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  1. That one is tough. The building to be converted has to have the right qualities, mostly geared towards accommodating the increased water/sewer needs both in the core and on each floor (such as excess ceiling height). Other residential-specific services/features, such as garbage chutes and opening windows, are more or less a bust without major changes to the building. And even if the building is a good fit, the conversion is generally pretty expensive, so it requires very high land values to work out financially. It seems like the best option is to mark out a bunch of roads on each floor i
  2. Can't tell if that name is supposed to be a reference or not.
  3. Probably, Alberta is the most, how do I put this... country of the provinces.
  4. Back when diagnostic team reviews were more of a thing at TDOT my old firm had one of the on-call contracts to perform them. I think we did over 120 DTRs at highway-rail grade crossings across the state and every one that had an incident involving a truck getting stuck at the crossing (which is not the same as an incident where a train strikes a truck at the crossing) was already signed properly. Part of it is probably inexperienced or careless truck drivers (and not always professionals; plenty of people driving rentals get stuck too) but they can also be put in tough situations. If you'
  5. I thought it was weird as well. It was pulled off for the Rolling Stones concert but not sure if it was done specifically because of that. They might have also wanted a nice field for national TV on Monday night but TSU playing on it on Saturday kind of hurts that. And it's way too early for their normal resodding. I like the grass, football is meant to be played on a natural surface. The NFL needs more messy games (and soccer could stand to get a little dirty every once in a while too).
  6. It will be a space for parking/maneuvering but I think the paved limits will be the same as shown in that photo.
  7. I'm just saying, it's all fun and games until you have to poop on your honeymoon.
  8. I swear I don't get this recent trend of hotel rooms not having discrete (or should it be discreet?) bathrooms.
  9. A commuter rail station at Wedgewood-Houston is pretty tight spacing between the proposed stations at Wedgewood Avenue and South Gulch. It works better for the light rail option, but the light rail option is not necessarily tied to the CSX alignment.
  10. More or less. Bruceton Subdivision: passes through Belle Meade, Bellevue, Pegram, Kingston Springs, Dickson Chattanooga Subdivision: passes through Antioch, La Vergne, Smyrna, and Murfreesboro Henderson / Main Line Subdivision: passes through East Nashville, Madison, Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, and Gallatin Nashville / Nashville Terminal Subdivision: passes through Oak Hill, Berry Hill, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, and Columbia (this is in the South Corridor Study as an alternative) Most of the places listed above have the CSX line in their downtown ar
  11. TDOT released a map of potential roadway improvements around the megasite that includes a new interchange between SR 59 and SR 222. These will likely be alternative delivery given the compressed schedule. https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/tdot/construction/alternative_delivery/InterstateAccessRouteMap_9.28.21.pdf
  12. The Memphis megasite has access to the CSX Memphis Subdivision to the north; it is a requirement for megasite certification and was frequently included in the marketing. I'm sure Ford plans to utilize it to the maximum possible extent. The problem is that the CSX subdivisions between Nashville and Memphis are single-track. I'm pretty sure they run dark too, or at least one of the subdivisions (Bruceton or Memphis) does. So CSX is limited in how much freight they can move in this area and they are already pretty close to their limit. RJ Corman (a short line, not a Class I) has their s
  13. Current construction notwithstanding, BNA is a single-terminal airport, so the single access/egress point is, if not by design, then at least baked into it. It should work out in a lot of ways, as it makes navigation for arrivals easier and there is a single security checkpoint. One of the things that BNA could do that is/was not featured in TARI (it may be a separate project) would be to extend the loading/unloading zones further along the backsides of Concourses A and D. If not for the adjacent construction it would be possible to add additional entrance/exit ramps to the area in the mi
  14. Best Tennessee license plate coming through We shouldn't allow Colorado and Wyoming to be the only states who have their plates in the shape of their state borders.
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