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  1. Just wondering, what happens to all the current folks parking in the garage? Who will be parking there when it's finished? It's a lot of parking to lose.
  2. I saw the drilling too.....at the end of my block. They also own the house directly behind. It’s zoned residential but I wonder if it is part of the deal.
  3. Is it just me or does the mayor look really short or is the podium really big?
  4. I didn’t intend to start series of Kroger critiques but they are fair and entirely self inflicted. I truly think they design the stores to be under lit and 50 shades of brown to hide age and wear. They grew to be monopolies in many towns and acted like it. I’m not anti union but Kroger’s let the unions affect customer service. Even today their responses to Publix always seem the least they can get by with. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Melrose Kroger’s when the new Publix on 8th opens up.....at some point in the apparently distant future. That is one slow construction project.
  5. I shop at both stores, but - for the last couple of years of my moms life as she was (we later realized) drifting into dementia, the staff of the Belle Meade Publix were a lifeline for her. Her retirement apartment (Villa Maria) would drive she and her neighbors there for their weekly shopping. They took such care with her and the others, I’m sure with liability in mind, but as I began taking her myself I realized most of them knew her by name. They would give her a hug or just come and say hello. They could have easily taken advantage of her slipping mind but did not. I still see that today in their service in that store. I will never forget that. Yes, the prices are higher, but you can’t put a price on pure decency and true customer service.
  6. Had to try out the new Publix this morning. Very impressed. It’s definitely small, but still had 90% of what I usually find at the Belle Meade store. The 2/1, staff/customer ratio can’t last forever, but they are so darn nice. Publix stores seem just a little brighter, crisper and cleaner. Kroger’s, even after a renovation or a totally new store, always seems drab and dated in comparison, just my opinion.
  7. Just curious, but is there any concrete timetable on the actual opening of the Whole Foods? The “late this year, early next year” is getting old. Drawings should be into codes for even “early next year”, you’d think.
  8. I noticed the orientation too. That could be a "problem", on days like this......
  9. 12 South Flats (which is a larger development) is just down the road with a similar single entry with no stop sign and works fine. Yes is stops traffic, but momentarily.
  10. I'm impressed. I think being adjacent to downtown, with all the tourists (and everyone else) would make this much more likely to succeed than about any other location. We went to a couple of Yankees games for a few innings and went back to being tourists while in NYC over the years.
  11. I think it's the first plan that really listened to the neighborhood's concerns. 136 parking spaces is essentially equivalent to what's currently there, and rarely used. No housing is a surprise, but with a lot of the newer apartments shifting to STRs in theory folks should like it. The possibility of a 4 way stop at Linden I don't think will fly as traffic already backs up there. Maybe a light instead. The problem will be that there will always be folks who will oppose everything that is proposed, no matter the details.
  12. Well, it's definitely not corporate. What is their demographic? Senior citizens? (Kidding) I'm not a hospitality designer, they must know something.
  13. My one concern is parking. I can't imagine that the garage has the capacity and the neighbors would have a fit over the traffic.
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