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  1. This question is technically concerning Lowell, but it’s close enough to Rogers that this seemed to be the best place to ask: Does anyone know if there are plans to put in a traffic light at the intersection of Monroe and Bellview/Spring Creek Rd? I’m looking at homes on both sides of Monroe but making the turn onto Monroe from either direction is not appealing to me. I am hoping that with the work that has already been done down toward 49, and the continued development in this area - especially the addition of the new fire house - that it is inevitable that a light will be going in there eventually, but it would be nice to be certain.
  2. Development on 26th Street across from Academy and the new Palisades Apartments appears to be an At Home store. A welcome addition, but I sure wish we'd get some higher quality retail in this area. I remember when Pleasant Crossing was first conceived, that was certainly the plan. Add me to the list of those who hope to see a Whole Foods and Top Golf move in to the neighborhood. That might help elevate things.
  3. Anyone know what's going in where Ruby Tuesday's used to be at 14th and Walton? Speculation seems to be it will be a Raising Cane's. Just wondering if that can be refuted or confirmed.
  4. Does anyone know what is going in to that red building that's being built next to Highlands Oncology on Horsebarn? I presume it's another medical facility, but was just curious. It's a cool looking structure.
  5. Nonstop to SFO makes good sense for the area. Walmart has offices in San Bruno, and SFO is a logical layover city for traveling to China.
  6. I live nearby and had the same thought when I saw the sign. If I'm not mistaken, though, that relates to the financing only. The intended tenants of these residences (according to what was presented to the Rogers Planning Commission) are higher income professionals, i.e., Walmart vendors. Given the lack of rental vacancies in this area currently, it seems like this is a needed development. Here's the story 40/29 ran when it first was announced: http://m.4029tv.com/news/rogers-approves-new-apartments/23179782
  7. Thanks, comreguy! That at least gives me hope for the future. In other news, I was at Kennedy Coffee this morning, and I saw that the knitting store that used to be next door has moved out and a cold-pressed juice bar called The Vintage Farmer has moved in. They are having a soft open this weekend. I've been wondering when we might get a juice bar, as they have been all the rage for a few years now. I can scarcely think of a worse place to put one though. Even with the extra parking that was recently put in, it is still next to impossible to find a spot in that strip any time of the day. If only Kennedy would open a second location elsewhere to help spread out the crowds - alas.. Anyway, I already had my coffee so I didn't try it, but I did take a look around. Really nice merchandising and storefront design. I hope it does well.
  8. Happy to hear of more restaurant development in the Pleasant Crossing area. SW Rogers has really been in need. Can anyone opine on the possibility of our ever getting a Boston Market in this area? I really love that place and think it would do well around here.
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