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  1. Not really, rural roads with open drainage systems are fairly low-maintenance. Most of TDOT's maintenance funds go to paving and bridge repair and the empty rural roads are low on the paving priority list. Understand too a lot of these roads were specifically determined by legislature, particularly the four-lane divided roads that connect county seats (Maynardsville and Tazewell are the county seats of Union and Claiborne Counties, respectively). State Route 111 from Cookeville to Chattanooga (the empty road to Fall Creek Falls State Park) was mandated by legislation. TDOT wants the flexibility to enter into P3s because it gives them the opportunity to self-finance (or more accurately have the private entity self-finance) major roadway projects in the urban areas. They won't be toll roads, they will more likely be HOT/express lanes and other projects that include free general-purpose lanes. P3s can include 20-year (or whatever time limit) tolling schemes after which the roadway becomes free, but this was already studied by TDOT some years ago and is a political no-go. Rightly IMO as we've seen what happens in other states when they get the authority to toll, the tolls never go away. They're like taxes. If you all want mass transit P3s then you have to have a schematic that allows a private partner to come in and self-fund; i.e., it has to be profitable in some fashion even if the state is financing/donating ROW or otherwise removing regulatory hurdles. As it stands the P3 projects will include some provisions for mass transit such as bus lanes.
  2. Is the field actually turned to an east-west orientation in the proposed stadium? I know it has a roof, but AT&T Stadium has issues with glare due to the windows.
  3. We need a Tour-caliber (or, I guess, LIV-caliber) course in the Nashville area. I'm not sure we have one without renovation and/or manipulating grass length. I thought maybe the Governor's Club, but its course rating off the championship tees is about 74. NGAC (which hosted Korn Ferry tour or Web.com or whatever it's called) is 75. For comparison, TPC Southwind in Memphis is 76 and the St. Jude is generally a low-scoring tournament. Of course I don't think we would get a Tour date with an established one in Memphis.
  4. Emma's is coming down this afternoon. Edit: I'm about to put on a hard hat and vest and see if I can sneak up there and steal a pink CMU, wish me luck
  5. By the way MNPS unveiled the logo for James Lawson High School. It's no Owls...
  6. It didn't have to be international, the concepts we showed in our interview were fancy enough. Keep in mind that the site has a lot of horizontal constraints, one of which is NRHP-listed. There's practically no room to widen the bridge and the only candidate for clawing back width is the TWLTL which leads to some awkward lane shifts/tapers. What's frustrating here is that at the time this was in the planning stages the Hyatt had not yet been built and the Tennessean's building was still standing. There could have been an opportunity to grab some extra ROW to the north at least.
  7. The biggest flaw with the MLS stadium deal in retrospect is that we are now going to have two brand-new stadiums with the associated construction/maintenance costs when we could have had one designed from the ground up to accommodate both football and soccer.
  8. In the planning process Buffalo and the Bills went all-in on making the elements part of the game-day experience (for fans and for the visiting teams). They were never going to accept a dome but, with apologies to Buffalo, they aren't really high on anyone's list for a Super Bowl, Final Four, etc. destination with or without a climate-controlled stadium, so that makes the decision easier. Still, football should be played outside and props to them for owning it.
  9. "Because the developers paid eleventy trillion dollars to rotate the entire city thirty degrees clockwise so we could watch the sun rise over Mount Juliet, which they created from the demolition waste of all of north Nashville when they removed it to create an urban forest. Obviously."
  10. It seems like it would be fairly easy to verify. We have a baseline of how many events come to the existing stadium each year and the economic impacts of that. We have a good idea of the events that can come to a domed stadium that would not be able to come to the existing stadium, and data on the potential economic impacts of those. The difference between those is the potential benefit of building a domed stadium. So does the revenue that can be raised from this difference cover the costs of building the domed stadium or not?
  11. I think they are rolling on interior demo of the existing structures on this one. Bunch of workers parked in the Emma's back parking lot with a ro-ro dumpster and demo gear. Also the car-share that was using the Rite-Aid canopy has removed all of its vehicles and equipment.
  12. That's in the 500-year floodplain. Maybe not the best location for an ER facility
  13. I'm a little confused about the target market here. It's not a good club track; it's too complex, doesn't have enough runoff room, smaller layouts look like an afterthought. It's not a good grand prix circuit; it's still too complex, has a very un-Tilke layout (that might be a good thing), doesn't look like it would produce good racing. They seem to have tried to set it up for motorcycles but missed a couple of corners. It looks good for endurance or sports cars but are you planning on running at night next to the villas? That's also a lot of grandstand space. All that being said since the road course inventory of the state consists of the superspeedway's roval, Memphis' drag strip circuit (which probably has weeds growing on it) and a smattering of private tracks I'll take whatever we can get.
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