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  1. It used to be in a studio visible from the street at Spirit Square, and they would often have donors to WFAE able to be in the studio for broadcasts.
  2. Jason Thomas posted these images on instagram that were released of the Morehead Square renovation. It will definitely not look like this. They lowered Morehead by about 10', and moved Carson station about 200' in their renderings. But will still be way better than what's there now. Great to see more trail/track adjacent work being done.
  3. The DoubleTree originally opened as 'Guest Quarters Hotel' which was the first 'extended stay' brand to go after the luxury market. Based in VA they were in the South/Mid Atlantic and it was quite nice when it opened. It was subsumed into DoubleTree in the early 1990s.
  4. That is similar to what is proposed at CLT, turning it into a modified version of the 'toast rack' model of airports. It's the most efficient design for connecting hubs. This will be phase 1: Followed by the final product which includes a new midfield terminal: This also shows that a new hotel would not be adjacent to the terminal where the old Tower is, but between the rail line and Wilkinson Blvd, all accessed via a People Mover. Note the plans for both a HSR stop and Silver Line Stop in the plans. The Tower is due to become an additional parking deck which will open up the Long term lots for commercial development. There have been a few plans which show the Midfield concourse replacing E, and E becoming more hard stand.
  5. CLT>


    So is the new Charlotte FC HQ and Practice facility technically in MoRa? And it means a project is actually getting developed on Levine land! Charlotte FC will open a new permanent training facility and business headquarters by the spring of 2023, the club announced Wednesday morning. According to club officials, the site will be located at 8600 McAlpine Park Drive and include a “privately-financed 52,000-plus square-foot facility” that features four fields and related facilities, and it will put Charlotte FC’s MLS team, its MLS NEXT Pro team and its academy teams “all under one roof.” “A permanent training facility and business headquarters for Charlotte FC has been a priority for the club since it was launched, and we’re excited to reach an agreement to bring this to life,” David Tepper, owner of Charlotte FC and the Carolina Panthers, said in a news release. “The timeline for this project was crucial and we’re delighted to deliver a first-class facility to our players and staff in Spring 2023.” Read more at: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/charlotte-fc/article264594856.html#storylink=cpy
  6. I believe it was moved to the South Side of the street till the library/7th&Tryon project is complete, then will shift back to the North side, that will also allow for the hotel loading zone to not be in a cycleway. But will be interesting to see if they put in cycle specific lights otherwise cyclists will be diagonally crossing an intersection twice...
  7. Is the project on Kings & Medical Center Drive a new parking deck to replace the one being taken down for the CMC bed tower?
  8. They still tow very promptly uptown. I saw someone being loaded up on Church yesterday at 4:02pm Will be interesting to see if the 'no parking from 4-6' restrictions get lifted since we don't have uptown gridlock at 5pm due to people being more spread out in the office.
  9. That QC HT is already doing a major renovation, expanding their Prepared foods area...
  10. Are there any recent developments that have done bike user infrastructure right? Parking, repair stations, signage, etc. What has been missing from most of what has been built lately?
  11. #5 in terms of Aircraft Movements (which has always been our higher ranking) https://aci.aero/2022/04/11/the-top-10-busiest-airports-in-the-world-revealed/
  12. Charlotte will likely end up with some kind of 'coordinating authority' that can deal with fare and route planning and ticketing, and leave the capital projects to each individual transit authority for the near term. That would then avoid what happened with MARTA happening here. As things start to move forward then land use planning would come with a further phase. The best first step is to figure out how to combine the MPOs combined first.
  13. It's also the original name of Atlanta. But this building definitely looks like some homemade LS*P low quality tat.
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