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  1. I think it's actually a new campus for Tabernacle Baptist Church which is currently in 12 South. Not very large, I know.
  2. The state has an $875 million rainy day fund as well that may cover portions of the decrease.
  3. Current TDOT standards require bridge rails where pedestrian traffic is present to be at least 42 inches high. This is consistent with the height recommended by AASHTO (though not for bicycle traffic, which was recently increased to 54 inches). The higher fences you see on bridges are a requirement by CSX for aerial encroachments that carry pedestrian traffic. They must be a minimum of 8 feet high and can't have openings larger than two inches square. This is not so much an issue of pedestrian safety as it is to prevent foreign objects from falling (i.e., being thrown) onto CSX tracks or trains. (Although I suppose a falling pedestrian technically counts as a foreign object...) It was not that long ago that this board was complaining about the fences on the Division Street overpass being too obtrusive.
  4. I'm not sure how much work has been performed in the field of critical failure modes for infinity pools but even if the entire side gave way the water wouldn't reach ground level in a single mass. It would spread out enough to where the effect would be like a very heavy rain.
  5. The technical term for this is "federalism".
  6. Buckner as it relates to I-65 is only a new interchange—no widening on the Interstate. If you want the transit study, it is here: https://www.southcorridor.org/
  7. I can tell a boomer made this meme because they gave themselves hair.
  8. Really the question is, do I have enough socks to last until the leaves get on the trees?
  9. No can do, that's where my proposed Formula One circuit is going (after I earn my next billion, of course).
  10. I feel compelled to note here that the wind speed standards, aside from focusing on straight-line winds, would only cover an EF-1 tornado at 110 MPH.
  11. These guys keep up with it pretty well on a yearly basis, if you can overlook the static. https://www.bigsoccer.com/threads/mls-2020-attendance-thread.2108711/ It's interesting to see what NSC's expectations are for the rest of the season. Here is the baseline seating chart for future games: As you can see it's restricted to the lower level and club level outside of the corners (not that there's anything stopping them from opening sections as needed). Assuming I can do math the white sections as shown are about 30,000 seats (24,000 in the lower level and 6,000 in the club level). This would be the sixth-largest MLS stadium in terms of restricted capacity, just like the new stadium. (It's the third-largest in terms of absolute capacity; predictably, the NFL stadiums are the four biggest in MLS.) Theoretically, NSC has the seating capacity at Nissan Stadium to lead the league in attendance. Setting aside the empty sections in the east upper level, they also had the west corners of the club level tarped off on Saturday, so it seems there is a ceiling to the number of seats that will be opened regardless of demand. It will be interesting to see if they tarp others for "normal" games. The attendance this year will show whether or not a new stadium is a prudent decision. If NSC can regularly draw 30,000 fans to a 20-year-old bare-bones stadium with no roof, then it seems Metro would be better off using $300 million in bonding capacity on upgrades to Nissan Stadium, including a partial roof over the towers (think CenturyLink Field), having both the Titans and NSC help to retire the bonds and giving Ingram a path to buying into the stadium's revenue. That would give NSC the new stadium bump in a prime location and the extra capacity for marquee matches, while also satisfying the Titans' long-term stadium needs and making the venue more attractive for other events. One nice big renovated stadium is better than one generic-brand old stadium and one brand-new small one.
  12. We've finally made it! https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/02/28/looking-to-live-mas-a-taco-bell-cantina-has-its.html
  13. You guys are getting punk'd again. Don't you know who loves wearing trucker hats?
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