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  1. From Atherton's marketing video, it looks like this small portion is all that will be covered Really hoping this isn't the case and that more is covered. Would love to see something similar to the unique garage mural in NoDa facing the light rail.
  2. Hey KJ, just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of your picture updates. I enjoy your love for the QC – I’m wired the same way.
  3. Is yours still holding up well? Which model did you get? Thanks!
  4. Booked the London flight! Thanks for all of the recommendations. We set a price alert using the Hopper app and were notified that roundtrip flights were $585 yesterday, so we booked directly through the Delta site. Same flight is over $1,200 now. Woah. Can't recommend that app enough. Pumped to see our Panthers in London!
  5. I'm late to do this but I'm planning a week-long trip for the London game. Does anyone have recommendations regarding flights and game tickets? Trying to keep things as cheap as possible. I'm tempted to do Priceline round trip for around $750. And I'm keeping an eye on StubHub for tickets. I've only had a layover in Heathrow and didn't get to see the city, so I figured the Panthers game was the perfect excuse to finally see London!
  6. Beautiful photos, from one Clemson guy to another. Thanks for all of the drone pics in each thread. Really helps in watching all of these new developments grow.
  7. Will the Atherton Mill parking deck be screened by Crescent as well? I assume it will be. Wish they would do something cool like they did to the Novel NoDa deck.
  8. The Charlotte Coca-Cola Bottling Co. sign has been removed from the brick at 223 N. Graham. Hard losing Polk and now this. We have lost so much character in that area in just a few weeks.
  9. I was at 3rd Street Station waiting on the light rail after All-Star Saturday, and a man walked up to me and asked which side he should be on to go to UNC. A lot of visitors refer to UNCC this way and I always assume they think it is a branch of Chapel Hill. UNCC students deserve an identity they can be proud of, so I am all for The University of Charlotte. Makes so much sense from a marketing and brand perspective.
  10. I love Fourth Ward Park and I'm excited for the improvements. It's an area I always show visiting friends. Even friends that live and grew up here are amazed when I walk them to Fourth Ward and they always say they had no idea it was there. It's Charlotte's hidden gem. This centerpiece for the main fountain looks like the piece that once sat outside Hearst. Glad to see it found a home again in Uptown.
  11. You could use SurveyMonkey to help figure out a draft day/time. That way we vote and the best day is determined. Next Monday evening works for me. Just can’t make it this Friday.
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