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  1. Bad news for Gerhard's, I'm afraid.
  2. NY-Ottawa-Miami-Fargo-Greenville-Spartanburg. His next stop gonna be running the meeting room in the Sombrero at South of the Border?
  3. What a terrible project and waste of downtown land.
  4. Hahaha. Jimmy Gibbs has the capital to make pretty much anything happen that he wants to happen. Whether he really wanted to get into the commercial real estate development game, or just control the land around his hotel until a developer he trusted came along, is another story.
  5. Hope the city hassles the hell out of them over everything. Make em give up, sell their property and go build a mega church out in the county.
  6. No zoning for Boiling Springs is my vote. None at all. Keep the status quo. The folks who live there now absolutely LOVE it. L-O-V-E it. Leave 'em alone. And the messier and more jacked-up it gets out there, the better the city looks to newcomers who prefer a higher standard of planning and development. The difference in real estate and taxes becomes more and more worth it for folks choosing where to live or operate a businesss. It helps the city in the long run for Boiling Springs to be as effed-up and as different from the city as possible.
  7. Take me out to the ballgame.
  8. There was some last-minute haggling over the development agreement terms. All sorted out now.
  9. "(I'm not sure what the status is of the previously applied-for BUILD grant. " Did not win it.
  10. Office space isn't the only potential Class-A thing new infrastructure in that part of downtown is needed to support.
  11. I don't know how locked in the architectural renderings are to what they're thinking design-wise, but if this is where they're heading, I kind of like that it has a Wofford campus design feel. Situated right between the campus and Northside Station where there are Wofford residential units and eventually (if not already) plans for some type of Wofford curriculum/programming , this would provide a nice link. Not sure if the developer and Wofford have discussed trying to target tenants that would be attractive to college students, but that would make a lot of sense and the design "cues" would help make it feel like an extension of the main campus and hopefully encourage more students and professors to cross Church Street.
  12. Wonder if this is within a mile of city limits. Can you imagine pulling Milliken HQ, this development and USC Upstate into the city limits? The increase in tax base and population would be ... significant.
  13. Except in this case it wasn't that people came to the foundation with money and an idea. The foundation conjured up this idea then went searching for money for it. My point is, why not go out and make the case for an actual initiative or investment that would have a more direct impact on improving the community? Rather than raising money for a building whose utility and need is debatable, at best.
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