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  1. Apple Pay works great with OMNY as well. One nice thing is that it also eliminated the hated double swipe of the old MetroCards!
  2. Has anyone been to the CBV taproom in Newton? Do they have everything on tap or is it just canned? Seems odd they don't open one in Charlotte especially with as many brands as they have now.
  3. There are fare machines on the trains themselves (as well as the validators) unfortunately didn't get a pic of them.
  4. On the same note how long are the shifts on the streetcar? I know a few people that rode it yesterday and all had driver changes at the CTC on at least one leg. We all could have timed our rides in sync with the shifts, just seemed odd.
  5. They topped out this month for the new Rehabilitation Hospital which will be directly adjacent to the new patient tower (you can see it to the right in the rendering)
  6. The pantograph has been down for quite a few of the cars way outside of the Poplar-College stretch where there is no overhead wire. Any idea what the vehicle's range is on battery power alone?
  7. We have a nonprofit that does just that: https://partnersforparks.org/ While they are off the radar a bit, it's something that can be a vehicle for great things park and rec wise, and they also hold funds for projects outside of Charlotte-Mecklenburg as well.
  8. Agreed. The main upside of the non terminal station is that it can house commuter rail, the HSR station to Atlanta, as well as the silver line. The people mover could serve hotels, entertainment, as well as offices in the 'innovation' district they've talked about north of the airport. Would I like a 1 seat ride to the terminal? Sure. But lots of other airports still have great transit connections with a people mover (PHX, JFK, EWR, SFO, Many terminals at DFW)
  9. If you have facilities in two different municipalities, that's two different sets of folks lobbying on your behalf that they 'need healthcare in their community.' Plus Huntersville has a hospital already, Cornelius doesn't.
  10. Don't sleep on Atrium putting in considerable cash as well. A lot of their donors are very deep pocketed, and loyal. They are also beginning outreach for a capital campaign for the Med School, and some of that will be for endowed chairs and research money which will draw in sought after faculty. They did an incredible job with the Levine Cancer Institute (the ecosystem, not the buildings) in recruiting people from all over the world.
  11. Google Fiber is getting rid of their TV Service in Charlotte (they already have in other parts of the country) so beginning in September it's just a straight internet service.
  12. But US Airways is still listed as a major cargo operator in the state... They running Ghost Cargo planes?
  13. A few more: Old Pineville Premium Pub John's Restaurant Kopper Kettle Glenway Pub Kid Cashew On the closed list: Georges Brasserie This is about Mangione's, but has some references to a lot of Greek Places as well and the story is familiar and in common: https://www.southernfoodways.org/when-sicily-came-to-charlotte/
  14. This news was released a few hours after this news hit: https://www.gastongazette.com/story/news/2021/06/25/brewpub-coming-former-mount-holly-fire-station/5325112001/ https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/06/29/cbj-morning-buzz-firehawk-brewpub-mount-holly.html There's another brewery in the works for the region, this time just across the Catawba River from Charlotte in Gaston County. The Gaston Gazette reports Firehawk Brewpub will be the first known brewery in Mount Holly. Longtime restaurateur Scott Blackwood is behind that venture, which is converting an old f
  15. There's a small restaurant on the corner at Bland & Church but otherwise a leasing office and bike storage. Visual interest has a vastly different definition in my mind.
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