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  1. About six months ago I read they were planning on building a 6 to 8 story structure across the street from Walmart headquarters. Haven't been up there for a while. Has anything happened with that?
  2. The people of Arkansas want tax cuts. Then there's no money for roads, education, etc. The type of things that increase investment by businesses which in turn increases our revenue base . . . and we fail to grasp this simple concept and we keep falling further behind. Businesses don't move here because our population is uneducated and we don't have the needed infrastructure or the needed tax base. Tough to swallow. A true lack of leadership for many decades and to this day getting worse.
  3. I agree. Arkansas as usual is behind all other states in infrastructure, education, etc. We are a poor state because we have never believed in investing for the future. we don't believe in increasing revenue for the common good via taxation thus we don't get the higher paying jobs that increase the future tax base that leads to yet more growth. Even today we are falling further and further behind because of a selfish mentality of 'I got mine and you aren't touching it' And we all suffer in the long run. Now let's hear the anti-tax side of this debate.
  4. Ft Smith is hanging in there against all odds. Have to give them credit. Not a lot to work with but population is growing and new areas are being developed.
  5. The funny thing is that we are all clamoring for mixed use, tight-knit, dense neighborhoods. Everyone I talk with wants ithis very concept. But we all know when it comes right down to it the developers will not build the one thing we all want. Why is there such a disconnect?
  6. It's funny to read what the Fayetteville doom and gloom posters write while knowing that this city has attracted more new residents than any other place in the state for 4 straight years . 1,600 last year alone. The truth is that people want to live here more than these neighboring cities that are 'smoking' us.
  7. Saw on tv a few days ago that washington regional is planning a $60 million expsnsion. Have been waiting on the flyer or city wire to give more info but nothing yet. Parking garage and new building it sounds like.
  8. I agree. The local paper does not have any local news just press releases reprinted. I get most of my news from this board.
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