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  1. Eastwestrob

    Warehouse District

    Bump....on all related Triangle topics...it's been 14 days since anything Triangle related. We now have 2 tower cranes in the air and no discussion for anything. I no longer live in Raleigh( in Northern California) but I left my heart there. Can anyone please post pics and lets start discussing the Triangle again soon. I feel lost.
  2. Eastwestrob

    N&O Site

    I can't seem to find anything from the July 11 CAC meeting. Not even the recorded " minutes " for that date. May take time to post on CoR website.
  3. Eastwestrob

    Durham City Center Tower

    Are there any updated pic's of the foundation work? Possible construction webcam?
  4. Eastwestrob

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    ∆∆∆ what was the other event besides the ball game? Fireworks?
  5. Eastwestrob

    The Dillon: Kane's first downtown mixed use project

    There is a nice photo of this in the Raleigh Connessuer
  6. Eastwestrob

    301 Hillsborough Street

    I find it odd that there is no mention of this project on their website
  7. Eastwestrob

    The Good News Report

    Not trying to step on anybody's toes with this ....but PHL is by far the worst airport to fly through at anytime of the year as far delays go.
  8. Eastwestrob

    Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    Did they just change the completion date as the site is saying a 2020 opening?
  9. Eastwestrob

    North Carolina Photo of the Day

    When this was built....about 1971,72....There was a See's candy store that opened underground beneath it.Funny thing is...I was asking if the Candy store was still there but my uncle said it had moved out many years ago..That was a long ago memory for me as a child before I moved to Raleigh...so was the Ferral's Ice cream shop that used to be in Cross Creek mall
  10. Eastwestrob

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I have seen games in Tempe AZ, Oakland, Candlestick, and about 7 games at my beloved Panthers...This is not home sidedness talking. B of A Stadium rocks and you owe it to yourself to experience at least 1 game a year. I guarantee you will be hooked. For the ultimate...buy tickets in upper deck across from the skyline view!!!
  11. Eastwestrob

    The History of the Triangle

    This is sort of off-topic.This brings back some limited memories for me as I actually started 4th grade at Lynn Rd Elementary during its initial opening year. The previous 1/2 year was at Jeffreys Grove Elementary while Lynn Rd Elementary was being constructed, and starting grade school at Fred A Smith Elementary just off 401 South...We were also some of the first residents in Lynndale Estates as that neighborhood was being constructed. I am now 42 years old and wonder ...are there any forumers on this site that may have attended these schools while I did?
  12. Eastwestrob

    The Edison

    I agree. There is a possibility for a greater need for office space by then (My Hopes). It would be nice to see this portion of the project jump to 40 floors or more. Maybe something in the 600' plus range (not including a spire).
  13. Eastwestrob

    The Edison

    Bump.....Has anyone heard anymore news about this project?....renderings? I know this will be Raleigh's greatest project to date and I am very impatient about what it will look like.
  14. Eastwestrob

    The Edison

    ^^^ You would be happy too if every home in the region sent you a check for $200. - $300. every month.
  15. Eastwestrob

    Triangle in the national media

    Oh I know....I was kidding too! I don't watch the news much,but I am on UP each afternoon for my Raleigh and Triangle updates. Peace