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  1. So counties/municipalities can't hide a tax increase in a reappraisal. If they want to raise taxes per state law it has to be done via tax rate increase instead of under the table by increasing appraised values.
  2. The reason the sidewalk is set back from the roundabout on the west side is that it saves room for a bypass lane for 8th Avenue. (Not that it wouldn't be cool for the tower to overhang the lane.) The traffic analysis for the roundabout indicated that a bypass lane would eventually be needed but whether it ever gets constructed is unclear. The areas needed for tie-ins on the north/south edges have already been taken up by development. The southernmost west-facing wall could have more windows as it fronts the alley space (though not with the best views in the unlikely event the Diersen Charities lot eventually includes a 600'+ tower). It seems the main elevator bank could have been placed in the north half of the building (or all units given private elevator banks) and provided more window frontage for the two units in the southern half. Of course, I also would have turned the hallway between the two halves of the building into a series of skybridges with floor-to ceiling glass and produced a vertigo-inducing hallway of death, so what do I know.
  3. I'm pretty sure it was Mrs. Winner's / Lee's. That was their style of building (incidentally the Bellevue Diner, which was formerly another Athens location, is also in an old Mrs. Winner's building). I miss Mrs. Winner's.
  4. It's a little more nuanced than that. The easiest way to dispose of flood volume is to convey it out of the area. This is where dredging can help by increasing the flow capacity of the waterway (although as @smeagolsfree noted, it's not very cost-effective). But waterways have a maximum capacity, generally dictated by terrain, and in flatter areas or reaches the flood volume has to be stored. That's why coastal cities, with flat, slow-moving waterways, are more reliant on large-scale detention storage than inland cities with relatively steep rivers and streams. (It's also why, to answer @titanhog's question, that you don't often see impounded waterways in high-density areas, setting aside run-of-the-river types like Cheatham Lake.) When you get to areas like MetroCenter, that has a large impact on the balance between developing high-value property and providing flood detention.
  5. There are economic considerations, as others have noted, but the big factor is access/egress. Lower bowl spectators enter the top of their seating sections from ground level and thus don't require ramps, stairs, or elevators.
  6. Widening from the state line to Browns Ferry Road is likely going to design-build next year.
  7. Architect heard it was a building for pole workers and completely misunderstood.
  8. It's kind of two separate things. TDOT partnered with CSX on the study and proposal, and TDOT proposed to build a rail/highway tunnel system under Monteagle, but CSX wouldn't have been involved in the latter part. The CSX corridor and the Interstate 24 corridor land in two separate valleys to the south of the plateau, so going in together on a tunnel would require miles of relocation for one or the other. The study is here, by the way: https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/tdot/documents/highspeed.pdf
  9. It's a little worrisome that Austin's transit authority seems more concerned with finding the right demographic to vote for their plan than whether their plan serves the public.
  10. The problem from a traffic engineering perspective is that WFH doesn't automatically take vehicles off the road. You may remember if you were out and about back in April and May of last year that, especially during nice weather, traffic took on a weekend pattern of higher midday volumes as people went to the park, etc. Additionally, even if you're working from home, you may still have to get out to, for example, take the kids to school during rush hour. It's not that big of a deal from the perspective of capacity but it also introduces its own inefficiencies into a transportation network that is geared towards high directional traffic during a few hours in the morning and afternoon.
  11. There are lots of organizations on the business side that exist almost solely for the purpose of hosting conventions; one imagines that they will be doing everything they can to schedule as normal this year or they are gone as well. Of course there are also plenty of people employed downstream who depend on convention traffic and want to see them return as quickly as possible. It's interesting as one of the chief criticisms of the Music City Center when it was proposed was that conventions would soon be obsolete and replaced with virtual meetings. Obviously the MCC did not have that issue in the short-term, but it will be interesting to see how or whether in-person conventions rebound when that switch to virtual was mandated by COVID lockdowns rather than happening organically.
  12. There's something about the word Puttshack that is off-putting to me. I feel like if I stubbed my toe in the dark, I might yell out, AW PUTTSHACK! Or I might say something like, those dumb puttshacks put the drainage pipe in backwards again. I'm definitely not thinking, let's go have a good time at the Puttshack tonight.
  13. Don't know how interested you guys are in this but there's a new podcast that details the history of Tennessee's highway system. https://www.highwaysee.com/
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