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  1. Take a look at the comment section of the petition
  2. My thoughts exactly. There’s the petition and funny Twitter account gaining traction. But it’s clear that no one of any major influence has the courage to join in or at least promote those two things. Someone with a name needs to step up because it needs to reach all audiences of Charlotte for any potential change to occur. Let’s not just sweep this under the rug. We all hate this thing. Charlotte influencers have gone after far more controversial topics. At least share or write about the movement. It needs a light shown on it and some people that hate the sign have that spotlight available and aren’t using it.
  3. Truist should be ashamed. This looks awful. The logo part doesn’t look terrible, but the name couldn’t look worse. I sent emails to each council member months ago before approval. Not one reply. They should have listened to zoning committee members that argued the signage would detract from the architectural features. I understand the business side of Truist purchasing Hearst, but they clearly have no appreciation for high-quality architecture. A tower like this did not need giant signage, let alone it being cheap-looking attached to rectangular boards.
  4. It was pushed back to next weekend due to an issue with the helicopter. I always pictured the signage looking like the attached photo (can’t remember who made it – my bad). I figured Truist would do this right. But after driving past the letters the other day, it seems they have gone the cheap route and attached the letters to light brown boards to match the concrete. I am so disappointed Truist doesn’t see the architectural value of their new HQ. Covering up those architectural accents at the top is a huge mistake that cheapens the aesthetic of this beautiful tower. I’m bracing for the worst because that’s where I see this signage headed... Love the new lighting, but Truist is making a giant, cheap-looking mistake with their signage.
  5. Appreciate all of the drone pics, @gman430! My girlfriend is from Greenville and I went to Clemson. Always look forward to your Queen City aerial updates.
  6. Very pleased with this. Let’s keep correcting the ground level. https://www.crescentcommunities.com/media/press/crescent-communities-nuveen-real-estate-announce-renovation-plans-for-newly-named-one-independence-center/
  7. This is the one tower I don’t mind being a bit shorter. The decrease could be for the benefit of not blocking the Power Tower while still being a tall addition. The slant of the new tower should perfectly frame the start of Duke’s triangular top. Any update on the media mesh?
  8. Loving the new lights. Going to hate the signage up top. Will definitely ruin the aesthetic of an iconic Charlotte tower.
  9. I thought about that too, KJ. That is terribly sad. I showed him our takeout bag though so he knew we weren’t up to anything. Maybe I should have offered him some. He broadly said we were trespassing, so didn’t feel like I could go several floors down and stay. Oh well, we tried to get creative to enjoy a pandemic-responsible Saturday night haha. Back to more exciting miscellaneous development news...
  10. Last night my girlfriend and I picked up dinner from NC Red and were going to take it somewhere to eat and watch the sunset. We drove back Uptown and went to the 7th Street parking deck to the top for the views. When we got up there, there was a security officer waiting for us, so I went ahead and drove up to him and rolled down my window to talk. I said we were just going to sit in my car, eat our dinner, and leave. He interrupted me, told me it was private property of Bank of America, and that we were trespassing. I didn’t feel like getting into it with him and our food was getting cold, so I told him to have a good night and left. Can anyone explain why this was a problem? How can they reason it’s trespassing if I took a ticket and I’m paying to be in the garage?
  11. That is similar to how I feel about Nashville. Outside of Broadway, I don’t see the appeal. And I’ve been to every large U.S. city. What Nashville has going for it is its brand. I have had four girl friends that are from Charlotte move to Nashville after college. Each one of them returned after a year or two. They always have the same reply: “Nashville was fun in the beginning, but it got old quickly. Charlotte’s a better place to live.” What I love about Charlotte is there is something for every type of person. The best thing that could happen to our city is the continual growth and maturation of our very different neighborhoods and their identities. The friends I mentioned grew up with me in the Charlotte suburbs. They went to college and didn’t pay much attention to what was developing here. I did pay attention and moved back after college and saw a whole new city with unique neighborhoods surrounding Uptown and a whole lot more to do. They discovered the same eventually and developed a new appreciation for their city. Now one lives in South End, one in Dilworth, one in NoDa, and one in Plaza Midwood. None of them knew of 3 out of 4 of those areas while growing up here.
  12. Can’t wait to see how you help push Charlotte towards becoming an even better city. Welcome home!
  13. I saw some of the astroturf rolled up sitting by the rocks when I walked by the other day
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