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  1. greg225

    The Grove

    Dawson Creek in Baton Rouge will be realigned Good to go: The East Baton Rouge Parish Planning and Zoning Commission last night approved developer Richard Carmouche’s plan to realign Dawson Creek. The creek runs through The Grove—an 118-acre planned unit development east of the Mall of Louisiana—and would be widened and realigned to prevent possible future flooding. Carmouche’s request was deferred last month, but the commission staff says the plan is compatible with the surrounding areas and conforms to the Unified Development Code requirements.
  2. greg225

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Baton Rouge getting its first H&M store at Mall of Louisiana
  3. greg225

    The Health District

    BR Health District breaks ground for new roadway extension
  4. greg225

    The Grove

    Baton Rouge developers propose realigning Dawson Creek
  5. greg225

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Topgolf adding 350 jobs in Baton Rouge location ahead of 'early 2019' opening
  6. greg225

    Baton Rouge Riverfront Plan

    Trahan unveils plans for high-rise luxury condos on downtown Baton Rouge riverfront
  7. greg225

    St. George City Incorporation News

    It's also a loophole in the state law that allow annexation after November 27, I'm just saying
  8. greg225

    Northern EBR Parish Development

    $100,000 Plank Road revitalization grant awarded to East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority from Chase
  9. greg225

    The Health District

    Baton Rouge Health District asking for eastward expansion
  10. greg225

    Downtown East

    National Historic District designation for Downtown East in final stages
  11. greg225

    Baton Rouge Metro Airport

    Baton Rouge airport passenger volume continues upward trend
  12. greg225


    BREC selects two firms for Greenwood, zoo master plans
  13. greg225

    Downtown Library Plans

    Should be done for free
  14. greg225

    Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Police find 400lb statue stolen from park bench downtown
  15. greg225

    Nicholson Drive Corridor

    DOTD has Nicholson Drive transformation in the works