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  1. Okay, first, most architecture firms (especially in this current market) are working on more than one project at a time. So it most likely didn’t take them two full solid years. Second, most architects love to use the ‘real’ materials and their initial design includes these materials. But then the projects are priced and come in too high, so alternate products have to be selected. (This saves money, lowers the perceived quality, and takes TIME.) Third, there is quite a bit of time to get through Meck Co commercial permitting. If you’ve ever tried to take a large project through that process you will understand the time (and numerous revisions) required to navigate that process. It is not fun at all but a necessary step. Fourth, just because you finished the design and permitting of a project doesn’t mean it’s ready to build. The developer and GC need to line up schedules/financing/etc. So can we please lay off the architects here? They usually aren’t the ones that jump at the less expensive building materials but are often forced to find a decent alternative because of cost. And they are also often pushed to work harder and faster only to have other folks sit on the project for months.
  2. My husband works at WeWork SouthEnd and noticed a lot of Amazon space... no one has moved in yet. Anyone know more details there?
  3. Any chance you have a site plan of this one?
  4. This building is going for Historic tax credits, so they were not able to paint any brick that wasn’t already painted. The front elevation as well as part of the upper elevation needed to be repainted. Everything else was left as is. I went in that building prior to construction of the apartments as well. The lower floor on the rail side was stuffed with so much crap... like years of left overs from Goodwill drop offs. The space right above that was storage for 1980s traditional hotel furnishings. It looks a LOT different now than it did back then!
  5. Is there any more info about this project out there? I’ve seen lots about their project on Tremont, but this is news to me.
  6. I’ve heard from a few different people now that the Scaleybark Library/ Crosland Green Shopping Center (MW corner of Scaleybark and South), is going to be redeveloped. There have been plans here forever (from BB+M) but it’s been stalled. Are there new plans to start this project up soon?
  7. I had the opportunity to try out Siggy’s tonight for dinner. It was delicious! I definitely recommend giving it a try. I think the first official day that it’s open is Tuesday.
  8. David Weekley will also be building there and have a generic website up. http://www.davidweekleyhomes.com/new-homes/nc/charlotte/coming-soon No plans, prices or elevations available yet...
  9. That's correct. 2 buildings with 24 units each and a few private garages tucked in the back of the first floor.
  10. That building is technically Louise Mill according to historic records. They will have an entrance off of Hawthorne and two off Louise. Should be done by the end of the year.
  11. I don't know if this would have an effect on the building codes. All of the fire safety measures that go into these types of projects happen after framing. Drywall, firewalls and sprinkler systems all work to contain and/or suppress the fire, but none are in place during early stages of construction. And since there is no one inhabiting these projects until after those systems are in place, I don't know if anything would be required to change. Codes already protect nearby buildings. If any buildings are within a certain distance from their property line (and thus a potential neighbor), they must have some sort of fire protection/rating on those exterior walls. So the adjacent building that is being evacuated has at least a one hour wall separating the people from the fire and giving them time to evacuate. There have been silmilar situations before (Carson St townhomes os a local example) of buildings under construction in the 'piles of sticks' phase that was someone's shelter. On a cold night, a fire was lit to keep them warm and it got out of hand. I don't know if this was the case here, but it wouldn't surprise me. Maybe more regulations on locking up the site? But no matter what you do, if someone wants to get in, they will find a way. Definitely an unfortunate situation anyway you look at it, but I don't think that building codes will change too dramatically because of it.
  12. Yes. This is the project that I was hoping would not get kicked out by City Council for going against the area plan. I've had a conversation with the developer about the project; the covered loading docks on Old Pineville will be covered patios, they are creating interior corridors in order to subdivide the buildings for smaller office space. Lots of good ideas and nice reuse of existing buildings. Looking forward to it.
  13. Thanks for your comments. I wasn't thinking of the area plan, but I understand. It does seem like a silly little connector road, but I am glad that Council was able to work though a solution with the developer. It looks like it could be a pretty cool project. Thanks again!
  14. City Council is set to vote on the Bowers Fibers project this evening: http://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2016Petitions/Pages/2016-098.aspx. This is on the corner of Yancey and Old Pineville, close to Scaleybark Light Rail and OMB. Apparently some groups (planning?) are voting against it because it won't allow them to extend some roads in the area to 'improve connectivity'. While I love connectivity, I also like the idea of reuse, especially in this area. Plus, we are supposed to be encouraging non-car traffic... (it's within walking distance from the station). I've seen the renderings, and they are pretty awesome... Outdoor patios on the large loading areas along Old Pineville. This could be a transformative project for the area. I've already called everyone on City Council... any one else have any info beyond what I've heard? Or have any ideas on what else to do? I think that this group is the same one working on a mill over in Belmont (can't remember the name), so they are interested in adaptive re-use.
  15. Permits almost issued for a small apartment project on Parkwood between 17th & 18th. Connection of 17th is part of the plan. So that should start happening sooner rather than later.
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