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  1. The County Commissioners made about 5 references last night about having to go into another closed session after their meeting concluded (around 10:15pm)
  2. Technically the Gold District ends at Winnifred Street so these are just in SouthEnd
  3. Wow, they actually replied? I've sent about 4 emails in the last 8mo and not a peep as a reply.
  4. Starting to crack down on parking in some (fairly) empty decks (Ucity). I know it’s a ‘penalty’ but $10 seems high. Who wouldn’t just buy a day pass?
  5. Take a look at what parcels between Park Av and New Bern are selling for. That has made many people recently change their minds. Multiple millions per acre can change a plan pretty quick.
  6. Interesting, that would make more sense than trying to keep them operating at the current site. SouthEnd is gonna be way too pricey RE for breweries very soon...
  7. I heard this weekend that a deal is in the works for Sycamore to sell out to Portman, and take ground floor space with 'beer garden' access in their development. They didn't give details but I assume it's a 2-phase project or another project adjacent? Anyone heard anything similar?
  8. I was under the impression that CATS was hitching their wagon to Value Capture to raise the majority of future revenue, and that a sales tax is completely off the table (unless the state legislature changes) and they are exploring other avenues. Any insight into their plans?
  9. There are a few groups doing this, including The Guild (http://wwwtheguild.co) in Dallas, Austin, Nashville, Miami, Cincinnati
  10. They used to, not sure if they still have the contract, haven't bought any Lidl beer in a while.
  11. I don't think they have--as far as I know--and agreed about private vendors, but they still exist in other cities, not sure if that's dictated by rules or by the market. Would be nice to see some more beef in the bcycle system. I've not joined because the areas you can go are still quite limited. Some dockless bikes in their system would be a game changer. Are the bcycle membership/usage stats available anywhere? I've never been able to find them.
  12. I thought we had a lot of scooters till I went to Austin... Scooters and Bikes EVERYWHERE, and they seem to be used a lot less often than in Charlotte, unless our scooter policy of trying to optimize the number actually works! But it was nice to have the JUMP bikes seemingly everywhere. I even liked them better than our old LimeBikes. Agreed, bring back bikes, or get Charlotte B-Cycle to do dockless ebikes like CitiBike provider Lyft/Motivate does.
  13. Breweries have been able to do this up until now, BUT it required them to create a new entity to produce said beer on contract for the retailer, which required multiple sets of permits to do so, now they can do it under the main brewery 'flag' as it were. i.e. Unknown making Lidl's private label IPA, but having to create Stryker Brewing to do so, instead of just Unknown doing so.
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