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  1. PruneTracy

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Fake news, everyone knows that trees don't grow on money.
  2. The paved half-mile track was built in 1957, but auto races were taking place at the horse track as early as 1904 and at least annually (during the state fair) since 1915. It sounds like at some point the paved oval coexisted with a horse track, either the same one or a smaller one elsewhere on the property. It would be interesting to know how often the track was being used for auto racing versus horse racing prior to the construction of the paved oval. All of the history items I've seen focus on auto racing for obvious reasons.
  3. PruneTracy

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    That's not how you spell Skoal Bandits
  4. PruneTracy

    JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    It's apparently working for that guy in the black golf shirt and hat, though.
  5. PruneTracy

    Soccer in Nashville

    Sharing the Car Hole would also allow the $250 million to be spent on upgrades that would keep the stadium fresh for the next 20-30 years in the same vein as the Hard Rock Stadium upgrades. It wouldn't be technically difficult to add a partial roof covering the seats, for example.
  6. PruneTracy

    Soccer in Nashville

  7. The garage facilities at Eldora are located outside the track. CWTS races at Eldora are staged and pit stops aren't allowed outside the stage breaks. I don't think NASCAR would allow the national circuits to run at the Fairgrounds Speedway unless the infield was significantly renovated (think Bristol's layout which is already sub-optimal). At a minimum the quarter-mile / figure-eight track would be removed which would hurt the marketability of the track that much more. The best we can hope for (and will probably get with SMI) is a return of K&N Pro Series East which has much more relaxed requirements for pit and garage facilities. Again if SMI was serious about the Nashville market they'd pick up the superspeedway. Even if it is a cookie-cutter. My vision for the Fairgrounds Speedway is to put the 35-degree banking back in the corners and go full Bristol. Better yet, rip out the pavement and go dirt. Cup races on a dirt version of Bristol, that will put butts in seats.
  8. The distinction is in the type of development being proposed. A lot of people who live in detached houses in suburban and rural areas wouldn't appreciate someone building a 50-story skyscraper next door (present company probably excluded). That's not really NIMBYism. Most of those same people wouldn't have an issue if the 50-story skyscraper was built in the middle of downtown instead. This is the most common usage, but it's not really NIMBYism either. Different neighborhoods have different expected levels of development and what fits in one won't in another. Many people in all areas would have an issue if a landfill, power plant, or similar development were built close to their house. This is the original definition of NIMBYism (i.e., emphasis on the "my"). These things have to go somewhere and unfortunately people sometimes live near where the best locations are. We do need a new word for the following groups of people (I have a lot of four-letter ones): People who move into a neighborhood and start complaining about things that existed in that neighborhood before they were there (cf. Fairgrounds Speedway) People who move into new subdivisions in small towns or rural areas and start complaining about newer subdivisions being built, as if they are magically the last person allowed into the area before it transforms from a quaint country hideaway to a spawling exurb
  9. I was always intrigued by this. Who do you hire? Do you get strippers who can't sing, or singers who can't strip? Is it better to have someone who looks good in the nude but has a mediocre voice, or the other way around? How hard is it to find people who can sing in the nude, isn't that pretty much the ultimate test for stage fright? And karaoke implies an amateur performer from the crowd. How many musicians looking for their big shot in Nashville ended up doing this? Do you think there were any music executives hanging around to catch the next big star at the Brass Stables? Always just more questions than answers.
  10. I'm down with this if just to hear tourists butcher it like they do Demonbreun.
  11. PruneTracy

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    "Crane Wars" would be vastly more entertaining if they set up eight cranes in a single pit and had the people fight each other with their cranes to knock each other over until there was a last crane standing. I know we all want to see Lake Palmer get filled in, but if we reserve it for filming this, add some barracuda / electric eels / sharks with lasers to the pit, and rename it to Lake Thunderdome, then I think this would be a better use of the property.