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  1. The library project is more tied to Seventh & Tryon, but Demo is still on track to start in 2021.
  2. It looks like this is the exact same relationship UNC currently has with Atrium, just moving it to Presby. No real net change for Charlotte.
  3. Some suggestions in Optimist Park: -Add Lintmen's project at 26th & North Davidson -The Greenway park north of 25th-27th is no longer planned and now follows the XCLT through that part of town (as correctly shown) -The N Davidson to Matheson section of the XCLT has incorrect info should be this: 09/16/2020 This project is now in the real estate acquisition phase and will enter the bid phase in early 2021. During this phase, the city uses a competitive bidding process to procure the services of contractors to build the project. By state law, the construction contract is awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. Construction is expected to start in mid-2021 and finish in 2022.
  4. Rhino has been consistently packed. Probably not the same lunch business but still busier than most uptown.
  5. I heard that REI has pulled out of the Colony Redevelopment and the only things moving forward for now is the Publix, Lifetime Fitness, and Multifamily. (I didn't even know REI had signed....)
  6. The best way to describe it is the adage about the older neighborhoods. Myers Park and Dilworth are some of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city. They both have foursquare apartments, duplexes, and ADUs a plenty, and no one bats an eye. If you imagine that type of density, its completely different than suddenly having a South End Texas doughnut next door to your Ballantyne McMansion. That would never happen under what's being discussed.
  7. Mods should merge this into the existing thread. You can see what from the early meetings made it into the document
  8. It's a duct bank Duke is building to supply Carolinas Medical Center. It's going to go down East Blvd to Garden Terrace where it will connect to the CMC campus.
  9. Currently the city is planning to build both these sections of the XCLT and they're pretty far in the design phase. They have been very reluctant to have developers build it because time tables aren't guaranteed. But Matheson-Craighead is further along than Craighead north.
  10. The US has the highest per mile construction costs for transit in the world by a LARGE margin... Throw tunnels in there... Phew...
  11. Truist is the all but announced tenant for the office tower behind the library for their technology center, connecting to their HQ tower next door.
  12. Google Fiber is actually expanding in SouthEnd, Optimist Park, and NoDa. I think they’re focusing on getting more multi family developments and commercial customers online in those neighborhoods to build critical mass more quickly. They still are very bullish on Charlotte with fiber.
  13. More LED lights on the new Atrium Building
  14. Looks like it's under contract to a MF developer...
  15. Putting together a ‘beer care package’ for someone on the west coast that wants to get an impression of the beer scene in Charlotte and it’s had me trying to figure out what the perfect Charlotte Beer Six Pack would be. Any thoughts?
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