhood.
  12. The mask discussion, in general, seems not about Nashville Economics. The mask debate is interesting but, as I get told from time to time, maybe it's better in the Coffee House.
  13. A quick look at United, Delta and Southwest says, yes, still required for 2 and older.
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