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  1. NikolaTesla

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    New AA A321NEO interior and "party mode" led lighting
  2. Looks like we have a Parkinggate 2019 on our hands
  3. NikolaTesla

    Tryon Place - Crescent project at Tryon and Stonewall

    After seeing the glass panels installed...i think this building is going to turn out really nice.
  4. NikolaTesla

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Idk just looking at some of the other US airport websites, they look so much better... Check out my hometown airport website lol.:
  5. NikolaTesla

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Anyone else feel like the airport's website is outdated?
  6. NikolaTesla

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    Interesting Google Maps moment, considering there is a Huracan in the parking lot next to an older Chevy truck...which i can thank an older GMC truck for helping me renovate my house lol
  7. NikolaTesla

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Haha, I'm sure a little sarcasm by csweet. Also, a week ago...AA removed 14 of the completed project oasis 738's our of service for quality of work issues and to perform further inspection. Looks like the work was done at PAE. I believe Project Oasis(how ironic) will give AA an additional 4% seat capacity increase without any additional flights. So Project Oasis: Cons: Less seat pitch in all classes, smaller rockwell collins slim lavatory, less workable galley space for FA's, no setback IFE, slimmer seats with less padding Pros: Better headrests, larger bins
  8. NikolaTesla

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    LOL those Rockwell Collins bathrooms sure are something special...In terms of hard product between AA and Delta, Delta seems to have the significant edge on AA. I don't think it was the right choice to not move forward with in seat IFE and project oasis, well i don't think most travelers want 30" seat pitch that are flying on a legacy carrier in the main cabin. It sucks even on LCC's and ULCC's, but i can understand considering the business model and price point.
  9. NikolaTesla

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Haha Nope! I am guessing this is an Eastern European friend of yours?? Always a great idea, that's exactly how i feel about travel. I stay at hostels when i travel and love it, it gives me an opportunity to meet people of many different backgrounds.
  10. NikolaTesla

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    Funny enough...I always have a hard time explaining to people where i am from, but specifically to American people. Most internationals usually know where my country is located on a map. This is coming from a guy that was born in Bosnia, but grew up in North Carolina.
  11. NikolaTesla

    Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    One of the best airports in terms of what?
  12. NikolaTesla

    Crescent Stonewall Station

    It's okay Miesian, they put in the Wanderwall to spice up the look of the hideous freeway facing side
  13. NikolaTesla

    Belk Place: Carolina Theater and Hotel Intercontinental

    I think green tinted glass would have suited this skyscraper very well and provided a unique look in the skyline, a shade like 555 Mission Street San Fran(pics attached) with appropriate LED accent lighting.
  14. NikolaTesla

    Grand Bohemian Hotel – 15 Floors – 254 Rooms – Boutique Hotel

    That's interesting, i didn't think about that perspective. NYIAS! It's a ton of fun.
  15. NikolaTesla

    Grand Bohemian Hotel – 15 Floors – 254 Rooms – Boutique Hotel

    I didn't mean specifically value-engineering in this case, that was speaking in general about projects in Uptown not turning out how they look in renderings(i understand it is a rendering but sometimes it's just way off lol) or certain aspects in fact being value-engineered. Hope all is good in NYC RD! I'll be up there in a few months for a car show.