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  1. Bump....on all related Triangle topics...it's been 14 days since anything Triangle related. We now have 2 tower cranes in the air and no discussion for anything. I no longer live in Raleigh( in Northern California) but I left my heart there. Can anyone please post pics and lets start discussing the Triangle again soon. I feel lost.

  2. When you consider the advantages of CLT over PHL, primarily weather (especially in the winter) and congestion, its hard to believe CLT is not in a good position competing against PHL.

    Not trying to step on anybody's toes with this ....but PHL is by far the worst airport to fly through at anytime of the year as far delays go.

  3. Close.. Bordeaux... even though to have replicated the Eiffel Tower, I would have called it the Parisian Center! Your prizes will arrive soon by USPS! LOL

    When this was built....about 1971,72....There was a See's candy store that opened underground beneath it.Funny thing is...I was asking if the Candy store was still there but my uncle said it had moved out many years ago..That was a long ago memory for me as a child before I moved to Raleigh...so was the Ferral's Ice cream shop that used to be in Cross Creek mall

  4. Ah very nice all. So that scoreboard looks quite large on Panthers Stadium. I can't say I have ever been inside the stadium before, so hopefully I can go this year finally and really check this out.

    I have seen games in Tempe AZ, Oakland, Candlestick, and about 7 games at my beloved Panthers...This is not home sidedness talking. B of A Stadium rocks and you owe it to yourself to experience at least 1 game a year. I guarantee you will be hooked. For the ultimate...buy tickets in upper deck across from the skyline view!!!

  5. I am pulling from limited resources but some background.....until the 1980's Lynn Road from Ray to Sandy Forks was called Jeffreys School Road (the little Jeffreys GROVE School Road off Creedmoor is different of course).

    This is sort of off-topic.This brings back some limited memories for me as I actually started 4th grade at Lynn Rd Elementary during its initial opening year. The previous 1/2 year was at Jeffreys Grove Elementary while Lynn Rd Elementary was being constructed, and starting grade school at Fred A Smith Elementary just off 401 South...We were also some of the first residents in Lynndale Estates as that neighborhood was being constructed. I am now 42 years old and wonder ...are there any forumers on this site that may have attended these schools while I did?

  6. I was just kidding.. :shades: At least F-street is open and they have a decent backdrop for their reporting. Even though it's a sensational trial, it's giving people around the world a glimpse at our downtown. All the junk that happened with that was in Durham. But, we should expect this from time to time. Botht he court of appeals and the state supreme court along witht he Captiol building are located on the northern corners of F-street.

    Oh I know....I was kidding too! I don't watch the news much,but I am on UP each afternoon for my Raleigh and Triangle updates. Peace :alc:

  7. This is my opinon of NC major cities will look like 25 years from now.

    1. Asheville will look like a smaller Pheonix, AZ

    2. Winston-Salem will soon look similiar to Oklahoma City, OK.

    3. Greensboro will look like Omaha, NE.

    4. Durham turns into Tulsa, OK.

    5. Raleigh will look similiar to Birmingham, AL

    6. Fayetteville will look like Jackson, MS.

    7. Wilmington will soon look like Wilmington, DE.

    8. High Point becomes mirror image of Lynchburg, VA.

    9. Southern Pines could like Rockford, IL.

    I came up with thes projections because I feel 25 years from now 15.5 to 16.5 million people will be living in NC.

    I would have to disagree with your prediction for Raleigh.I see Raleigh being very similar today.I see Raleigh being inline with Tampa's skyline or greater in 25 years

  8. I think Eastwest is being sarcastic.

    Never sarcastic. Just tired of flipping the bill for other people that can't even wipe their *%@. I am not saying that everyone is like this. Ride through these areas and see some of the people and notice all the ones that are capable but just don't want to. Then notice the ones that might have a new cadillac sitting in front of their driveway.I could do nothing all day and collect Section 8 and welfare but I am better than that. I take the initiative to get up every morning and work till after the sun sets. I feel good about myself and I depend on nobody.

  9. I also believe that it is the role of city government to provide affordable housing.

    It is also evey "American Citizens" responsibility to get off their ass and find a job and make their own way. You and everyone working day to day and paying taxes are paying peoples lazy ways.

  10. And doesn't this timing nicely explain why the Marriott was hastily approved. I think that the powers that be saw that the Site 1 thing was coming along and needed to be done in concert with the Marriott's parking garage (or actuall vice versa). If the Marriott developers pulled out, then Site 1 would have to wait or the parking deck would have had to be done in two phases. I think THIS is why they were so afraid of losing the Marriott proposal.

    Thats a very good point

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