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  1. I get it. I'm in Finance. It's Truist's tower come March. But, this is exactly the type of passive mentality that allows stuff to happen in our great city. There are measurements we as Charlotteans can take to make our concerns known. Didn't WeWork apply for larger signage than allowed or am I remembering incorrectly? I know someone did recently and it was granted. As already noted, no one raised their voice over the WeWork signage and now we have a poorly-aligned sign on a building that frames the view from Romare Bearden. Apathy is the worst thing our city could face for its future growth...
  2. I agree as well. And for what it is worth, I hyped up this project to everyone I know in the area. Love the idea of a charming alley between the two structures. Should have been. The retail is great and I am very appreciative of it, but we must hold developers to a higher standard. If we stop caring and stop speaking out (attending meetings, etc. - not complaining into the abyss), we will get more wasted development opportunities like this. I love our beautiful city and want it to continue growing, but with well-designed projects.
  3. This. Like others, I am very concerned about signage being added to the top of this iconic Charlotte building. It will surely ruin the aesthetic of Hearst's architecture. We need to make sure we don't roll over if this comes through rezoning and make our voices heard. I'll adjust to calling it Truist Center over time (even though I don't want to), but if Truist truly wants to make a good impression on the Queen City like they say, don't mess with the top of this tower.
  4. New DEC lights will hopefully be coming before the RNC. I know they were proposed for the 2020 budget.
  5. UP roll call I'll be there. Can't wait!
  6. From Atherton's marketing video, it looks like this small portion is all that will be covered Really hoping this isn't the case and that more is covered. Would love to see something similar to the unique garage mural in NoDa facing the light rail.
  7. Hey KJ, just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of your picture updates. I enjoy your love for the QC – I’m wired the same way.
  8. Is yours still holding up well? Which model did you get? Thanks!
  9. Booked the London flight! Thanks for all of the recommendations. We set a price alert using the Hopper app and were notified that roundtrip flights were $585 yesterday, so we booked directly through the Delta site. Same flight is over $1,200 now. Woah. Can't recommend that app enough. Pumped to see our Panthers in London!
  10. I'm late to do this but I'm planning a week-long trip for the London game. Does anyone have recommendations regarding flights and game tickets? Trying to keep things as cheap as possible. I'm tempted to do Priceline round trip for around $750. And I'm keeping an eye on StubHub for tickets. I've only had a layover in Heathrow and didn't get to see the city, so I figured the Panthers game was the perfect excuse to finally see London!
  11. Beautiful photos, from one Clemson guy to another. Thanks for all of the drone pics in each thread. Really helps in watching all of these new developments grow.
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