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  1. If they install the comfy recliners seats it will replace Breckinridge as my go to theater. A dine in and bar would also be neat but I won't get my hopes up.
  2. Great seeing Downtown LR getting a coffee scene. I'll be trying this and the new one in the river market that serves Onyx coffee on my weekend morning river trail rides.
  3. Would be nice to see the acxiom building full again bringing more daytime activity to the river market. Simmons has rapidly grown the past several years. Maybe they could even build a new office tower downtown. LR hasn't seen a new mid/high rise office building in what seems like ages.
  4. Sorry I was wrong, could of sworn I read that Bentonville was getting one but I guess it was something else.
  5. Bentonville has an In N Out. Not saying it will be one but it would be cool. At least we have a David's burger in the river market. I wonder what kind of retail the new library parking deck will get? Seems like a good spot for a Bar Louie type place.
  6. Holiday in express on same block as Hilton garden inn? How accurate is this? Doesn't seem to be room for that on the block but if so that's exciting
  7. I've lived in Little Rock for 5 years and haven't seen a new construction project over 6 floors in downtown area. Guessing demand isn't there and lack of developers.
  8. I wonder if they plan on the two hotels sharing parking? That will be nice density on that block, hope to see more apartment projects planned in that area soon. The demand seems to be there
  9. Unfortunately this is the street our highway engineers want to run interstate on/off traffic through (4th St.) for the new 30 crossing plan. Just as the area was starting to become a walkable/livable environment.
  10. Does the deck have any retail space facing Clinton Ave? If not what a huge missed opportunity. And yes, it's not very pretty to look at
  11. Nice to see this project getting off the ground. Now it's Alofts turn
  12. Maybe that will kickstart the Aloft project also? Downtown projects are moving at a snails pace, I don't think there is a single crane anywhere downtown at the moment while Tulsa, OKC and many other comparable sized cities have been seeing construction booms.
  13. I agree that the Aloft needs to happen. I like the Hilton garden inn site and hope it still gets built, not sure what's causing the long delay? The Vib project seemed like an odd project and location, not surprised to hear that it may be cancelled.
  14. Looks like Northwest Arkansas and dozens of other small-mid sized markets may be getting Top Golf. No mention of Little Rock unfortunately. I think one would do well around midtown or near the outlets.
  15. Get ready for the boom NWA, word is getting out. Also, Little Rock came in at #32, not bad.
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