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  1. Terminal A Expansion looks fantastic, I wish the entire airport looked like that instead of the recent renovations, but somewhat understandably it won't. It's also very interesting that the most modern part of the airport is occupied by non AA carriers. Although not going to be a common occurrence, but imaging landing and parking at E gates and having to walk to 2nd Terminal A Expansion area, going to be a nice walk!
  2. Good luck with the sale and move, hope you do well on the real estate market.
  3. How is real estate in Brooklyn? I have some ambition of staying for a month or two in NYC at some point and was randomly lookin at monthly rental prices on Airbnb in Manhattan and Brooklyn this week...woaw buddy! Hit me right in the feels lol
  4. Source: https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2015-02-raleigh-1600 Charlotte out here in the middleweight division, but punching like a light heavyweight. Would be cool if RDF could photoshop some massings into the first or second picture.
  5. Yep, i am looking forward to riding on the A220 as well, watched a bunch of trip reports with all positive reviews.
  6. I just did a GSO-MIA-GSO hop a few weeks ago on a E75, was a great flight and very comfortable, especially with half of the airplane empty on the first leg and a empty seat next to me on the 2nd leg!.. But yes to your point LKN704, it doesn't seem to fit the needs of a lot of the mainline carriers. It's my understanding that the CASM is higher than desirable, and that the maintenance costs for C and D checks are quite high. There also was some unfavorable with the CFM engine choice Embraer went with. Apparently underpowered and higher cost.
  7. Runner up? Why so? I am a fan of the A320, but i personally prefer the E190 over the A320. On the E190 you are guaranteed a window or aisle seat vs a 3x3 layout. Faster boarding and deplaning than a A320. Also much higher chance that you will get a lower density seating layout with better legroom and seat width than on a A320.
  8. ITA Matrix is a good tool to use to search for fares, just FYI for some who may not be aware that it exists.
  9. I said that the old website looked terrible and have to say that the new website looks so much better. It's modern, clean and simple to navigate. Most of the links aren't currently working but I'm sure it's just standard launch problems. Perfect? No But a big improvement IMO.
  10. They did a pretty good job of making something outdated still look really outdated lol.. that choice in carpet is something special. Maybe it looks better in person.
  11. Damn, was this picture photographed with a potato? It's like -5 megapixel lol.
  12. KJ, I am with you 100% on how great and how needed the street activation is with the retail and residential this project is bringing, but i don't think there is any excuse for how terrible they did with the design and execution of this project, specifically this freeway facing side. This may not be rational thinking, especially since its a money game, and i know it's simplistic of me, but why can't developers and developments be held to a higher standard in Uptown? I just think Uptown deserves better. Props to some of the high quality projects like 300 S Tryon, Ally Charlotte Center(so far), Dimensional Place, The RailYard etc..
  13. Spirit coming in clutch with the crooked pictures again. Maybe too many Coronas lol
  14. Yes, I would drive from Greensboro to come climb...just make sure they have enough V1, V2's and V3's for me lol Also, i didn't think this project could get any uglier from the freeway facing side, but i guess i was wrong.
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