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  1. Movie Production in Baton Rouge

    Tom Hanks' WWII drama filming aboard USS Kidd this week
  2. Movie Production in Baton Rouge

    'Captain Marvel' is coming to New Orleans, Baton Rouge
  3. BREC

    Allied mayors join forces to oppose Baton Rouge Zoo relocation
  4. St. George City Incorporation News

    It would not surprise me if Perkins Rowe is annex next only because it was originally supposed to be included in BR Health District.
  5. BREC

    Baton Rouge Zoo moving to Airline site that flooded? BREC calls it 'feasible,' others question why
  6. BREC

    The question should be if they moved the zoo to that location where will the animals be moved when that location flood again like it did in 2016.
  7. Northern EBR Parish Development

    OLOL north Baton Rouge ER nearing completion as planned clinic project remains stalled
  8. Southern University

    Reimagining Southern
  9. Baton Rouge Metro Airport

    Washington D.C. best chance for new direct flight from Baton Rouge this year
  10. Northern EBR Parish Development

    Our Lady of the Lake constructing north Baton Rouge emergency room startingTuesday
  11. Northern EBR Parish Development

    Deal reached between state, OLOL to create north Baton Rouge emergency room
  12. Northern EBR Parish Development

    I post the whole article because its a great article. I copy and paste and I will continue doing that.
  13. Northern EBR Parish Development

    I grew up in Scotlandville its not as bad as it use to be that's the same for lot of NBR neighborhoods. I think what some people don't get if more opportunity comes to NBR a lot of the crime that exist will start to decline. A lot of outsiders don't think change can happen, but whats different its not just the parents are grandparents that want change its also the young people that want change.
  14. Northern EBR Parish Development

    I like this statement because its so true.