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  1. It actually has the opposite effect. It's known as "Three Stooges Syndrome".
  2. That was awarded for design back in February.
  3. They're going to finish an apartment complex before the Popeye's opens.
  4. Hastings may be architect of record, Populous has done that on some other projects across the country.
  5. They can't increase property tax revenue through a reappraisal. https://comptroller.tn.gov/boards/state-board-of-equalization/sboe-resources/certified-tax-rate.html
  6. My guess is that Dover loses their second date and the Nashville race transfers to SMI. Another possibility is that SMI gets a midweek race on the week of the Dover race. This makes a lot of sense from a scheduling standpoint but it seems unlikely that SMI would spend a lot of money to renovate the track for a midweek race. Plus no one likes cookie cutter tracks.
  7. As much as I hate to say it, moving a Dover date (usually an interesting or at least unique race ) to the superspeedway is a downgrade. The only thing the track has going for it from a racing perspective is the surface.
  8. Wait, so they're letting a rival have a Nashville race so they can get money to renovate the Fairgrounds to have a Nashville race. Clearly what we need is a midweek race at the Fairgrounds followed by a full race weekend at the superspeedway. Or... downtown street circuit
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler's_veto
  10. The new purple livery is a real downgrade, which is saying something. Alcoa Highway and Middlesettlements Road in Maryville is another extant DDI. The new Hickory Hollow Parkway interchange will be one as well as Buckner Road when it goes to construction. TDOT tends to latch on to novel interchange treatments, so much so that you can tell when various roadways were built by the style and configuration of their interchanges. It was SPUIs in the 90s and naughty aughties, now it's DDIs. I'm not a fan of the DDI in many of these applications as it's designed for high left-turn volumes in constrained ROW or when retrofitting an existing bridge. It's not the ideal treatment for high left-turn traffic. SR 66 needed a flyover and Buckner could easily have a loop ramp. Donelson needs a full interchange even with the airport interchange nearby. Hickory Hollow is just a wacky configuration.
  11. Meh, let's hold out for the zettafactory. I don't want to get into a testy Tesla tussle with Tulsa.
  12. Traffic projections are always open to interpretation (especially when a new roadway is involved), but this one does improve level of service on State Route 96 and Hillsboro Pike in the design year, according to the NEPA traffic study. It is refreshing since so many end up getting named after politicians. Just think, one day people might drive on the Prune Tracy Parkway.
  13. Briley makes more sense as a loop of I-40. All of the I-40 loop numbers are used in Tennessee, but can be reused between metro areas (cf. North Carolina). So I would make Briley I-640 to confuse the GIS folks at TDOT. The other option is stealing I-240 from Memphis and fixing their abysmal numbering system by re-designating I-240 as I-469, which will make more sense once I-69 is completed in Tennessee (in twenty-never). That being said, Briley desperately needs an upgrade to freeway standards between I-40 and I-24 next to the airport (and subsequent extension of the Interstate designation to I-24). I detailed the work needed to achieve that here: It is not cheap (low nine figures as noted in this post) but a relatively small effort for a large return, namely getting a bypass for I-24 through downtown. Ellington Parkway doesn't provide a system connection at its southern end and is therefore not a loop (yet). All I-65 spur numbers are available for use (keeping in mind that Vietnam Veterans Parkway and Saturn Parkway could also be spurs of I-65). For what it's worth Interstate policy is inconsistent between states and largely a matter of policy/funding issues. Tennessee has many highways that fit the criteria to be Interstates (and would be in a different state) and has a few Interstates that aren't a good fit (and wouldn't be in a different state). But it's clear from the I-840 switch that drivers want to see that shield before they consider it as an alternative route. Keep in mind that much of that area is flood-prone (both of the area and flash varieties) and is not suitable for development. It would make a nice park. I will have to run it through the conceptual design wringer.
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