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  1. Im surprised with all of the news the last few days the DOW has not dropped? Anyone else surprised or just me?
  2. I see that the DOW has recovered a little bit today with the oil price stabilizing somewhat, but i am guessing this is very short term? I can imagine that a lot of cities in the Gulf Coast will be going bankrupt soon.??
  3. A2--- Would you mind sharing some of your thoughts behind that...just curious! Thank you! Do you think the perfect storm is brewing.
  4. Funny enough i was preparing to buy tmrw or Thursday. I am going to hold off and wait it and see how it plays out.
  5. Yep, well said! So we initially ordered step stringer replacements but realized they were too short, so we are going to cut them out of board today and make some custom ones to replicate the old ones. I will post some pics once they are done in case anyone is interested to see. Thanks Tar
  6. Thanks Kermit! Looking back at the pictures, they make the railing look a bit distorted too...its much more square in person. I am planning to let it dry for a few weeks and then stain it all.
  7. Has anyone worked on any new projects or learned any skills? I am working on rebuilding the back deck. I started about two weeks ago with dismantling the old one, which was a beotch. Here are some progress pics. I have the steps to do, one small fence door and then staining..finishing work etc. It's not perfect but it's turning out decent, This is my first time building a deck. Thanks
  8. I feel for you there Kermit! Not surprising considering that most American homes are pretty much made of paper and sticks.
  9. Also, can anyone breakdown the shift of wealth mentioned earlier for me? So the $1200 relief looks good on paper but in reality is terrible for the middle class? Also....i guess i sold my house on time. I was planning to sell my home sometime this year regardless of this happening, i ended up selling it in January. Thanks! I hated the last office i was in, which was an open office plan with the higher ups having offices surrounding the open layout. We were all in clusters of around 7-8 people.
  10. A2- How hard would you say will it be to sell and generate cash from Bitcoin later on? I was planning on getting some Spirit, Delta and maybe some Alcoa here soon...just waiting it out a bit more..
  11. Thank you for this chart A2. I am going to try to study it a bit tonight. I also believe i am going to go with Etrade as my online broker, seems like it will do the job, buy and sell stocks lol. No margin account, cash funded. What online brokers does everyone else on here use to trade stocks?
  12. The new ST's for the European market look great. The 2.0 ecoboost is wonderful, so much torque and it the small KO3 spools up rather quickly. This ST was originally wrecked in the front so i rebuilt it with the help of my brother and father. I have driven it for about 2 months without any issues before the engine letting go. I will post up some pictures later here once it is pulled out if anyone is interested in taking a peak. I hope you are enjoying your Golf! Sorry if this is a little off-topic for this thread. Thanks
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