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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z5khGBwdHEVTkPFDGEpSqMfaBekY0CVl/view 96 units...looks to be early in design.
  2. Only brick boxes are allowed in Greenville, so no worries about something like that being built...
  3. Harris Teeter and Barberitos are scheduled to open early July in NorthPoint.
  4. The Commons is still a work in progress but all the shops have been busy so far and it will be a nice addition to the area. City Council had a meeting inside The Commons today and the timeline for more construction is very soon. You will start seeing infrastructure improvements in the next several weeks and more dirt to start moving in the February time frame...expect construction to take 18-24 months. The City wants to move this project along sooner rather than later.
  5. Unfortunately, I have heard that this project has been put on hold due to "uncertain future economic conditions."
  6. Is construction still on track for this spring?
  7. It will be a dog day care, grooming and training facility
  8. All the units have garages underneath...stepping down the roof line/elevation of each unit would have caused a major grading obstacle to allow for the parking in the rear.
  9. This is a nice project. Quality construction and finishes. Going to be great next to the new park.
  10. Anyone have an update on NorthPointe? Harris Teeter seems to be slow to get things going at Lewis Village...is the same thing happening here?
  11. This is great news for the North Main area!
  12. Second Harris Teeter coming to Greenville?
  13. I love how folks complain about the DRB when they make decisions and then they go hire an outside firm to oversee probably the most important development in Greenville and folks complain about that as well. Sometimes you just can't win. And those two buildings need to go...would stand out like a sore thumb with the new development if they were to remain.
  14. This doesn't necessarily bother me, but I feel that a lot of opportunities on Augusta Rd have been wasted (the community bank and CVS location top the list). In my opinion there should have been more smaller scale mixed use development along this stretch of Augusta Rd. to create a neighborhood downtown feel, much like Dilworth or similar areas around Charlotte.
  15. Heard they combined several units and 6 are sold. Construction should be underway soon. Pretty good for that price point.
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