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  1. From yesterday evening, spotted the FNB Crane base
  2. Here's a better angle of the base, I live a couple block away, so i drive by this site daily on my commute.
  3. Been watching this crane get taller and taller all day, looks massive for a sub 200' building
  4. Been watching the Omni pool deck get rebuilt for what seems like forever now, looks like they are finally nearing completion and ready to re-open
  5. My buddy works on the 35 floor of DEC and sent me this to me (3/26), It's pretty neat seeing this thing grow from a different perspective
  6. Has anyone else noticed the leaning column in the middle of the pictures? I am not a licensed Engineer but I also don't think structural columns should look like the Tower of Pisa.
  7. Things are moving along, they are definitely going to need an Oxblue or another form of webcam here soon
  8. Took these just before sunset. This project is ramping up quickly.
  9. Updated construction photos from March 4th
  10. Updated construction photo from 300 South Tryon
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